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Can You Get A Rash From Seasonal Allergies

How Can You Treat A Nickel Allergy

How to Get Rid of Your Allergies

Nickel Allergy Treatment. There is no permanent cure for nickel allergy symptomatic relief can be obtained by anti histamines and ointments prescribed by your doctor. Preventing nickel exposure to your skin is the best solution from staying away from nickel allergy, if you have history of allergic reaction to nickel.

Articles On Allergies Vs Eczema

Did you have eczema as a kid and now get hay fever as an adult? Does your child have red, itchy rashes while you or your partner has seasonal allergies or asthma? If so, it’s no coincidence. The eczema rash on your child’s skin can sometimes be linked with allergies, hay fever, and asthma.

Studies show that if one or both parents have eczema, asthma, or seasonal allergies, their child is more likely to have eczema. What’s more, children with the disease may be more at risk for getting allergies or asthma.

Scientists are still studying the link between the conditions. But understanding the connection can help you manage the disease. There are things you can do to soothe the itch and maybe cut the chance of having allergies.

Allergy Doctors In Northeast Illinois

Only an allergist can run allergy tests to determine what you are allergic to and recommend the appropriate treatment for the effective management of your allergies. Here at Oak Brook Allergists, our board-certified doctors will make sure you or your child experience long-term relief from your allergy symptoms. We are proud to offer the most advanced treatments designed for cases of both eczema and chronic hives.

To schedule a consultation, call our friendly team at Oak Brook Allergists today at 574-0460 or request an appointment via our online form now. We look forward to finding the cause of your rash or other allergic reaction so we can prevent it from ever happening again.

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How To Treat Allergies

In some cases, the best way to manage allergic reactions is to completely avoid the allergen triggering substance. But when the allergen is impossible to avoid, or allergic reactions are getting in the way of your life, our doctors offer solutions that will help you manage them.

Allergy shots help desensitize your body to allergens by exposing your body to a small amount of the allergen, slowly increasing the amount over time. Our doctors develop a treatment course to your triggering allergens, starting with weekly shots and moving to monthly over time.

Other allergy treatments our doctors prescribe include medication, inhalers, and sublingual immunotherapy tablets, a tablet form of allergy shots. For certain life-threatening allergies, our doctors prescribe an epinephrine auto-injector for you to carry with you in case of exposure to the allergen.

What To Do If You Have A Fiery Rash

When Should You Get Your Child Tested for Allergies ...

A cool compress or shower can help calm a fiery rash. Gently pat dry and then moisturize. Soak it. Colloidal oatmeal is oatmeal ground to a powder, so it mixes well with water. It can calm inflamed skin for some people. But other folks can have reactions to it. To try it, use lukewarm water. If its too hot, it can irritate and dry your skin.

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The Verdict: Its An Irritant Rash

If you have ever experienced any of these problems, you may be suffering from contact dermatitis, which is a red, itchy rash that is caused by a substance that comes in contact with your skin. There are two types of contact dermatitis, allergic and irritant.

Irritant contact dermatitis, as the name implies, is a form of dermatitis that occurs when the skin is damaged by direct exposure to a chemical or physical irritant. Frequent exposure to mild or moderately acidic or alkaline substances such as detergents, solvents or cleansers, frequent hand-washing, scratchy clothing, and cold dry air can all cause irritant contact dermatitis. Its best to avoid exposure to these irritants. You can do this by wearing gloves when working with chemical substances at work or when using household cleansers. Both of these suggestions will help prevent irritant contact dermatitis, as will the use of hand creams after hand washing.

Can Seasonal Allergies Cause Body Rash

Can seasonal allergies cause body rashSeasonal Allergies Skin Rash. Some people may also show allergy symptoms on their skin. This can happen in a few different ways. Often, allergens like pollen can come in contact with the skin and cause a rash. You might notice itchy red patches on the skin. Skin rash is a very under-publicised symptom of seasonal allergies.

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What Is Anaphylactic Shock

The most serious type of allergic reaction is called anaphylaxis, or anaphylactic shock.

This dangerous reaction occurs when your body releases chemicals that cause your airways to narrow, blocking your breathing and dropping your blood pressure. It can happen very fast and requires immediate medical attention.

What Are The Types Of Allergies And How Are They Treated

Can You Be Allergic to Winter?

You can be allergic to a wide variety of substances including pollen, animal dander, mold and dust mites.


Seasonal allergic rhinitis, or hay fever, is an allergic response to pollen. It causes inflammation and swelling of the lining of your nose and of the protective tissue of your eyes .

Symptoms include sneezing, congestion , and itchy, watery eyes, nose and mouth. Treatment options include over-the-counter and prescription oral antihistamines, anti-leukotrienes, nasal steroids, nasal antihistamines, and nasal cromolyn. In some people, allergic asthma symptoms can be caused by exposure to pollen.

Your symptoms can be reduced by avoiding pollen. Stay indoors when pollen counts are high, close your windows, and use air conditioning. Ask your healthcare provider about immunotherapy to treat pollen allergy.

Dust mites

Dust mites are tiny organisms that live in dust and in the fibers of household objects, such as pillows, mattresses, carpet, and upholstery. Dust mites grow in warm, humid areas.

