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Can You Self Administer Allergy Shots

What Are The Allergy Shot Build

Do-It-Yourself Allergy Shots

We offer three different build-up schedules to help patients reach their maintenance phase: traditional, cluster, and rush. The traditional schedule requires 1-3 shots a week, there are no appointments necessary, and it takes patients 3-6 months to reach maintenance. The cluster schedule requires two appointments a week for 4-9 weeks to reach maintenance, these appointments last for approximately two hours and must be scheduled. The rush schedule requires 1 scheduled full day appointment followed by 16 visits to reach maintenance.

They’re A Big Time Commitment

Allergy shots are given in two phases. In the “build-up” phase, you’ll need a shot once or twice a week for about three to six months. After that, you’ll enter the “maintenance” phase and receive them less oftenabout once or twice a month, for several years.

Sticking to this schedule is important, for the shots’ effectiveness and to reduce your chances of having a bad reaction. “For some people it’s absolutely worth it, but some people just don’t have that time to spare,” says Dr. Dziadzio. And while the shots themselves only take a minute, you probably will have to wait those 30 minutes in your doctor’s office after each one.

University Of Rochester University Health Services

Developed by Mary Madsen, RN, Manager UHS, River Campus Office, July1997



  • TheUniversityHealth Service will administer allergy injections safely per UHSprotocol and per individual allergist’sinstructions.


  • Inquire about any reactions following previous injection.Review any early local reaction, current health status, andmedications.Record any delayed reactions on treatment record. Adjust doseaccordingly.
  • Check with UHS physician before giving allergy injection if
  • fever
  • Obvious wheezing or complaint of wheezing
  • Hives orother rash of undetermined etiology
  • Patient is on beta-blocker or MAOinhibitor medications.
  • Use disposable 26 or 27 gauge needles and disposable allergysyringes with 0.01 ml. graduation.
  • Carefully check for the proper patient identity, the currentallergen vial, proper dose, and site:
    Cap color code, if applicable.
    The proper date, site, vial number, dose, providerinitials, and time of injection on the treatment record.
    Rinse syringe with medication as ordered .Draw up proper dose.Alternate arms, unless otherwise instructed.Swab site with alcohol.Administer injection. .
  • Injection site is the outer aspect of the upper arm, midway betweenthe shoulder and the elbow in the groove between the deltoid andthe triceps muscle.
  • Injections should be given subcutaneously ONLY, unless otherwisenoted.
  • Remind patient to:
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    How Should I Dispose Of The Needles And Syringes

    You should be aware that some communities have strict rules about disposal of medical waste material, so do not throw the needle and syringe into the trash until you know if this is permissible. It is usually preferable to take the used needles and syringes to your veterinary clinic or local pharmacy for proper disposal.

    Contributors: Malcolm Weir, DVM, MSc, MPH Ernest Ward, DVM

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    Getting Allergy Immunotherapy At The Student Health Center

    Allergy immunotherapy is used to alter the immunologic response in allergic patients. The extracts used are individually prepared serums supplied by allergists not privileged at the Indiana University Student Health Center. It is the intent of Student Health Center to provide to patients the service of administrating these extracts under the orders provided by outside allergists.

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    Can Allergy Shots Treat Food Allergies

    No. Avoidance is the only treatment for food allergy. There is no cure. Neither desensitization nor shots have proven to be a safe or effective way of reducing food allergy reactions. If interested in being part of future research for treatments, contact the Family Allergy & Asthma Research Institute.

    How Do Allergy Shots Work


    Allergy shots increase your tolerance to bothersome allergens. By injecting gradually increasing doses of the offending allergen extract, the immune system builds up a tolerance to that allergen. Allergy shots slow down and reduce the production of the IgE antibody. You can think of each shot as adding a brick to the wall of protection against things that trigger your allergies.

    Immunotherapy has two phases, the build-up phase, and the maintenance phase. Initially, patients are started at a low dose and gradually built up, receiving increasing amounts of the allergens. Once this phase is complete, patients have reached an effective dosage this is called maintenance. At maintenance, most patients begin to feel the effects and find relief during this phase, the number of times a patient receives an injection is reduced.

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    Preparing For A Subcutaneous Injection

    The location of injection is important for subcutaneous injections. The drug needs to be injected into the fatty tissue just below the skin. Some areas of the body have a more easily accessible layer of tissue, where a needle injected under the skin will not hit muscle, bone, or blood vessels.

    The most common injection sites are:

    • Abdomen: at or under the level of the belly button, about two inches away from the navel
    • Arm: back or side of the upper arm
    • Thigh: front of the thigh

    Equipment used for subcutaneous injections includes:

  • Medication: Vials of liquid medication can be single-use or multiuse. Vials can also be filled with a powder to which liquid needs to be added.
  • Syringes: The needles are short, at 5/8 inches long. The thickness of the needle is usually 25 or 27 gauge. There may be other options for doses more than 1 mL or for children or people with visual impairments.
  • Auto-injector pen: Some medications are available in a pen with a short single-use needle screwed onto the end of a pen-shaped, multiuse vial. The amount of medication needed is then dialed in at the end. As mentioned earlier, emergency medications like epinephrine can also come in this form.
  • recommends lathering for 20 seconds the time it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice.

    2.Gather supplies. Assemble the following supplies:

    • needle and syringe with medication or auto-injector pen
    • alcohol pads
    • gauze
    • puncture-resistant container to discard the used needles and syringe
    • bandages

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    They’re Not Recommended For Everyone

    Most adultsand children ages 5 and upcan get allergy shots. But if you or your child has severe, uncontrolled asthma, your doctor may recommend against them. “In our practice, if a patient’s asthma is flaring or even if they’re sick, we generally wait to give the shot until they’re feeling better,” says Dr. Dziadzio.

