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Why Do Allergies Only Affect One Side Of My Face

How Do Doctors Diagnose Allergies

Inferior Turbinates: what are they, why do they swell, stuffy nose, congestion, how do we treat

Because the symptoms of allergies are common to many other conditions, an accurate allergy diagnosis can only be made by an allergist trained to evaluate a combination of factors, including allergy testing results, to determine the presence of a specific allergy. While you may be able to self-evaluate your own symptom triggers, it is not possible to self-diagnose an allergy.

Your doctor will first ask you about your medical history and recent experiences with symptoms. Some questions your doctor may ask include:

  • What symptoms have you been experiencing? How long have you had these symptoms?

  • Do you notice your symptoms get better or worse in certain situations?

  • What kind of work do you do? What are your hobbies?

  • Do you notice symptoms when you eat certain foods?

  • Do allergies run in your family?

  • What medications are you currently taking?

  • Do you experience symptoms year-round or at certain times of the year?

This information helps your doctor better understand your condition and determine when and where you may be exposed to allergens that could be causing your symptoms.

The doctor will also perform a physical exam, focusing on your skin, nose, ears, throat and eyes, which are all typically most affected by allergy symptoms. or swollen tissue in your nose and throat can be indicators of allergic reactions. You may also undergo a lung function test to measure the strength of your breathing.

Healthy Indoor Air Quality Can Help You Manage Your Asthma And Allergies Overall

If ragweed pollen season drives you to spend more time indoors, pay attention to your indoor air quality. Indoor air is often more polluted than outside air. Poor indoor air quality can make your asthma and allergies worse. Combine poor indoor air quality with ragweed pollen, and you may be downright miserable.

The following can affect your indoor air quality:

  • Allergens, like dust mites, pet dander, cockroaches, and mold
  • Scents, chemicals, and volatile organic compounds
  • Outdoor air pollution

Use our interactive Healthy Home Checklist to find where allergens, triggers, and irritants can hide. Then follow the steps to improve your indoor air.

Some products can help you improve and maintain good indoor air. The asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program helps you find products that have been scientifically tested in labs and meet strict standards. These products have proven that they effectively remove or reduce your exposure to asthma and allergy triggers. Through our program, youll find CERTIFIED vacuum cleaners, air filters, bedding, flooring, and more.

Medical Review August 2019. Updated August 2021

Color Of Nasal Discharge With Colds

  • The nasal discharge changes color during different stages of a cold. This is normal.
  • It starts as a clear discharge and later becomes cloudy.
  • Sometimes it becomes yellow or green colored for a few days. This is still normal.
  • Colored discharge is common after sleep, with allergy medicines or with low humidity. Reason: all of these events decrease the amount of normal nasal secretions.

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Find Out Your Allergens

The first step in getting rid of your brain fog is finding out whats causing your allergies. If you dont know what youre allergic to, you should visit a doctor who specializes in allergies. Theyll run tests to find out whats causing your symptoms.

Common allergy tests include:

  • Skin tests. This involves pricking your skin with a needle to expose you to a small amount of an allergen. If youre allergic, youll develop a raised bump in the spot of the allergen.
  • Blood tests. If you have allergies, your blood will contain certain cells that show youre sensitive to certain allergens.
  • Physical exam. There are many physical signs of allergies, from skin irritation to nasal and breathing problems. These can help your doctor diagnose your allergies.

Swollen Tongue Symptoms And Signs To Expect When A Tongue Feels Swollen

Can Sun Poisoning Cause Swollen Eyes? Symptoms and ...

img source:

Swelling the main symptoms you expect to have. If your tongue feels swollen some of the common symptoms and you may have include:

  • Chewing, swallowing and speaking difficulties
  • Tongue color changes where it might be red or pale.
  • Blocked airways in case of a severe tongue swelling
  • Swollen lymph nodes under your mandible and chin region.
  • Swollen tongue with bumps, ulcers or lesions on your tongue
  • Tongue pain, mouth pain or burning sensation
  • General edema
  • Throat swelling
  • Swollen tongue papillae

There are many other tongue swelling symptoms you might have but they will be related to underlying disease or cause such as anemia, HIV, cancer, diabetes, among many other conditions we will discuss while looking at the causes.

Sometimes, different causes of tongue swelling might have very similar signs. It is good to go for differential diagnosis of swollen tongue if they persist for a long time to determine the exact cause.

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Ragweed Pollen Can Travel Hundreds Of Miles

Ragweed pollen is very light, making it easy for the wind to carry it for miles. In fact, it has been found in the ocean as far as 400 miles away from the coast and two miles up in the air.

Dont let ragweed follow you around. Cover your hair when you go outside or wash it at night to remove pollen. Also have everyone who enters your home leave their shoes at the door.

Symptoms To Watch For

You may start to have symptoms as soon as the eyes come in contact with the allergen, or you may not have symptoms for two to four days.

