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How To Get Rid Of Bad Seasonal Allergies

Essential Oils May Help


Peppermint essential oil is thought to improve the symptoms of allergic rhinitis and bronchial asthma. Experts in support of natural healing methods think its a good idea to put some eucalyptus oil in your washing machine. They say thats a great way of managing seasonal allergies. You can also consider buying an air purifier that diffuses essential oils such the Medify MA-440.

Additionally, one study indicated that frankincense oil may help patients manage perennial allergic rhinitis. You can diffuse peppermint and frankincense oils into the air or apply them topically. While applying essential oils topically, you should dilute them using some base oil or vegetable oil.

Herbal Medicines And Allergies

Asteraceae is a family of flowering plants, including many common species, and some are used in herbal medicines. Pollen from plants in this family is a common cause of hay fever, asthma and dermatitis.

Plants from the Asteraceae family include:

  • plants grown for their flowers chrysanthemums, dahlias, sunflowers, marigolds, safflower and daisies
  • edible foliage plants lettuce, safflower, chicory and artichoke
  • weeds ragweed, mugwort, sagebrush, wormwood, feverfew
  • plants used in some herbal medicines echinacea, dandelion, chamomile, feverfew, milk thistle and wormwood.

Echinacea can cause severe allergic reaction , asthma attacks, severe hives and swelling in some people, and this can occur when the first dose of echinacea is taken.

Pollen from plants in the Asteraceae family can also cause an allergic skin reaction on contact. The pollen can be found in herbal medicines, shampoos, cosmetics and massage oils, and includes pollen from plants such as the:

  • chamomile
  • sunflower
  • tansy.

Sensitisation to pollen of plants from the Asteraceae family has also been linked with allergic reactions to other substances that are similar. This is known as cross-reactivity and has caused allergic reactions to:

  • plant-derived herbal medicines echinacea, royal jelly, bee pollen extracts and chamomile
  • foods celery, honey, sunflower seeds, carrot, lettuce, watermelon and nuts.

Start Your Allergy Meds Early

No matter where you live, start your allergy medicines about a month before spring usually occurs in your regionand start right away if you begin to experience allergy symptoms.

Starting several weeks before you anticipate it happening really can help because the allergy medicine prevents that immune response, Dr. Neutze says. If you can get ahead of it, youre in better shape.

The good news is that a lot of medications for allergies are now available without a prescription. If one does not work after a period of time, try a different one.

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What Is The Treatment For Pollen Allergy

Certain over-the-counter and prescription medicines may help reduce pollen allergy symptoms.

  • Antihistamines come in pill, liquid or nasal spray form. They can relieve sneezing and itching in the nose and eyes. They also reduce a runny nose and, to a lesser extent, nasal stuffiness.
  • are available as pills, liquids, nasal sprays or drops. They help shrink the lining of the nasal passages and relieve nasal stuffiness. Use decongestant nose drops and sprays only on the short-term.
  • Nasal corticosteroids are a type of nasal spray. They reduce inflammation in the nose and block allergic reactions. They are the most effective medicine type for allergic rhinitis because they can reduce all symptoms, including nasal congestion. Nasal corticosteroids have few side effects.
  • Leukotriene receptor antagonists block the action of important chemical messengers that are involved in allergic reactions.
  • Cromolyn sodium is a nasal spray that blocks the release of chemicals that cause allergy symptoms, including histamine and leukotrienes. This medicine has few side effects, but you must take it four times a day.

Many people with pollen allergy do not get complete relief from medications. This means they may be candidates for immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is a long-term treatment that can help prevent or reduce the severity of allergic reactions. It can change the course of allergic disease by modifying the bodys immune response to allergens.

Natural Remedies For Seasonal Allergies And Advanced Health

Is Allergy Season Giving You Bad Breath?

Advanced Healths integrative approach to medicine incorporates the practical, mechanical knowledge of more conventional western medicine, but also explores the more natural, supportive knowledges from eastern sources.

At Advanced Health, we generally hold that the least invasive path to wellness is preferable, and were very much in favor of treating seasonal allergies naturally.

Has this summer got your eyes watering, and your nose running? Why not book a consultation with our integrative functional medicine physician, Dr. Payal Bhandari M.D. She will treat the source of any condition, including seasonal allergies. Contact Advanced Health today, and get yourself on the path to ease, symptom relief, and lasting wellness.

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How Can I Get Rid Of Allergies At Home

Here are some good cleaning habits to help with allergies year-round:

  • Dust smart. Dust and mold particles, along with pollen, are common allergy culprits.
  • Dont forget your filters.
  • Wash and cover pillows.
  • Keep your bed and mattress clean.
  • Limit how much pollen you let inside.
  • Splurge on the right vacuum cleaner for the job.
  • Tip : Know Your Pills

    In terms of effectiveness, all of the newer over-the-counter antihistamine medications are considered equal. However, many patients find that one type works better for them than another, and many patients find they have to alternate medications or try new types from year to year to relieve their symptoms.