    Women who become pregnant while in the maintenance phase of allergy shots can continue their treatment. But women shouldn’t start allergy shots for the first time, or increase their dosage, while pregnant.

    Certain medicines, like beta blockers, can reduce the effectiveness of epinephrinethe lifesaving drug used to treat anaphylactic shock. Because anaphylaxis is a rare but serious risk for people getting allergy shots, they may not be recommended for people who take these drugs.

    What If I See Blood In The Syringe

    Do Allergy Shots Really Work?

    If you see blood in the syringe, it means you might have hit a blood vessel. This usually isn’t harmful. If you see blood in the bottom of the syringe before you push in the plunger:

  • Remove the needle without giving the medicine.
  • Dispose of the needle in a safe way.

    Use a hard plastic, metal, or “sharps” container with a lid.

  • Use a new needle to give the shot.

    You can put a new needle on the syringe and then give the injection in a new spot.

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    They Can Make Asthma And Eczema Better

    When people think of allergy symptoms, they generally think of itchy eyes and a stuffy or runny nose, or, in worse-case scenarios, anaphylactic shock. And while allergy shots can help prevent all of those, they can also help with related conditions, as well.

    If you have asthma, getting your allergies under control may also help reduce flare-ups, improve your breathing, and reduce your need for medications. Eczema, an inflammatory skin condition, is often associated with environmental allergies.

    Changes In Your Health

    If at any time during the course of your immunotherapy you develop a new medical condition, you become pregnant, or you start a new medication, please tell the nurse. In particular, high blood pressure or heart medications and certain antidepressants cannot be taken with allergy shots. You should not get your allergy shot if you are have a fever, rash, asthma symptoms, or increased allergy symptoms.

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    What If I Break Or Bend A Needle

    Here is what to do if you bend or break a needle while giving yourself a shot.

  • Carefully remove the needle if you can.

    Dispose of the needle in a safe way .

  • If no medicine went in, you can give yourself another shot.

    If some medicine went in, check with your doctor before you give yourself another shot.

  • If you’re bleeding after you remove the needle, apply direct pressure to stop the bleeding.

    Clean the wound with soap and water, and cover it with a bandage, if needed, to protect it.

  • If you can’t remove the needle, or if a broken part of the needle didn’t come out, you need medical attention. A doctor will help remove the needle.

    How Many Shots Do I Have To Get

    How Allergy Vials are Made for Allergy Shots

    Most people get 1 or 2 shots each week at first. After about 6 months of weekly shots, your doctor will decide when you can start maintenance treatment. These shots usually are given once a month, year-round. You probably will need maintenance shots for 3 to 5 years. If your symptoms are better, you may be able to stop having shots.

    Talk to your doctor if your symptoms do not improve after 6 months. You may need to try another form of treatment.

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    Do I Need Allergy Shots

    After allergy testing and diagnosis, our allergists treat patients with a three-tier approach. Avoidance is the first step to treatment. Using medications like antihistamines and nasal sprays is the second step. The third step is immunotherapy. If avoidance methods or the usual doses of medications control your symptoms, then immunotherapy might not be needed. Allergy shots have been proven effective against inhalant allergies and stinging insect allergies, however, they are not used for food allergies. If any of the following applies to you, then you may be a candidate for allergy shots:

    • If the medications to control your symptoms , do not work.
    • If the medication used to control your symptoms produces too many side effects.
    • If complications develop.
    • If you have asthma triggered by allergies.
    • If you are at risk of developing anaphylaxis when exposed to an allergen.
    • If medications control your symptoms, but your symptoms flare back up every time you try to reduce your medications.
    • If you cant effectively avoid things that trigger your allergies.
    • If you would rather take a series of allergy shots than daily medications.
    • If you would rather treat the actual problem rather than use medications to control symptoms.
    • If the cost of the medications is a burden, allergy shots are very cost-effective compared to the use of daily prescription medications over several years.

    How Can Allergy Tablets Help

    If you’re the right candidate for it, can be helpful for sure, Sandra Hong, M.D., a physician in the Department of Allergy and Clinical Immunology at the Cleveland Clinic, tells SELF.

    In addition to having certain allergies and being in the right age range, you may be a candidate for allergy tablets if youve tried a lot of short-term allergy treatments but are still experiencing symptoms at a level you find hard to bear, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians or if you spend so much on short-term allergy relievers that you think it may be more cost-effective to seek treatment that lasts for a longer time.

    You can start taking daily allergy tablets for dust mites at any time of year, but grass and ragweed allergy tablets need to be taken daily starting three to four months ahead of the allergy season for the best possible results.

    The hope would be that by the time that season starts, significantly better, Dr. Hong says. You would then continue to take the tablets until your system built up immunity.

    Unfortunately allergy tablets dont work immediately. Taking allergy tablets as recommended can ideally provide long-lasting relief after around three to five years, according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology . As with shots, allergy tablets wont necessarily cure your allergies. But they can help reduce some peoples symptoms and need for as much medication.

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    Can Allergy Shots Help Kids

    Yes! Allergy shots can be started at any age. The age in which shots may be recommended for young children is done on a case-by-case basis.

    Research has also shown that allergy shots can prevent children who have allergic rhinitis from getting asthma. Treating the underlying cause of allergies in children can help prevent other sinus problems, improve quality of life, and help prevent your child from missing school due to allergy and asthma symptoms.

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