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Are Humidifiers Good For Allergies

It Is Important To Have The Right Humidity Level In Your House

Humidifiers for Allergies

You can improve your homes air and climate quality and Geniani will help. Proper cleaning could keep your house mold and dust free. So, it is good news for all sufferers. The list of things to do is not too long. But, to achieve success, you should be very careful. So, if you want to get relief and get rid of allergies, follow these recommendations:

  • Keep your home cool
  • Have good ventilation
  • Maintain low humidity in your house

Focus on proper cleaning, temperature, and humidity if you want an allergen-free house. As you can see, these processes are not expensive.

Carpets. Dust mites usually are found in carpets. Replacing them with a hard-surfaced floor can remove a lot of them. It will help to relieve your symptoms in case of dust allergies. You should think about removing the carpets from your house. However, if this is not an option, you need to properly clean or vacuum them on a regular basis. If you are allergic, you shouldnt vacuum them yourself. When possible, you should stay out of the area during the process.

Dehumidifiers and humidifiers. These are the great solutions that could keep your homes humidity at the right level. Whether your house is too dry or too humid, it could impact your allergy and aggravate your symptoms. A dehumidifier could decrease the humidity in the case of a highly humid house. On the other hand, a humidifier could increase the humidity if you live in a dry environment.

What Are Different Types Of Humidifiers And How Do They Work

Winter can be brutal, so having a humidifier that effectively regulates your homes humidity levels is essential. You have several options when choosing what type of humidifier is best for your needs the results between the different models are often the same, but the process by which they add moisture to the air can differ greatly.

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Is It Safe To Use A Vaporizer

We recommend using vaporizers with caution due to the fact that they heat water to a high degree before releasing a hot steam into the air. While these devices can indeed help tremendously in improving air quality and alleviating asthmatic symptoms, they can also present a danger in the home.

If these devices are spilled or hands are placed directly over the output nozzle, an individual could severely burn themselves, causing intense pain and even scarring. If you do decide to use a vaporizer, be sure to do so with caution.

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Boneco Warm Or Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

This warm and cool mist humidifier from BONECO turns water into fine mist by using high frequency vibrations.

This humidifier has built in hydrostat, which you can use to regulate desired humidity level in the room. You can choose between the warm and the cool mist to maintain desired room temperature. The unit works in complete silence, giving you a comfortable good nights sleep. There is a demineralization cartridge which is replaceable, ensuring that there are no lime scale or mineral residuals in your water mist.

To keep the water fresh for a longer time, there is an added Hydro cell. There is a LED display, multifunctional display with practical reminders for refill, and cleaning. There is sleep mode, if you want a low noise operation for when youre sleeping. Using the preheating function the mist exists the at 40 degree Celsius which is quite a comfortable temperature.

The water tank in the unit has a capacity of 3.5 Gallons and can operate for an amount of twenty four hours. It can humidify an area up to 650 square feet. You can adjust it to suit your requirements.

Tips For Increasing Humidity In Your Home

Are Air Humidifiers Good For Asthma And Allergies?

One of the primary ways you can increase humidity in your home is through the use of a humidifier. Youre able to set the optimal percentage of humidity within the room of your choosing, and you can moisten up those nasal passages and help your skin with restoration. Other tips for avoiding dry air and creating moisture include the following:

  • Avoid environments that are musty, cold, dry, or have pet dander, dust, and pollen
  • Create moisture in your nasal passages with steam inhalation
  • Use a neti pot of some sort
  • Take a steamy shower every day, or use a steam room
  • Use a vaporizer or humidifier your choice
  • A warm washcloth over your face can also ensure a better nasal experience
  • Avoid filling rooms with smoke, hairspray, or times of cleaning products
  • Purify your air with the best temperature as well as a relative humidity level of 55%.

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Easy To Use And Maintain

A good humidifier for asthmatics should also be easy to install, use and maintain. Filling up the humidifier should not be a hassle as well as cleaning it. A dirty humidifier means the chances of releasing harmful bacteria into the air are higher and can affect asthmatics negatively.

The device should also come with a manufacturers guide on how best to maintain the humidifier.

What Are The Types Of Humidifiers Available

There are various types of Humidifiers that are available in the market like:

1. Cool Mist Humidifiers

These types of humidifiers spray a mist at room temperature in the atmosphere. A Cool mist evaporative humidifier uses an internal wick filter and fan in its processing.

The wick filter absorbs the water and the fan blows the air through the filter while a cool mist ultrasonic humidifier uses a unique technology of ultrasonic vibrations to create and spray a micro-fine cool mist in the environment.

They consume less electricity than the warm mist humidifiers as the heating element required to warm the water is not required. The only drawback for such type of humidifiers is the sound that they make because of the fan.

2. Warm mist humidifiers

Such types of humidifiers use a heating element to boil the water and spray the warm mist in the environment.

They are less noisy in operation but hold the disadvantages of consuming more electricity, being difficult to clean and the risk of burns from the warm mist to children.

