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How To Clear Nasal Congestion From Allergies

Why Is Nasal Congestion More Prevalent At Nighttime

Clear Nasal Congestion With This Remedy (Sinus & Allergy Help)

On lying down at bedtime, the blood flow toward your nose and head increases, causing further swelling of the blood vessels and tissues inside the nasal passage. Moreover, people with acid reflux often suffer a backflow of stomach acids into the food pipe on lying down due to the backward push of gravity.

The acid irritates the back of the throat, and the discomfort can be felt in the nasal passageways because the two are connected. To reduce this problem, feed babies and young children with their head in an elevated position. In adults, meals should be avoided for at least 2 hours before bedtime.

What Treatment Is Recommended For A Runny Nose Due To An Allergy

  • Stay indoors when the pollen count is high, usually in the early morning and on windy days.
  • Keep windows closed during allergy season, and use air conditioning whenever possible.
  • Wear a dust mask if working outdoors. Change clothing and take a shower right away after coming indoors.
  • Avoid contact with cats and dogs if you are sensitive to animal dander.

Also, there are many safe and effective over-the-counter medications available to help control allergy symptoms, such as nasal steroid sprays and oral antihistamines. If the symptoms are severe, your healthcare provider may recommend prescription medications, or refer you to an allergist for testing and targeted therapy.

Avoid Dust And Smoke Areas To Clear Nasal Congestion

Dust particles and Smoke will make nasal congestion incurable and lead to chronic one. Dust and smoke when inhaled inside will mix with the cough and mucus to form a stiff congestion causing more damage. These dust particles cause inflammation of the mucous membrane. If the dust particles are in larger quantity, they can harm the lungs in a great extent. Use a cloth to cover your face or a mask to avoid dust particles and smoke.

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Hay Fever Management And Treatment

Avoid triggers by making changes to your home and to your behavior.

  • Keep windows closed during high pollen periods use air conditioning in your home and car.
  • Wear glasses or sunglasses when outdoors to keep pollen out of your eyes.
  • Use mite-proof bedding covers to limit exposure to dust mites and a dehumidifier to control mold. .
  • Wash your hands after petting any animal, and have a nonallergic person help with pet grooming, preferably in a well-ventilated area or outside.

What people dont realize is most of the over-the-counter medicines are designed for milder allergies. For the people who have more moderate to severe allergy problems, its very rare that over the counter medicines are enough.

Allergist James Sublett, MD

Heed Your Allergy Symptoms

Home Remedies for Nasal Congestion

Despite the misery of allergies and their complications, many people donât take the symptoms very seriously.

They donât realize the impact that their allergies have on their lives, especially when added up over years and decades, says Leonard Bielory, MD, an allergy and immunology professor at Rutgers University.

They get used to the congestion, chronic sinus problems, and mouth breathing. They get used to disturbed sleep and fatigue. After a while, they just donât remember what life was like before allergies.

When symptoms get bad, they make do. They grab over-the-counter medicines at random at the drugstore. They make guesses at the cause of their allergies and try to avoid the things they think are their triggers. But they never actually get a diagnosis.

Thereâs a better way. Given the impact that nasal allergies can have on your life, you really need to get proper medical evaluation and treatment.

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Avoid Milk Products To Clear Nasal Congestion

Milk products like curd, yoghurt, cheese, ice creams causes cold and congestion of the nose. These products should be avoided as they can lead nasal congestion to chronic one. The reason for it is milk products has chemical compounds that bind the mucus into solid form and inflate the wind pipe. If you want to drink milk than drink hot milk as it will melt the mucus. Avoiding these milk products with all other remedies in this article will help to clear nasal congestion.

How To Clear Your Sinuses And Ears

This article was medically reviewed by Monica Kieu, DO, FACS. Dr. Monica Kieu is a board certified Otolaryngologist and Specialist in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Kieu received a BS in Anthropology from the University of California, Riverside and earned her medical degree , with honors, from Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona. She then completed her residency in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at Michigan State University/Detroit Medical Center, where she served as chief resident. Dr. Kieu also completed a prestigious fellowship in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Toronto. She is a member of the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, American Osteopathic Colleges of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and the American Rhinologic Society. Dr. Kieu was recently named one of LAs Top Docs by Los Angeles Magazine.There are 11 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 39,912 times.

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This Is How To Know If Your Stuffy Nose Could Be Covid

Everyone gets the occasional stuffy or runny nose. And there are plenty of reasons that’s the casefrom a sinus infection to a deviated septum to a common cold. Even stress can cause congestion. But one of the most likely causes of the annoying nasal symptom is seasonal allergies. However, given that symptoms of COVID-19 also affect your nose and sinuses, you don’t want to brush it off or fail to take it seriously. Better safe than sorry, as they say. Read on to discover how you can determine whether your congestion is a COVID symptomor at least something more serious than your allergies. And for more signs of sickness to look out for, know out If You Have These 2 COVID Symptoms, You Could End Up in the Hospital.

