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How To Read A Food Allergy Test

What Is Food Intolerance

Consider Getting A Food Allergy / Sensitivity Test (READ DESCRIPTION!!! — UPDATED THOUGHTS!)

There are three types of food reactions andalthough their symptoms can be similarthey have important physiological differences. Lets take a look at each:

Food sensitivity is when the body produces immunoglobulin G antibodies as part of an immune reaction. This typically happens when too-large bits of food get into the bloodstream due to leaky gut.

IgG immune reactions can be slow to appear. This means that a person could eat food to which they are sensitive but not experience any symptoms until a few days later. If the problematic food enters the bloodstream on a continuous basis, the immune system undergoes constant activationleading to chronic inflammation.

Food intolerance is a term for food reactions that arise from compromised digestion. This kind of reaction does not affect the immune system. Food sensitivities and intolerances are not life-threatening, but they can be easily confused without the correct diagnosis.

Food allergy is when the body launches an immediate IgE immune response. This needs immediate medical attention. To learn more about the differences, visit Are food allergy and food intolerance the same?

People react to food differently due to two driving factors:

Genetics. Food reactions, especially severe IgE allergies, can be passed down in families.2

Articles On Allergy Tests & Screening

Millions of Americans have allergies. You might sniffle and sneeze as the seasons change or get itchy and teary-eyed when you dust the house or pet an animal. Perhaps you start wheezing when you eat a particular food.

Allergyblood testing can help reveal what triggers your allergy symptoms and help your doctor choose the best treatment for you.

What The Spt Shows

A positive SPT is reliable about 50 percent of the time, but a negative SPT result is about 95 percent predictive. By itself, the positive result just indicates that your body has made allergic antibodies, called IgE, to a specific food. This is called sensitization, and by itself is not enough for a diagnosis. Your allergist will use your medical history, a physical exam and his or her own specialized training to interpret your results. In cases of anaphylaxis , a positive SPT will confirm a diagnosis of true food allergy.

A negativeSPT is useful in ruling out a food allergy most of the time, although false negative results tend to be more common in the very young. Your allergist may order blood tests to confirm diagnosis.

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How To Test For Food Intolerance In Children

According to NICE, food allergies are on the rise. But in 20% of cases, people avoid certain foods without getting a confirmed diagnosis because theyve heard they can be problematic.8

Children and babies are most at risk of food allergies and food sensitivities because their immune and digestive systems are still developing. Its likely this is due to a combination of both genetic and environmental factors. Increased caesarean birth rates, lack of early-age exposure to germs and declining breastfeeding rates may also play a role.9

As their immune system is still developing, food antibody IgG testing in infants under two years of age is not recommended.10 If you think your child is at risk of intolerances, its best to speak to your GP or a specialist, as removing certain food groups from your childs diet may influence their growth and development.

Thankfully, some babies and children will outgrow food sensitivities as their immune systems become more robust. But some foods will remain problematic. Severe allergic reactions are rare but, if a child has experienced anaphylaxis, they will need to avoid the offending foods for life. This type of food allergy affects the entire body and requires immediate attention.

Are There Any Side Effects To An Allergy Blood Test

Allergy Test

There are no significant side effects associated with an allergy blood test. Just as when an individual has blood drawn for any other medical purpose, there could be some minor discomfort for a short period. Patients may experience slight bruising or swelling at the area where the needle is inserted, but this discomfort will soon pass. In the unlikely event you start to feel lightheaded, nauseous or dizzy, inform your allergist immediately.

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How Is An Ige Blood Test Performed

An IgE blood test is done by inserting a needle into a vein in the arm or back of the hand, collecting a blood sample, and pulling it into a vial. The blood sample is sent to a laboratory to assess the response to different types of food allergens. Results can take a few weeks to become available. The results are given in numbers that range from 0.10 kU/L to 100 kU/L. Keep in mind that the results do not determine the severity of a reaction to a food allergen , only the level of antibodies produced after being exposed to the allergen.

How To Interpret Your Food Sensitivities Results

How you interpret your results is the most important thing about identifying your food sensitivities and intolerances. We would love to help you with this, and you can find an overview of your food sensitivities in the report. Listed under each item is a detailed description of what the item is and what meals you can usually find it in.

The items listed on your report will only be shown if they have an intolerance of 85% or over. If you do have any questions about your food sensitivities, please do not hesitate to get in contact by emailing us on to find out more.

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Why Consider This Test

Understand Your Symptoms

Researchers estimate that 32 million Americans may suffer from food allergies.4 Knowing what is causing your symptoms can give you daily relief.

Make Better Food Choices

The results of your food allergy blood test can help guide your future food choices to reduce allergic reactions, which can be severe for some people.