3. Warm + Cool Mist Humidifiers

They are the combination of both Warm and Cool mist humidifiers with advantages of being extremely quiet, providing anti-bacterial protection and the choice of opting for the preferred humidification method.

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The 7 Best Humidifiers For Dust Allergies And Sinuses

Allergies are part of our lifestyle. Believe it or not, we cannot escape from it!

Especially when the climate changes, many people find themselves affected by allergies such as sinus congestion, dust irritation, breathing disorders, sinuses, etc.

If you are one among them and find yourself helpless during these times, you surely need a good room humidifier which can save you from lots of troubles caused due to indoor allergies.

When talking about allergies in detail, there are many types.

These may be dust allergy, pet allergy, food allergy, seasonal allergies and many more.

Dust allergy and Sinus infection are the most common of all the allergies.

Even when we try our level best to safeguard our family by using devices such as air purifiers, we cannot escape the hazards as there are many other influencing factors that increase the possibility of getting affected by allergy.

Dry air is one such condition that aggravates the allergy and infection for many.

Quick Content!

  • How To Prevent Allergies from Developing?
  • Pollen Mites And Pet Allergy Sufferers Can Breathe A Sigh Of Relief Air Humidity Helps Them All

    Best Humidifier for Allergies

    House dust is the biggest trigger of allergies worldwide. Anyone who is allergic to house dust reacts to either mite constituents or animal allergens with complaints such as sneezing, eye irritations or asthma. Together with pollen allergy sufferers, these people experience symptoms when exposed to airborne, allergy-triggering substances, known as allergens.

    Pollen allergy sufferers know what alleviates their complaints: rain, humid air and the absence of wind. House dust allergy sufferers experience significantly pronounced complaints during the dry hot period. The experts say to them: Be careful with humidity 30 or 40 percent is better than 50 percent! Is that right?

    It is logical that only the proportion of house dust that is present in the air can be responsible for complaints and illness. This proportion is difficult to measure. One year ago a study was published for the first time, in which the quantity of mite allergens effectively breathed in by 10 individuals during normal activities was measured over 24 hours . The study shows that the quantity breathed in primarily depends on those personal activities that lead to dust turbulence. When the activity is low , a minimum of mite allergens is breathed in. Among people who are engaged in physical movement and activity, the concentration in the air they breathe in rises by over a thousand times!

    Tovey ER et al, Time-Based Measurement of Personal Mite Allergen Bioaerosol Exposure over 24 Hour Periods, PLoS ONE, 2016

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    Top 4 Best Humidifier For Allergies And Asthma

    Humidifiers offer many benefits that can help you with a variety of issues. There are different kinds of humidifiers. In this article, we are going to look at some of the best warm and cool mist humidifiers for allergy and asthma patients.

    Well carefully examine each of them. If you are suffering from allergies or asthma, the right humidifier may be able to relieve some of your symptoms.

    Top 4 Best Humidifier for Allergies:

    Mistaire Xl Humidifier For Large Rooms

    Next on our list is an Amazons choice that comes with a large reservoir and variable mist control. If you have a larger room that measures over 499 square feet, then youll be able to make use of this 1-gallon reservoir and soft night light options. Theres an automatic shut off for when the water is gone, and a number of cleaning accessories for an inexpensive price. Its also worth noting that the manufacturer has stated that rooms under 499 feet can use this as well, you just might have to adjust some of the settings first. You dont want a small room to become too humid, do you?

    This unit also offers a soft night light for those that need it, and youll be able to experience soothing ambiance if you wish. Colors that this night light can use are either green, blue, or red your choice!


    • Nightlight options various colors for a soothing, restful night
    • Large 1-gallon tank, great for rooms over 499 feet, but can be used in smaller rooms, too
    • Cool mist technology that can humidify the air for up to 24-hours straight


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    Can Humidifiers Help With Allergies

    If youre suffering from allergy symptoms, youll do just about anything to treat them. Fortunately, theres one solution that can provide overnight relief using a humidifier. Below we review how humidifiers can help with allergies, what types of humidifiers are available, what maintenance they require and possible risks.

    Allergy And Asthma Certification Program

    Top 8 Best Humidifier UK Reviews (December 2019)

    The Allergy and Asthma Certification Program certifies products that meet the high standards of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. This organization is a non-profit committed to finding a cure for asthma and controlling its symptoms for those afflicted. When looking for a humidifier, keep an eye out for this certification, and it will let you know when a device is a quality product.

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    How Does A Humidifier Help With Asthma

    Asthma symptoms can be alleviated by better quality air which is why humidifiers can make a remarkable difference in the management of this chronic disease. Asthma can cause nasal passages to become dry and a humidifier can moisten these airways, allowing for stronger breathing.

    Symptoms of asthma can be maintained by the use of humidifiers and may even limit the number of asthma attacks an individual experiences. The devices can ease dry throat and mouth discomfort through humidity, as well as lessen the stress of an individual who suffers from asthmatic symptoms, lessening worries of a flare up.

