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Does An Air Purifier Help With Pet Allergies

What Are Cat Allergies

Do Air Purifiers Work for Pet Odor, Hair & Allergies? (Can They Help Pet Owners?)

Myths and different reactions from people about cat allergies have gone viral in the past. These reactions have led to some misinformation about the causes and effects of cat allergies.

The question now is what exactly are people allergic to in cats? Is it the fur? The answer here is obviously No, as people do not get allergic to cat fur.

People get allergic to the shedding skin cell which is also known as cat dander. Another thing people get allergic to is cats saliva. This cat dander is an allergen that follows the cat wherever it goes. It is a tiny particle that cannot be seen with the eyes. Another characteristic of the dander is that it stays for a long time before clearing off. And I tell you, without an adequate air purifier, you wont be able to get rid of it. Aside from cat dander, cat saliva is ubiquitous in a cat owners house.

All that mentioned above are what causes allergies in cats, not the fur. Get that!

However, to identify an individual with a cat allergy, here are the symptoms below:

  • Skin irritation
  • Running nose
  • Nasal congestion, etc.

The symptoms listed above will help you to know if you are reacting to a cat allergy or not.

However, with an air purifier, you could prevent those symptoms. Air purifiers work perfectly well for cat allergies. Different types of air purifiers for cat allergies have been produced that you can easily get anyone of your choice.

Can An Air Purifier Help With Pet Dander


An air purifiers job is to remove particles from your indoor air. This includes things like pet dander.

If you add an air purifier to your home, you should notice a rapid improvement in your allergy reaction levels as long as it includes a HEPA filter.

A HEPA filter can remove up to 99.97% of particles ranging from 0.3 microns in size and up. Thats why you always find it in the best air cleaner for allergies.

A micron is a unit of measurement that is too small for the human eye to see. In technical terms, a micron means one-millionth of a meter.

In addition to removing dog and cat dander, a HEPA air purifier can also reduce:

  • Bacteria

They Help Reduce Dust Accumulation In Your Home

One of the most common ways to ensure that your air purifier system is working is when theres going to be a much lesser build-up of dust in your manor even when you havent dusted for several days.

Its true

People feel relieved after the purchase of an air purification system and think that their life has enriched significantly.

Nonetheless, there are some myths associated with the air cleaning system that you must know before you purchase it for your home:

After Installing the Air Purifier for dust mites, You Might Never Have to Dust Your House Again an air purifier only assists in decreasing the number of airborne dust particles.3

It cant lift off dust particles from your furniture or upholstery and go on to provide you with the ease off never dusting again.

Its your job to dust often because if the air purifier system starts fanning off the dirt, a dust storm will begin at your home.

Air Purifier is the Cure for All Your Allergies and Kills All Germs and Allergens an air purifier device can only control your allergies.

However, few of the allergens like pollen are heavy, and before the air purification system can catch them, they fall to the floor or on your expensive furniture.

That said, air purifiers are entirely worth buying for anybody and everybody who has an issue with dust particles and allergens. So stop thinking about whether its worth it or not and get yourself one today.

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Best Filter For Pet Allergies Removal

In an air filter, it is quite common to have pre-filter at the initial stage of filtration. So, the use of the best filter comes right next to the pre-filter stage.

As per the research, HEPA is the best filter among the other types of filters in an air purifier. Because as the name suggests High-efficiency particulate filter, HEPA filter has the capacity to trap 99.97% of the airborne, contaminants in the air when it passes through it. This also results in filtering the allergy particles in the air which cause pet allergies.

Check out the video below for more info about HEPA Filter,

The story is fine till now, but what can we do to prevent ourselves from this pet allergies in the worst case.

A Quick Comparison Of Our Favorites For 2022

Do Air Purifiers Work for Pet Allergies? Can They Help Pet Owners 2021
Color: Black

Our best overall air purifier is the Germ Guardian AC5350BCA Elite Air Purifier. Were impressed with the devices additional features and reasonable price. Its designed to clean rooms with up to 167 square feet of floor space, and the machine cleans and recirculates the air every 4 hours. Germ Guardian uses a HEPA filter to remove dust, pollen, dander, and allergens as tiny as 0.3 microns, and it has an activated carbon filter that eliminates odors. You can also turn on the UV-C light to kill mold spores, germs, bacteria, and viruses. Unlike most models in its price range, the fan has five settings. When you want to reduce the noise of the machine, you can select quiet mode.

The manufacturer claims its machine eliminates 99.7% of dust and allergens, and its especially beneficial to pet owners with allergies. The only complaint we have about the Germ Guardian concerns the replacement bulbs. You can order replacement filters from Chewy, but you must go to the Germ Guardian site to order UV-C bulbs.

Color: White, gray

If you have a small room for the litter box, this machine can reduce the odors from urine, feces, and dusty litter. The LEVOIT purifier is a practical unit for smaller rooms, but some customers looking to buy another purifier were disappointed that the price was higher than earlier in the year.

Color: White, black
Color: Black
Color: Black
Color: White
Color: White
Color: White
Color: White
Color: White

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Alens True Hepa Air Purifiers For Pet Dander

At Alen, we take pet allergens and odors seriously. Thats why we offer top-rated True HEPA air purifiers that can improve indoor air quality.