Avoid Serious Risks

Individuals with food allergies who also have asthma may be at increased risk for severe or fatal food allergy reactions.4

How Do Allergists Determinewhich Foods Make Me Sick


For some people, itsimmediately apparent what food causes a food allergy in their system. Forinstance, many people with a shellfish, or a peanut allergy will quickly breakout in a rash, or exhibit more dangerous allergic symptoms.

For others, the causeisnt so obvious, and they may need a doctors help to find what foods arecausing their allergies. One factor that can make it difficult to tell ifyoure allergic to a particular type of food is that the symptoms may not evenshow up until hours after they have eaten that food.

When determining if youhave a food allergy, your doctor will review your medical files and will have astandard list of questions for you.

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What Causes A Food Allergy

Food allergies are one of the most common forms of allergy that affect 85% of people including children as well as adults. An IgG food allergy test can help detect food allergies. The symptoms of food allergy are usually seen in babies and children, and they grow with time. Sometimes they outgrow at times as well. A food allergy even develops with time forfood that you have eaten for years. There are certain kinds of food that usually contribute mostly to food allergies like

  • Eggs
  • Certain kinds of seeds like mustard and sesame seeds

What Happens During The Spt

  • First, we place a drop of liquid extract containing a small amount of the suspected food allergen on your forearm.
  • Then, with a device similar to a plastic toothpick, we gently scratch the skin so that a tiny amount of the extract is absorbed.
  • Over the next 10 to 20 minutes, we monitor the skin for a localized reactionredness, swelling or a measurable bump, called a wheal.
  • Afterwards, we wipe off the skin and apply or administer antihistamine as needed. There is no bleeding, so you won’t need a bandage. SPT can be mildly uncomfortable for some people, but the discomfort is usually brief.

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What Happens During The Apt

  • First, we will use a special tape to place a prepared panel of food extracts on your back.
  • You will be required to keep this panel dry, and in place on your back, for 48 to 72 hours.
  • We will schedule a return appointment in our clinic so your allergist can remove the panel and obtain the test results.

Are There Any Risks To The Test

Take a look at some great reviews on wonder foods and other ways of ...

An oral challenge test can cause a severe allergic reaction. That’s why this test is only given under close supervision by an allergist.

You may get an allergic reaction during an elimination diet. You should talk to your allergist about how to manage potential reactions.

A skin prick test can bother the skin. If your skin is itchy or irritated after the test, your allergist may prescribe medicine to relieve the symptoms. In rare cases, a skin test can cause a severe reaction. So this test must also be done under close supervision by an allergist.

There is very little risk to having a blood test. You may have slight pain or bruising at the spot where the needle was put in, but most symptoms go away quickly.

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Food Detective Igg Food Intolerance Test

Food Detective is a blood test for food antibodies that can be conveniently used in the clinic of a health professional. You do not have to send off a sample and wait weeks to receive results from a testing laboratory. The testing tray that shows if the patient has IgG antibodies to specific foods has areas spotted with food protein extracts. A small blood sample is taken from a finger-prick and is then diluted and added to the tray. In subsequent steps the use of detector and developer solutions identify the presence of food antibodies through the appearance of one or more blue spots on the tray. Reference to the food layout plan enclosed within the instructions allows you to identify any foods to which the patient may have an intolerance.

Food Detective Has been designed for use by individuals and health practitioners. The test is safe and simple to use. The test takes 40 minutes to carry out and no specialist equipment is needed, everything is provided for you in the test kit. If after taking the Food Detective test you need help to read the results or you test positive for one or more foods, you can contact us for more help and advice.

Food Detective measures IgG antibodies which may be linked to inflammatory conditions in the body, manifesting in a range of health issues.

The reaction tray is spotted with food protein extracts. A small blood sample is taken from a finger-prick and is then diluted and added to the tray.

Food Detective Food List

How Is This Food Allergy Test Performed

This test is performed by having a small amount of blood drawn by a technician at one of our 4,500 available labs. The blood is then tested for IgE antibodies.

Traditional allergy tests use the Skin Prick method, which involves inserting possible allergens into the skin with small needle pokes to see if there is a reaction. Our method is much quicker and less painful.

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Preparing For Your Apt

  • APT will require a series of visits to our clinic over a few days.
  • About a month before the first appointment, you’ll need to stop taking certain medications, including oral steroids. Your allergist and/or food allergy nurse will go over this with you in detail, so you understand which medications to stop and when to stop them.

Preparing For Theallergy Skin Test

Comprehensive Food Panel Results explained – Food Allergy Testing Results

Both you and your doctor will cover your medical history together to determine if a skin test is the best for your needs. This usually involves asking detailed questions about your signs and symptoms and how youve been treating them. The American College of Allery, Asthma and Immunology has an FAQ guide on allergy testing and how to prepare for one.