Symptoms of eye allergies include:

  • Red, irritated eyes
  • Soreness, burning, or pain
  • Sensitivity to light

Usually youâll also have other allergy symptoms, such as a stuffy, runny nose and sneezing.

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Swollen Tongue Treatment Cure Remedies And Medications

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Swollen tongue treatment will entirely depend on the cause unless you opt for remedies which can help in reducing the swelling . We will discuss various treatments, medications, home remedies for swollen tongue and cures while bearing in mind the cause. So, how do you treat a tongue swelling?

Allergy Shots Side Effects For Adults

Disorder Causes Random Swelling?

Allergy shot side effects or reactions are usually minimal and easy to manage. Because youre being injected with allergens sometimes your body can overreact.

For this reason its important to always carry an Epi-Pen with you to the doctor, in your car, to work/school. Ill explain the side effects and reactions Ive experienced during my 5 years of allergy shots.

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Nasal Allergy Symptom : Sneezing

If youâve ever had a bout of uncontrollable sneezing, you know what a nuisance it can be. Some people have such severe sneezing episodes that they interfere with their daily life. But sneezing doesnât have to be that serious to seek relief.

If you canât avoid the allergen thatâs causing the sneezing, or if doing so doesnât help, try an over-the-counter antihistamine. Be sure to read and follow the directions on the label for any over-the-counter medicine. If that doesnât help, your doctor may prescribe a nasal steroid spray.

When To See A Gp

Visit a GP if the symptoms of allergic rhinitis are disrupting your sleep, preventing you carrying out everyday activities, or adversely affecting your performance at work or school.

A diagnosis of allergic rhinitis will usually be based on your symptoms and any possible triggers you may have noticed.

If the cause of your condition is uncertain, you may be referred for allergy testing.

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My Experience With Allergy Shots

In my early 30s I was struggling with my health. My allergies didnt just appear out of nowhere, rather, my allergies had slowly crept up on me and began to affect my every-day-life.

I felt unhealthy, had allergic shiners , itchy skin, watery eyes, and always had a persistent stuffy nose. Worst of all I constantly felt fatigue.

I was in graduate school, busy with studying and an internship. At first I ignored the allergy symptoms because I had always experienced them.

As my health was snowballing downward I stopped going to my internship. I continued to study but slept 12 hours a day. In class I would struggle to keep my eyes open.

I had no idea what was happening. Was this normal?

Eventually, I wound up at an allergist an allergist. He asked me a few questions and chose to tested for a few allergens. I tested positive for most things and began allergy drops. After a year I didnt find much relief.

At this point I knew allergies were causing me to feel ill, so I made an appointment with another allergist. This time I was tested for over 100 things .

Again, most of my results came back positive.

Ive been working with my allergist for 6 years and Ive learned how allergy shots work . Ive experienced a few side effects and Ill share them with you below.

How Do Allergies Cause Fatigue

JL Journal: What do you use when your face ITCH and is ...

Yes, allergies can make you feel tired. Most people with a stuffy nose and head caused by allergies will have some trouble sleeping. But allergic reactions can also release chemicals that cause you to feel tired. These chemicals help fight your allergies but also cause swelling of your nasal tissues that can make your symptoms worse. A lack of sleep and constant nasal congestion can give you a hazy, tired feeling.

Experts call this fatigue caused by allergies a brain fog. Brain fog can make it difficult to concentrate and carry out school, work, and daily activities.

If youre experiencing the effects of brain fog, there are some things you can do to feel less tired. First, youll need to stop the cycle of allergy symptoms and fatigue. You can try:

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Infection Of The Salivary Duct

The ducts that create saliva can be infected by bacteria and is typically found after surgery in the mouth and in the elderly that take medications that slow saliva production.

Rarity: Rare

Top Symptoms: fever, chills, swelling on one side of the face, pain on one side of the face, swollen jaw

Urgency: Hospital emergency room

What Are Eye Allergy Symptoms And Signs

Typical symptoms associated with eye allergies include inflammation of the conjunctiva that is caused by a reaction to allergens. The inflammation causes enlargement of the blood vessels in the conjunctiva , resulting in a red or bloodshot appearance of the eyes. These allergy symptoms can range from very mild redness to severe swelling associated with discharge.

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How Do Allergies Affect Quality Of Life

For people with mild to moderate allergies, symptoms can be a seasonal or year-round nuisance, easily treated with over-the-counter allergy medications. For severe cases of seasonal or environmental allergies, people may need more in-depth treatment like immunotherapy, which requires frequent doctors office visits.

Some allergies require significant lifestyle adjustments. These can include not being able to have a cat or dog as a pet, updating a home to address potential allergens , limiting participation in outdoor activities or hobbies, or even changing jobs to avoid exposure to specific allergens.

People living with food allergies often need to take significant steps to accommodate their dietary needs. For children especially, it can be difficult to give up favorite foods that contain allergens. Parents can find it stressful to manage a childs food allergy, both inside and outside the home. Alternative, non-allergenic versions of foods can be difficult to find in grocery stores and often are priced higher than traditional brands.