The symptoms of dust mite allergy are similar to those of pollen allergy. To help manage dust mite allergies, try using dust mite encasements over pillows, mattresses, and box springs. Also, remove carpet, or vacuum frequently with a high-efficiency filter vacuum cleaner. Treatment may include medications to control your nasal/eye and chest symptoms. Immunotherapy may be recommended if your symptoms are not adequately controlled with avoidance methods and medications.


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Youre Not Consistent With Your Medication

It takes you three months to use up your 30-day supply of OTC allergy meds and you get your allergy shots only when youre feeling crummy. Sound familiar? Compliance is what both Dr. Shah and Dr. Leija cite as the biggest reason their patients cant get ahead of their symptoms.

It takes about two to three days for allergy medicine to kick in, explains Dr. Leija. And you cant just stop when you feel better or when the pollen count in your area is low. Pollen counts vary so much by the weather and the barometric pressure, he explains, so consistently taking your medication on days when numbers are low will prep you for when they surge again.

How Can I Prevent My Baby From Having Allergies

Solid foods should be introduced gradually between four to six months of age. Egg, dairy, peanut, tree nuts, fish and shellfish can be gradually introduced after less allergenic foods have been tolerated. In fact, delaying the introduction of these foods may increase your babys risk of developing allergies.

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How To Tell The Difference Between Covid

If youâve woken up lately with a tickle in your throat or a congested feeling, thereâs a chance youâve asked yourself, âwait, is it allergies or COVID-19?â Sure it might not necessarily be stereotypical allergy season . But, with coronavirus cases on the rise nationwide due largely in part to the highly transmissible Delta variant, symptoms you may not have previously given any thought to might now feel like cause for concern.

But before you sound the alarm, know that while some COVID-19 and allergy symptoms do overlap, there are a few key differences that can help you figure out potential next steps.

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Have More Concerns About Seasonal Skin Rashes Give Us A Call

Antronex Allergens For Seasonal Allergies

If you are having a hard time this autumn dealing with allergies and finding that you are constantly itching or inflamed, do not hesitate to call us. We are eager to assist and soothe any skin issues you may be having and to find the right solution for you. Schedule a consultation with us in our New York or New Jersey offices today!

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What Does Allergic Reaction Mean

An allergic reaction is a sensitivity to something youve eaten, inhaled, or touched. What youre allergic to is called an allergen. Your body interprets the allergen as foreign or harmful, and it attacks it as a form of protection.

You can have an allergic reaction on any part of your body. The face is a common site for allergic reactions involving your skin.

Hay Fever Season In The Uk

Hay fever season in the UK occurs at different times of the year depending on the main cause of allergy. You may ask yourself in the summer months What is causing my allergy symptoms?. There are three main types of pollen that cause seasonal allergies and these are:

  • Tree pollen
  • Grass pollen
  • Weed pollen

Rainfall in spring plays a big part in the amount of pollen produced that season as drier conditions will prevent as much pollen being produced.

Many hayfever sufferers will want to avoid leaving the house during the times of the day when the pollen count is highest as this will help with their symptoms. Usually, pollen rises in the morning and falls in the early evening, resulting in the highest pollen levels in the evening.

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Reduce Humidity In Your Home

One surefire way to reduce mold allergies is to lower the indoor humidity in your home. Because fungi tend to thrive in indoor humidity that is above 50 percent, its a good idea to keep your homes humidity below 45 percent or even at 35 percentwhich is considered ideal.

If you use a dehumidifier, make sure to clean the fluid reservoir regularly, at least twice a week, to keep mold from growing.

What Is A Dust Mites Allergy

4 Steps to Getting Rid of Seasonal Allergies

Dust mites are microscopic bugs that typically live in house dust, and they can cause allergic reactions. Symptoms of dust mite allergies are similar to hay fever and include sneezing runny nose itchy, red or watery eyes nasal congestion postnasal drip cough and facial pressure and pain.

It is common to also experience symptoms of asthma, like wheezing and trouble breathing.

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When To See A Doctor

Hives and angioedema may be signs of a serious allergic reaction. Call 911 or go to the emergency room if:

  • You have hives all over your body
  • You are starting to have trouble breathing

See a doctor if:

  • You need help with controlling your eczema symptoms
  • Your rash is bleeding or has yellowish pus and looks infected
  • You think you may have an allergy that you didnt have before
  • You have a skin rash that doesnt get better after 2 to 3 weeks

Learn More About Food Allergies That Cause Leg Rash

Food allergies that cause leg rash are quite common in people who are vulnerable to food allergens. The person suffering from food allergy can experience mild symptoms to harsher ones, depending upon the food allergen that the person came in contact with. Usually, food allergy symptoms are visible over certain areas of the skin, such as the hands, face, and the legs.