Based on thisinformation, your doctor may be able to determine if genetically, allergies runin your family. They will also determine if an allergic reaction is whats mostlikely causing your symptoms.

Your doctor may also doa physical exam, paying specific attention to your skin, throat, eyes, ears,nose, and chest to gather more information and clues about whats causing yoursymptoms.

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Igg Food Allergy Test Accuracy Results Interpretation And Benefits

An allergy is usually known to occur when the natural defense mechanism of the body react to exposure of a certain foreign substance and tries to evacuate the same by sending out chemicals to defense against the foreign element. All people are known to have some or the other kind of allergy be it from dust, pollutants, food as well as any other substance.

Food Allergy Testing Vs Food Sensitivity Testing

On the surface level, a food allergy and food sensitivity may seem like the same thing, but theyre actually quite different. Foods that you are allergic to are viewed by your body in the same way that it views bacteria or viruses, and it reacts by fighting it in a similar fashion. A reaction to a food allergy is more severe and can cause skin reactions, digestive symptoms, and even anaphylaxis, which can kill.

A food sensitivity is a food that your body is unable to process or digest it is not linked to your immune system like food allergens are. Dairy and gluten are common food intolerances that, when eaten in enough quantity, can cause stomach and digestive pain. Food hypersensitivities are more common than food allergies, despite how common it is for people to misdiagnose food sensitivity as food allergies.

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Types Of Allergy Tests

The most common forms of allergy tests are the skin prick tests and the blood tests.

If you have skin prick testing, you will be pricked on the arm or back a number of times, with a tiny amount of allergen dropped onto the pinprick. If you are allergic, where you were pricked will become swollen and itchy. This generally subsides within 2 hours. Although skin prick testing can be uncomfortable, most people find it tolerable. The results are available within 20 minutes.

Blood tests can be also used to test for allergies. They may be used when skin testing is not suitable, such as for people who have severe eczema or who are taking medications that may interfere with the test.

Other, less common allergy tests include:

  • intradermal skin testing
  • and oral allergen testing

Pros And Cons Of Allergy Blood Tests

My Allergy Test Results

Advantages of allergy blood tests include:

  • Can be done at any time, regardless of any medications you are taking
  • Requires only one needle stick this may be more attractive for people who are afraid of needles. Allergy blood testing is the preferred test for infants and very young children.

Disadvantages of allergy blood tests include:

  • More expensive than skin testing many health insurers do not cover allergy blood tests.
  • May be less sensitive than skin tests
  • Takes days or weeks to get results because the blood sample must be sent to a laboratory for evaluation skin testing provides immediate results.

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Why Seek An Allergist

Attempting to self-diagnose food allergies and interpreting results can be challenging. With food allergy tests, false positives and false negatives can occur. For this reason, you should always seek out a board-certified allergist to diagnose and treat your symptoms. Moreover, laboratories use various blood tests with different scoring systems. An allergist, however, is an expert and will be aware of the differences and know how to accurately interpret the results and explain to you what the results mean.

Food allergy testing is an important part of making a diagnosis. However, an allergist has many tools that increase the accuracy of a diagnosis, such as taking into account your medical history, using the elimination diet, and using other methods of food allergy testing .

How Might My Allergiesbe Treated

If your allergy testsreturn positive, your doctor will work with you to develop a treatment plan. Besure to ask questions about anything youre not clear about regarding yourdiagnosis or treatment. Your doctor should be more than happy to answer them.

Allergy treatment plansare diverse and depend on the individuals situation. Possible treatmentsinclude:

  • Medications
  • Dietary changes

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What The Apt Shows

APT can provide useful information for managing eosinophilic disorders and atopic dermatitis, as well as monitoring Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome . These conditions can be caused, in part, by an underlying food allergy. Your allergist and/or specialist will use the results of APT to help direct dietary changes for these conditions.

Side Effects Of Allergy Blood Tests

Food intolerance/sensitivities TEST RESULTS ! Allergies and vegetarianism

Allergy blood testing is relatively safe. Side effects are usually minor and may include:

  • Swelling and redness at the site where the needle was inserted
  • Pain
  • Bleeding at the site where the needle was inserted

There is a potential that some people may faint during any type of blood testing.

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What Is A Food Allergy

This is very important: food allergies should not be confused with food sensitivities, and if you have purchased a bioresonance hair testing test, then it is for food sensitivities only. Food allergies are not to be messed with, so if you notice that you are experiencing horrible symptoms like coughing, skin rashes, itchy eyes and worst-case scenario: anaphylactic shock. Testing for food allergy can only be done through blood, skin prick or patch tests. We offer blood skin-prick tests here, but if you suspect you have a food allergy please see a health professional right away. This could be incredibly severe and must not be left to risk.


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