    We suggest beginning with loratadine 10mg daily for adults and 5mg daily for children. Other options include cetirizine at the same dose or diphenhydramine . Loratadine and cetirizine wont cause drowsiness for most people, but diphenhydramine can be sedating and can even cause a morning hangover effect when taken before bed. Do not take diphenhydramine before driving.

    If youve exhausted the over-the-counter options at the pharmacy, schedule an appointment with your provider to discuss prescription allergy medications or a referral to an allergy specialist.

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    Prevent Mold And Mildew

    Molds and mildew spores float triggering many people’s allergy issues. You can minimize these allergens by replacing wallpaper with tile or painting your walls with paint that is resistant to mold. You can run your exhaust fan after taking a shower and dry the shower with a towel. It’s important to scrub off the mold from your bathroom surfaces and watch for mold growth on your shower curtains.

    Put An Air Purifier In Each Room

    Heal allergies naturally

    Having only one air purifier may not do you much good, though. So, consider buying several units around the house. Have one in each room if possible. Also, make sure you order the right size for each space. Want to look at a review or two before forking over your hard-earned money? Heres a detailed air purifier review. And heres a comprehensive air purifier buying guide.

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    Risks And Side Effects

    While most of the supplements and tips described above can provide natural allergy relief safely, there are some precautions to keep in mind.

    When allergies are mild or moderate, they are usually not very threatening and go away with time. However, severe allergic reactions can be dangerous and require medical attention.

    Anaphylaxis is the term for a severe allergic reaction, which can happen due to contact with food allergens, drugs/medications or insect stings. Symptoms usually affect the lungs, blood vessels or heart and can include:

    • trouble breathing
    • rash
    • vomiting

    If you or your child experience these symptoms, head to your doctor or the emergency room right away to prevent complications.

    What can you do for severe allergies? Your doctor may need to prescribe allergy shots or prescription asthma medications, such as bronchodilators and inhaled corticosteroids.

    Discuss these options with your health care provider, and consider trying the natural allergy relief remedies described above in addition to using medications.

    Top 9 Natural Allergy Relief Home Remedies

    By Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DNM, CN

    According to the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America, one in five people, or an estimated 50 million Americans, suffer from some type of allergies. The chances are high that you or someone you know deals with ongoing allergies, whether seasonal allergies, food allergies or another type, and could use allergy relief at least from time to time.

    Most people who struggle to find allergy relief go to the doctor to be treated and/or are routinely given pharmaceuticals ranging from acetaminophens to antihistamines, both of which may actually further aggravate the symptoms they were given for. If you prefer not to take prescriptions to keep your symptoms under a control, what can help allergies at home?

    Home remedies for allergies including symptoms like congested sinuses, headaches, and watery or itchy eyes include using frankincense essential oil, eucalyptus oil and quercetin. Below youll learn about nine amazing, all-natural home remedies for allergies that can help provide fast allergy relief.

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    Use Honey As A Cough Remedy

    Youve heard it, and its true raw honey can protect you against allergies. Research suggests that it can be as effective as over-the-counter cough remedies.

    The great thing about honey is that it contains traces of an allergen called flower pollen. By exposing yourself to small amounts of flower pollen, you can build up an immunity to allergies. Honey also has useful anti-inflammatory effects.

    You can eat raw honey by itself or mix it into tea or hot water. The one thing you shouldnt do is give it to children younger than a year. Their immune systems arent equipped to handle it, and this can lead to infant botulism.

    Can You Recover From Allergies

    How To Get Rid Of Seasonal Allergies

    Allergy symptoms can vary during a persons lifetime, depending on where they live and what theyre exposed to. If your primary issue is fall allergies and then you move someplace where pollen is less abundant, youll probably experience a drop in symptoms when autumn comes around.

    Ultimately, there is no cure for allergies. But by arming yourself with allergy medication, preventative measures and pollen forecasts, you can finally enjoy autumn, rather than sneeze your way through it.

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    Tip #: Avoid Extended Time Outdoors When Pollen Counts Are High

    Chances are if the weather outside is rainy, cloudy or windless, your allergies wont act up as much. Only those with extreme sensitivity to pollen or mold will have symptoms when the pollen count is low. However, if the days warm, dry and windy, theres a good possibility youll be symptomatic.

    To determine what the pollen and mold levels are in your geographic area, the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunologys National Allergy BureauĂ” provide an allergen guide with accurate pollen counts.

    Since pollen counts tend to be highest in the morning, with peak times in the middle of the day, its best to venture out in the late afternoon or early evening. If youre planning on doing yard work, try wearing a mask. Those marked N95 are approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health as being 95% effective at filtering out particles.

    Also, if youre planning on exercising outdoors, consider going after work and make sure to shower in the evening so your hair and skin are clean and youre not sleeping in pollen.

    Ensuring your home is a safe haven from pollen may require a little work, but it will help you keep allergens at bay:

    You May Want To Try Acupuncture Too

    Studies have indicated that acupuncture can and does modulate the immune system. Researchers reviewed 13 studies in 2015 and saw encouraging findings. The researchers selected the participants into two groups: treatment group and control group.

    There were 2,365 participants. Treatment group had 1, 126 participants while 1,239 were in control group. The researchers used questionnaires to collect quality of life data of the participants.