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Care Advice For Hives

  • Hives Only on One Part of the Body What You Should Know:
  • Most are caused by skin contact with an irritant. Examples are plants, pollen, food or petsaliva.
  • Localized hives are not caused by drugs, infections or swallowed foods. They are also not an allergy.
  • Wash the allergic substance off the skin with soap and water.
  • If itchy, use a cold pack for 20 minutes. You can also rub the hives with an ice cube for 10 minutes.
  • Hives just on one part of the body should go away on their own. They dont need Benadryl.
  • They should go away in a few hours.
  • Hives All Over the Body What You Should Know:
  • Over 10% of children get hives 1 or more times.
  • Most widespread hives are caused by a viral infection. This is not due to an allergy. Less than 10% are an allergic reaction to a food, drug, or insect bite. Often, the cause is not found.
  • Here is some care advice that should help.
  • Benadryl for Hives All Over the Body:
  • Give Benadryl 4 times per day for hives all over that itch. No prescription is needed.
  • If you only have another allergy medicine at home , use that.
  • Continue the Benadryl 4 times per day until the hives are gone for 12 hours.
  • Caution: Do not use if age is under 1 year. Reason: Benadryl is a sedative. Give your doctor a call for advice.
  • Hives Caused by Foods:
  • Severe hives not better after 2 doses of Benadryl
  • Itch not better after 24 hours on Benadryl
  • Hives last more than 1 week
  • You think your child needs to be seen
  • Your child becomes worse
  • What To Do When You Have An Allergic Reaction

    How To Get Rid Of Allergies  15 Ways For Getting Rid Of ...

    Bathing in a soothing substance, such as baking soda, may help as well. For a severe reaction or an allergic reaction that develops after you have taken a medication, you may need a doctors evaluation and treatment instead. One way of treating a rash from an allergic reaction involves efforts to stop it from itching.

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    What Is Allergic Rhinitis

    Nasal allergy symptoms and hay fever are referred to as allergic rhinitis. Seasonal allergic rhinitis is nasal allergies that change with the seasons because of pollen from plants . Seasonal symptoms arise during the pollinating seasons for particular plants. Because you can be allergic to more than one thing, your symptoms may get worse at different times throughout the year, or may be constant.

    Drug Reaction With Eosinophilia And Systemic Symptoms

    DRESS is a rare type of drug rash that can be life-threatening. It can take two to six weeks for symptoms to appear after starting a new drug.

    A DRESS rash looks red and often begins on the face and upper body. Accompanying symptoms are severe and can involve the internal organs. They include:

    • fever

    Drug rashes and reactions happen for several reasons, including:

    • an allergic reaction
    • a buildup of the drug that causes toxicity to the skin
    • a drug makes the skin more sensitive to sunlight
    • interaction of two or more drugs

    Sometimes drug rashes can be spontaneous and develop without a cause.

    Certain factors can also increase your risk for developing a drug rash, such as being older and female.

    Other risk factors include having:

    • a viral infection and taking an antibiotic
    • a weakened immune system due to an underlying condition or other drug
    • cancer

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    If Chloramines Are The Reason My Body Has A Negative Reaction To Swimming How Can I Prevent Them From Forming In A Pool

    There are a few things you can do to try to keep a pool safe and limit chloramines. Rinse off in the shower prior to entering a pool to remove the oils and sweat from your skin. Keep feces and urine out of the pool. If you smell a chemical odor that indicates the presence of chloramines in the water or see feces floating in the water, immediately alert a pool operator, lifeguard, or clean the pool properly if it is your personal pool.

    Food Allergy Rash And Anaphylaxis

    What Are Pollen Allergies and How Can You Manage Them?

    The most severe type of allergic reaction is anaphylaxis, which is a life-threatening condition. This is not a complication of a food rash itself, but rather a complication of the overall allergic reaction. Hives and anaphylactic reactions often occur together, but you can have hives without having anaphylaxis.

    On top of the food allergy symptoms listed above, anaphylaxis may cause:

    • breathing difficulties
    • tingling lips, hands, and feet
    • wheezing

    If your doctor recommends epinephrine shots for severe food allergies, its important to keep them on hand at all times. Even breathing in a food allergen can cause severe issues. Also, the severity of a reaction may vary just because one reaction was mild, doesnt mean the next will also be mild.

    Anaphylaxis is a medical emergency. Call 911 or your local emergency services and take your epinephrine shot as soon as you experience symptoms. Antihistamines cant treat anaphylaxis because the symptoms are too severe at this stage.

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    Home Remedies For Skin Rash

    Although avoiding contact with pollen will prevent you from developing a seasonal allergies skin rash, this is not always a viable option. However, there are several home remedies you can try and apply to irritated areas of skin to try to ease your symptoms.

    Often keeping the affected area of skin cool helps to soothe irritation and heals the rash more quickly. Clay poultices, such as bentonite clay, can sometimes help skin problems, although you should be careful that these poultices are natural, as any chemical ingredient will only worsen your condition.

    Oatmeal can also be effective in easing skin rashes as it has anti-inflammatory properties. It can be made into a paste by mixing a little water with some uncooked oatmeal, which can then be directly applied to the skin.

    Lemon has also been used to treat itchy skin, as it has strong anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. However, it may sting a little when initially applied, particularly so if the skin is broken.

    Aloe vera gel, peppermint or basil leaves applied directly to the skin are also traditionally used to ease skin problems, as they have a soothing effect on the skin by reducing itching and inflammation.


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