Reasons For Stuffy Nose After Taking Trazodone

How to Clear Nasal Congestion in Newborns

Despite being a common side effect of taking trazodone, nasal congestion doesnt affect all the patients that take it. Some patients are entirely unaffected, whereas others experience persistent stuffy nose hours after taking this drug. Trazodone is likely to cause stuffy nose depending on the patient and the dosage theyre taking.

Some patients have reported that the stuffy nose they experienced went away after reducing the dosage of trazodone. For other patients, this didnt work. Increasing the dosage for some patients only made their nasal congestion worse, even leading to sinus infections.

Then you may be wondering why does trazodone cause stuffy nose? Theres no particular source that gives clear information as to why trazodone causes a patient to experience a stuffy nose. Its not clear whether its the ingredients used to make trazodone or how it works that cause nasal congestions. You should inform the doctor about any allergic reactions that you may have such as breathing problems before they prescribe this drug for you.

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Reclined Cobblers Yoga Pose

This is a classic restorative pose this pose has the advantage of modifying your hip level. Hows that for motivation.

Heres how to go about this yoga pose for nasal congestion relief.

  • Place a mat on the floor.
  • Place your knees on the ground
  • Join your fingers together and set your forehead and elbows slightly apart on the ground.
  • Roll the upper arms slightly outward.
  • Press the inner wrists firmly into the floor.
  • Set the crown of your head on the floor.

Step 2

  • Inhale and lift your knees off the ground.
  • Move your feet closer to your elbows, keep your heels elevated.
  • Form the shape of a V with your thighs
  • Lift your shoulder blades towards your tailbone

Step 3

  • Exhale and lift your feet off the ground.
  • Lift both feet at the same time.

Step 4

  • Maintain a straight position 90 Degrees from the ground
  • Hold this position for as long you can
  • Return to laid down position

If allergies are responsible for your nasal congestion, using any of these home remedies for nasal congestion will help ease your symptoms.

But they will not cure sinus infections. Youre advised to look for an allergy medication that has an antihistamine to help relieve nasal congestion.

Another valid solution for nasal congestion is pain relief medicines. Although they dont cure sinus infections.

Pain relief medicines can help ease the pain and discomfort caused by nasal congestion.

When is the See Your Doctor? If symptoms persist for more than 7 days. Youre advised to see a doctor.

Your Stuffy Nose Doesn’t Respond To Allergy Medication

As allergist Sara Narayan, MD, wrote in an article for Emerson Hospital in Massachusetts, one surefire sign that your nasal congestion might be caused by COVID is when you take allergy medication and it doesn’t provide any relief. That’s a pretty good indication that your stuffy nose is being caused by something other than allergies. And for help treating coronavirus if you do become infected, check out This Common Medication Could Save You From Deadly COVID Complications.

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Steam To Clear Nasal Congestion

Warm breath caused by steam will clear the passage of wind pipe and clear nasal congestion. You can add a few drops of mint oil to clear nasal congestion in a better and faster manner. Take a hot steamy water in a tub or a container. Cover your face with a towel and put your face parallel to the tub, so that you breathe steam. Add a few drops of mint oil in the hot water. Repeat this for a few times. The mint oil is a rich source of menthol that helps to remove the mucus and lowers the swelling of the wind pipe. Do not steam for a long period of time as it can burn your face.

You Don’t Have A History Of Seasonal Allergies

4 Ways to Clear Nasal Congestion

Never had seasonal allergies before? Then you most likely don’t have them now either. Depending on how long your congestion persists and what other symptoms you have, you could have a cold, the flu, and, yes, even COVID, though Narayan says it’s rare. And for more helpful information delivered to your inbox, .

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Chest Congestion Is When Mucus Builds Up In Your Chest Causing A Cough

Nasal congestion occurs when blood vessels and mucous membranes in the sinuses and nasal passageways swell. Do allergies cause nasal congestion? contributors allergies can result in a number of symptoms, whose severity can vary from person to per. Here’s how to blow your nose the right way. Learn what you can do about it. The new year gives you an opportunity to reflect on the past year and, more importantly, the clutter that has. Nasal congestion often stems from an infection or allergy. The long, black trail of invaders parade across your counters carrying crumbs, garbage, pet food an. Now is the time to start getting rid of those things that you’re looking at every day. Colds, the flu, and allergies to name a few. Nasal congestion is another term for a stuffy nose. You wake up one morning and find that ants have invaded your kitchen or some other space in your home. Aggressive blowing could lead to some pretty nasty consequences.

Best Way To Get Rid Of Nasal Congestion At Home. You wake up one morning and find that ants have invaded your kitchen or some other space in your home. Colds, the flu, and allergies to name a few. It’s often a symptom of another health problem, such as a sinus infection. When you have a load. Nasal congestion occurs when blood vessels and mucous membranes in the sinuses and nasal passageways swell.