    After the intervention , treatment group participants saw a significant reduction in nasal symptoms. Additionally, treatment participants reported improved quality of life. The researchers concluded that acupuncture may be a safe treatment strategy for patients with allergic rhinitis.

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    Tips To Manage Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

    Family Medicine Nurse Practitioner in Somerville, Mass.

    Pollen in the air can cause unpleasant allergy symptoms, but remedies are available.

    The changing seasons bring beautiful fall leaves and allergies, as sufferers at our clinic know all too well. If youre raiding the medicine cabinet in a desperate hunt for relief, you may benefit from the seasonal allergy tips below.

    How Meditation Gave Me Allergy Relief

    How to Get Rid of All of Your Allergies Naturally – Natural Allergy Relief -Allergy Recovery

    I started meditating in late winter. As spring came, I was bracing myself for allergy season. I knew my allergies would start bothering me soon. Usually, I stayed inside and kept the windows closed. When I went outside or if the windows were open, I took allergy medicine. However, that year was different. It was the first year my seasonal allergies did not bother me.

    The medicine I was taking did not help much and made me tired. Meditation cured my allergies and gives me more energy. You do not need to meditate every day, but if you stop meditating your allergies might start bothering you again. I cannot guarantee meditation will cure your allergies, but it worked great for me.

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    How To Stop Allergies Immediately

    How to stop allergies immediately? If you are taking any allergy medication, be sure to consult a doctor. A qualified professional can provide you with insight into the safest, most effective way to use medication to treat your symptoms.

    Talk to anallergist and do a skin test to see which allergens to avoid. Skin tests willhelp you determine which allergens are causing the allergic reaction, be itdogs or pollen. Once you understand what is causing allergic reactions, it ispossible to change your lifestyle to stay away from them.

    Living With Allergic Rhinitis

    Living with the symptoms of allergic rhinitis can affect your daily life. Nasal symptoms can be worse when lying down. This can disturb your ability to sleep well. Fatigue and headaches can affect your ability to function at school and work. There are many medicines and treatments that can help you manage your symptoms. Talk to your doctor as soon as you feel that your symptoms are getting worse or are not easy to control. He or she can help you come up with the right plan to control them so they dont affect your ability to live your normal life.

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    What Is Refined Sugar

    The second step I took was getting rid of all refined sugars. According to LiveStrong they define refined sugar as follows, Refined sugars are those that have been processed, such as cane sugar, as opposed to the natural sugars found in fruit and milk. The key word here is, processed. Its been put through the ringer, striped of all nutrients. Does that sound like something the body will know how to digest, store, or get rid of? Nope. In fact, eating these refined sugars commonly found in donuts, cakes, cereal, bread, pie, etc can be causing more fuel to your constant state of inflammation that I mentioned earlier. More inflammation? No thanks.

    Its also been proven that sugar helps bad bacteria thrive in our guts and can help viruses spread more easily, giving us colds and flus more often. Seems like a good things to get rid of in our diets right? Yes, get rid of it, and focus on natural sugar from fruit if you need something sweet. Check out my date ball recipe in my post on Toddler Snacks for Daycare, if you are in need of a sweet treat.

    Unproven Methods To Test For Allergies

    How to get rid of a really bad stuffy nose

    A number of methods claim to test for allergies, but they have not been medically or scientifically proven. They can be costly and could lead to dangerous avoidance of certain foods. The organisation representing allergists recommends that you do not use certain methods to have potential allergies tested. These methods include:

    • cytotoxic food testing
    • reflexology
    • Vega testing.

    Always speak with your doctor if you are thinking of using a complementary medicine or therapy to test for allergies.

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    Tip : Use Medications Properly

    Some commonly used medications do more harm than good when used incorrectly and you may not know that youre doing so.

    The popular nose spray Afrin can work great for clearing up nasal congestion, but if used for longer than three to four days, the nose can become addicted, resulting in a bad rebound congestion that will leave you miserable. Save Afrin for once-in-a-while use, like an hour before a plane flight, which can help with air-pressure changes and their effects on your sinuses and airways. Use other sprays for daily control.

    The popular decongestant pill pseudoephedrine has moved behind the counter due to medication abuse, so youll have to ask a pharmacist to dispense this for you. And people with high blood pressure or heart problems should think twice before taking pseudoephedrine or phenylephrine, since it can raise blood pressure and cause anxious, jittery feelings similar to a caffeine overdose. Treat it like coffee, and avoid using it after midday. You also should drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration.

    Talk to your doctor or nurse if you have questions or concerns about any allergy medications you use.

    Tip : Keep An Eye On Eyedrops

    Flonase helps with itchy eyes, but if your allergies come with excessive tear production or red, itchy eyes that are dry or irritated, you may need to add eyedrops to your regimen. Ketotifen fumarate and Pataday are antihistamine options, but regular lubricating drops also can provide comfort.

    Try the lubricating drops three to five minutes prior to antihistamine drops to avoid stinging. Warm or cool washcloths wiped gently or laid over the eyes also can help remove irritants and soothe inflamed tissues.

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