    Maintaining a comfortable nasal cavity can keep stress at bay and minimize symptoms, as your mind isnt constantly triggering your muscles to contract in response to stress.

    Too Much Of A Good Thing

    With Vicks Humidifiers, you not only help relieve allergy symptoms, but can help make air more comfortable to breathe, which can lead to a more comfortable sleep. To make sure youre keeping humidity just right , use a humidity monitor. Too little humidity, and youre risking irritated nasal passages. If you over-humidify, you can get moisture buildup on walls, carpets, and surfaces, which can eventually lead to mold .

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    Benefits Of Allergy Humidifier

    This is the first thing that you need to keep in mind. The humidifier allergy benefits are many and include the following.

    • Improved humidity levels around your home
    • Breathable allergen and germs free air
    • Improved comfort levels in your home
    • Better or improved sleeping patterns
    • Clean breathing system around your body

    Best Humidifier For Asthma And Allergies

    How Humidifiers Can Help Allergies

    November 22, 2020 By

    Humidifiers are useful in controlling moisture levels in the air. They help increase humidity during the cold season when the air is incredibly dry. Asthma and some types of allergies are triggered by low humidity levels, and this article reviews the best humidifier for asthma and allergies.

    Humidifiers, do much more than release moisture into the air. Using a humidifier in your room can also reduce allergies, cold and alleviate asthma attacks. The moisture released helps fight off bacteria and provides clean and soothing air for its users. If youre prone to allergies and asthma especially in cold weather you should consider getting a humidifier in your home.

    However, not all humidifiers work effectively in alleviating asthma and allergies, we have reviewed the top five humidifiers that are considered perfect for asthma and allergies.

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    Best With Humidifier: Boneco Air Washer W200 Humidifier & Purifier

    • No HEPA filtration

    BONECO Air Washer is a powerhouse unit that evaporates water into vapor, adding moisture to the air, then uses that water as a filter to naturally clean the air in your living space. The Air Washer is designed to eliminate large particles, so while it may not filter out things like pesky odors, its suitable for dust and pollen.

    On the technical side, the BONECO unit has both daytime and nighttime operating modes for maximum efficiency, dishwasher-safe parts for regular cleaning, and even a diffuser port for adding your favorite essential oils to really freshen your space.

    HEPA Filtration: No | Size: 11 x 11 x 16 inches | Noise Level: N/A

    • Detects air quality and auto-adjusts

    • HEPA filtration

    • Can be loud

    The Hathaspace Smart Air Purifier is not only operable with a remote, it actually has the computer brains to detect air quality and adjust itself accordingly. Using a smart sensor, this unit takes continuous readings of the air quality in the room its in. In normal mode, you can observe the data and change the settings on your purifier in auto mode, though, the purifier will change its own fan speed as needed based on the air quality readings.

    Elsewhere, the Hathaspace purifier features a five-step filtration system powerful enough to remove up to 99.97 percent of allergens, trap dust, pet hair, and dander, and eliminate annoying odors.

    HEPA Filtration: Yes | Size: 13 x 7 x 20 inches | Noise Level: 21dB 43db

    Bring Back Moisture To Your Skin Naturally

    Sarah is a freelance writer with a focus on health and wellness. She has written for publications like Women’s Health, Healthline, and Parents. She taught creative writing for five years, and has a bachelor’s degree in English from Southern Connecticut State University.

    Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts, and articles are reviewed by healthcare professionals for medical accuracy. Youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

    Not everyone associates humidifiers with their skin benefits. A lot of people turn to humidifiers to ease cold and flu symptoms, allergies, and sinus irritation. But they also provide a great way to add moisture back into dry skin.

    We tend to accept dry skin as just part of the dry and cold weather, says dermatologist Mercy Odueyungbo, M.D. FAAD, FACMS of Lilly Dermatology. But a humidifier, along with great skin care, can greatly improve dry skin symptoms. Of course, in addition to a humidifier, its always important to take extra measure to protect your skin. According to Dr. Odueyungbo, that includes drinking tons of water, taking short showers with warm to lukewarm water, and moisturizing multiple times a day.

    Here are the best humidifier options on the market today.

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    Ucareair Cool Mist Humidifier

    This humidifier though compact, works effectively to remove bacteria and allergens in the air while increasing humidity levels. Ucareair Cool mist humidifier ensures dryness, fatigue and nasal infections that usually come with cold weathers are prevented.

    The device is quite easy to use and refill, it has an arc-shaped design tank with a handle that allows for an easy and secure grip. The humidifier also has a 2 piece design and a large water hole inlet. This way cleaning is quite easy, just run water through it, shake and brush with the brush provided before each refill.

    Its ultrasonic technology also ensures the efficient working of the humidifier. It completely atomizes water into a thin mist so that it mixes smoothly with the air without leaving water droplets on the ground or table.

    It is filterless, offers automatic shut down when the water level is critically low and has a control button for mist output. Ucare cool mist humidifiers portable size also makes it ideal for travelling and it can provide up to 25 hours of continuous usage.


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