You wake up one morning and find that ants have invaded your kitchen or some other space in your home.

There Are Many Different Causes Of Sinus Congestionsome Include:

Extreme nasal congestion can even lead to sinus pain. Sinus pain is a sharp pain located behind the nose and the eyes. It can also cause earaches, toothaches, and headaches. Sinus pain is terrible, to say the least.

I suffer from sinus pain during allergy season, when the air is dry, or when I am experiencing a cold. I always try to pursue natural options before using over-the-counter medication.

Most people will reach for medicine to relieve congestion or sinus pain. However, what if there was a better and quicker option?

In the video below, you will learn a couple of methods to remove nasal congestion quickly. This is excellent for those who react poorly to medication.

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Fighting Allergic Rhinitis: Where To Start

If over-the-counter allergy treatments do the trick for you, great! If not, you should see your doctor.

You might assume that you have allergies when you really have nonallergic rhinitis, which is triggered by irritants like cigarette smoke or fumes instead of allergens. Or your symptoms could stem from colds, sinus problems, asthma, thyroid problems, medication side effects, or other issues. If allergies arenât really your problem, those allergy drugs wonât do any good.

If your doctor does say you have allergic rhinitis, it’s a good idea to find the cause of your allergies. The only way to do that is to get allergy testing.

âSome people with allergic rhinitis spend a lot of time and money focusing on the wrong thing,â says Hugh H. Windom, MD, associate clinical professor of allergy and immunology at the University of South Florida.

âThey assume that theyâre allergic to dust mites, so they spend thousands renovating their homes, pulling up carpets, and cleaning air ducts. But it turns out to be the oak tree outside the bedroom window.â

So get allergy testing before you do anything drastic. You donât want to pry a beloved kitty out of your tearful childâs arms, find it a new home, and then discover that you were never allergic to cats in the first place.

Eat Or Inhale The Steam From Some Garlic Cloves

How to Clear Your Sinus Congestion – Fast and Easy Exercise

Before you throw that garlic into tonights dinner recipe, you may want to consider saving a few cloves for yourself garlic is believed to have both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that make it useful in treating a host of problems, including congestion related to colds. Research has shown that people who were given garlic supplements for 12 weeks during the cold season had significantly fewer colds than those who didnt take the garlic supplement.

For those who arent fond of the pungent taste and smell of raw garlic, try garlic sautéed with vegetables or pasta. You can also breathe in some garlic steam: Slice up a few cloves of garlic and put them in a small pot along with a cup of water, heat until steaming, and then carefully inhale the garlic steam at arms length.

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Revamp Your Nighttime Routine To Open Sinuses

As anyone with stuffy sinuses can attest, congestion often feels worse at night. This can create a vicious cycle because you need lots of rest to get over a cold or the flu, but the difficulty you have breathing at night can make it hard to sleep. The solution is to help your body stay as congestion-free as possible while you sleep.

For starters, put an extra pillow or two under your head, as this will help drain your sinuses. Make sure your bedroom climate is humid, and run a humidifier while you sleep to further thin the mucus in your nose. For another natural remedy, try nasal breathing strips, which lift the sides of the nose to help open nasal passages.

Can A Runny Nose Be Prevented

Practicing good hygiene is important and can often help stop germs from spreading. A runny nose is a symptom of some contagious conditions. Here are some simple tips to stop such germs from spreading:

  • Wash your hands often.
  • Throw away used tissues after blowing or wiping your nose.
  • Keep away from those who have colds or infections.
  • Eat healthily and exercise regularly to help boost your immune system.
  • Cough and sneeze into the inside of your elbow, not into your hand.
  • Clean and disinfect common surfaces such as tables and countertops, toys, door handles and bathroom fixtures.

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Final Thoughts On Natural Remedies For Getting Rid Of A Stuffed Up Nose And Congestion

You know what? It’s so easy to head to the store and grab some over the counter chemical concoction that will temporarily clear up your congestion.

However, these products do terrible things to the delicate blood vessels in your nasal passages and are horribly addictive too! Why not try a simple and natural home remedy or two?

Turning to nature and Grandma’s natural remedies is the best way to get rid of nasal congestion. Really. In fact, the Mayo Clinic suggests NOT overdoing the over the counter decongestants.

I agree. I have a friend who is now addicted to a certain commercial nasal sprayand its the most horrible thing to watch him put those chemicals in his nose constantly.because his poor sinus area just doesnt work like it should any more.

And these home remedies are SO easy to do and/or make, too. I hope you’ll give one or more of these remedies a try next time you are battling a case of stuffy nose or nasal congestion!

How do you deal with a stuffy, congested nose? I’d love to hear about your own remedies, or if you’ve tried any of mine!

Hugs, Health, & Self-Reliance!


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