Anyone living with an allergy that can result in anaphylaxis must carry emergency epinephrine at all times, and make others around them aware of what to do in case of a life-threatening allergic reaction.

Allergic Reactions Less Severe Or Gone For Years

Singapore reports side effects in 0.13% of over 2.2 million COVID-19 vaccine doses administered

A review of published studies showed that symptom relief continued for two to three years after allergy drop treatment was stopped after being taken for three years.

A lot of research has been done using allergy drops to treat a variety of allergens, but more is needed to determine its overall safety and effectiveness.

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Talk With A Doctor Or Clinician To Create A Personalized Treatment Plan

If you arent sure if its a cold or allergies, or if your symptoms are severe or long-lasting, its best to connect with a care provider to get an official diagnosis and treatment plan.

If your allergy symptoms are left untreated, you could become more prone to getting sinus infections or other upper respiratory infections, or may lead to poor asthma control.

Also, a common cold can turn severe. So, if your cold has had you laid up longer than a day or two, get in touch with your doctor.

You have a couple options:

Make an appointment for face-to-face care from a primary care doctor or clinician. Whether you choose a video visit or in-person appointment, your doctor will listen to your symptoms, answer questions and work with you to create a tailored treatment plan including connecting you with an allergist or an otolaryngologist if needed.

Start a virtual visit anytime, anyplace through Virtuwell. With Virtuwell, no appointment is necessary and treatment is available 24/7. Getting started is easy. Well ask you a few questions, and youll get your diagnosis and treatment plan from a board-certified nurse practitioner. Each visit is just $59 or less, depending on your insurance.

One Side Of Nose Always Blocked

Patients frequently complain that they have one side of their nose that is always blocked. This is typically due to structural issues in the nose.

The nasal septum is the divider between the right and left side of your nose. It is made of cartilage and bone and it may be deviated into one side of the nose. This may occur following a previous history of trauma but frequently there is no known history of previous injury. This deviation may become progressively worse over time causing increasing symptoms of congestion.

The deviation of the nasal septum will typically also cause turbinate swelling. Turbinates are natural structures inside our nose intended to filter, humidifier, and warm the air we breathe. The mixed airflow signals that occur because of a deviated septum will cause progressive enlargement of the turbinates which will also cause chronic nasal congestion.

Dont live with chronic congestion that doesnt respond to allergy therapy when evaluation and treatment is so easy with modern techniques.

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Symptoms Of Allergic Rhinitis

Your symptoms can vary, depending on the severity of your allergies. Symptoms can include:

  • Sneezing.
  • Itching .
  • Runny nose.
  • Pressure in the nose and cheeks.
  • Ear fullness and popping.
  • Watery, red, or swollen eyes.
  • Dark circles under your eyes.
  • Trouble smelling.
  • Hives.

Allergic rhinitis can last several weeks, longer than a cold or the flu. It does not cause fever. The nasal discharge from hay fever is thin, watery, and clear. Nasal discharge from a cold or the flu tends to be thicker. Itching is common with hay fever but not with a cold or the flu. Sneezing occurs more with hay fever. You may even have severe sneeze attacks.

Swollen Tongue One Side Left Side Or Right Side

8 Types of Headachesâand How to Get Rid of Them

Having swollen tongue on one side i.e. on left side or right side might not indicate a specific problem since it can be caused by a number of things. Swollen tongue one side can be caused by trauma such as dental appliances, injuries, tongue piercings, biting your tongue, getting burned and so on.

Also, various infections can affect one side of your tongue. Who said you cannot have cold sores, canker sores, oral cancer or any other infection cannot cause one side tongue swelling?

Finally allergic reactions and angioedema can also cause left or right side tongue swelling. Do not be surprised if the swelling is on the tip of your tongue.

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Is It Allergies Or A Cold

Allergies affect more than 50 million people in the United States each year, with many individuals suffering from allergic rhinitis. Also known as hay fever, its symptoms are as common as they are annoying sneezing, runny nose, and itchy, watering eyes to name a few.1

While some symptoms overlap between allergies and a cold, you may notice some key differences. Colds are contagious and people often unwittingly infect others for two days before symptoms appear. A low-grade fever and aches and pains may accompany them. This common illness may also develop gradually over a couple days.2

On the other hand, viruses dont cause allergies, so you cant pass allergies on to anyone else. They occur when the body initially encounters a normally harmless substance and creates antibodies to it. When the body encounters the substance again, the existing antibodies tell the immune system to send chemicals such as histamine into the bloodstream to fight the invader. The immune response causes unpleasant allergy symptoms, and they often come on suddenly rather than gradually.3 Take our allergies versus cold quiz to find out which one you have.

Allergies Do Not Cause Fevers

People often wonder if allergies can cause a fever. The answer is no. Allergies cannot cause a fever, though you could have an allergy flare at the same time youre experiencing a fever from another infection.

With a cold, your temperature can run warmer, but typically it will be less than 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

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