  • The Pre-Filter layer collects large pet particles like pet hair and captures 99.99% of particles as small as 0.1 microns.
  • Our HEPA-OdorCell Filter neutralizes strong pet odors at the molecular level using nontoxic technology.
  • Optional ozone-safe ionizers remove pet allergens and are certified by the California Air Resources Board to produce ozone emission concentrations less than 0.050 parts per million.
  • Our powerful, high-speed fans force air through the filter quickly.
  • We design our air purifiers for continuous, nonstop use to maximize air filtration.
  • Energy-star certified, which benefits the environment and your electricity bill.
  • Laser sensor technology auto-adjusts fan speed when airborne particles are present.
  • LED color rings indicate real-time air quality.
  • Whisper-quiet air filtration and sleep mode.
  • Thousands of five-star customer reviews.
  • Every air purifier comes with a lifetime warranty if you register the product and use our filter subscription service.

Breathe easier by shopping Alen True HEPA Air Purifiers for pets today!

Do Air Purifiers Work For Pet Odor

Did you know that in the United States alone roughly 35% of households have a cat and 44% of households have a dog?

Pets have truly become part of the family.

However, with all of these cats and dogs in our homes, there also comes the unfortunate lingering of pet smells.

And this can lead you to ask, Do air purifiers work for pet odor?

Air purifiers are known for cleaning toxins out of the air, but do air purifiers help with pet smells?

In this post, well answer that exact question so youll know if its worth buying one or not.

Well start with the short answer below to give you a brief overview of whats ahead.

Then well go into a more detailed explanation so you can get a better understanding of what do air purifiers do and how it can work for pets.


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Air Purifiers For Pet Allergies Are Just One Tool In The Fight

I have a couple of air purifiers with HEPA filters in the house and they certainly help. However, you need to roll up your sleeves and do some work if you really want to be able to enjoy your animals !

Pet dander can float around the air for hours on end! The best way to combat this is with regular vacuuming.

We have already talked about HEPA filters, well many vacuum cleaners have HEPA filters in them these days and if you have pets and have pet allergies, you simply must not only vacuum on a regular basis, you need to make sure you have the right kind of vacuum.

One that has a HEPA filter and one that has a bunch of tools like a pet tool and a crevice tool so you can really get up all that pet hair and not have the pet dander spat out all over the house.

So yes, air purifiers for pet allergies can help, but it’s not a magical device, you will also need to make sure that your home is nice and clean.

A clean home and an air purifier for pets can certainly make it so you are able to enjoy your pets more.

Know What Is Causing Your Allergies

Does An Air Purifier Help With Pet Allergies

While some people may be sensitive to pet hair and there is not a person alive who enjoys getting a mouth full of it at an unexpected moment.

This is not actually the main cause of your sneezing, coughing and red eyes. It is dander! That’s right dander, think of dandruff on a person and you are on the right track.

Basically, it is the dead skin that is coming off your dog, this with the dust, hair and so on make a mixture that your immune system does not like and kicks into high gear to fight.

The crazy thing is that it is not actually dangerous but some people have an immune system that is over dramatic and tries to fight it off like it is the plague!

Dander is the main culprit, but dander also is what dust mites like to eat, collects dust and that is why it is such a nuisance.

However, it is important to note that pet hair and pet urine are also triggers for some peoples pet allergies.

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How An Air Purifier Will Affect Your Pet

There are many microbial substances in your home that can affect you adversely, especially if you are a person prone to respiratory problems. Some of them are seasonal such as pollen and some of them you can avoid by keeping a clean house such as molds. However, some pose a unique problem for pet owners. House pets, particularly cats and dogs, are constantly shedding particles which can cause problems for people when they get inhaled, especially for people that happen to be allergic to those particular animals. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the hair of the animals that causes allergic reactions, but rather the dander from skin cells that are being constantly shed.

Why Is It a Problem?

People who are allergic to a particular animal tend to avoid getting that animal as a pet. However, you have to consider that other people will visit your home. Since an estimated 10% of the worlds population has some sort of animal allergy, there is a good chance that people who will suffer an allergic reaction will come into contact with the dander from your pet.

Besides their dander, animals tend to roam outside a lot and they can also bring other allergens such as dust or pollen into the house, thus further increasing the chances of an allergic reaction. Even if these particles have no effect on you when you inhale them, they still can affect your health if you are exposed to them over a longer period of time.

How to Deal with It

What It Does to Your Pet

Cat Dander And Hair: What Is The Difference

It is essential for every pet owner to know the differences between pet dander and hair. This knowledge will help you to choose the right air purifier according to your specific needs. Knowing this will pay back dividends in the future because youll be able to buy the best pet air purifier for your home, save cash and be a happy cat or dog owner. The truth is that most people confuse pet dander with pet hair. While you may think that these two are the same thing, they really are different.

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Why Should You Choose The Best Best Air Purifiers Allergy Doctor Recommended In 2022 According To The Buyer’s Recommendations

Are you in with best air purifiers allergy doctor recommended and looking for the right one to meet your requirements? We have good news for you that you’ve landed in the right spot to seek assistance.

If you’d like to become an intelligent consumer, you should browse our site. We are always striving to provide our readers the best possible experience whenever they visit our website to read our informative content.

Let’s discuss what should consider when choosing best air purifiers allergy doctor recommended for this 2022. The first question is that are frequently asked by shoppers:

  • What is the rating of this product by the market?

  • Is this product suited to my particular requirements?

  • Does the product last?

  • Where can the product be found?

  • Where can I purchase them?

These are the primary concerns we’ve observed that a lot of buyers are interested in. They’ll be focused on many aspects like the value, benefits, price and the best place to purchase the item. We have relied on consumer research to gather information to create this article.

Remove Allergens And Smells From Domestic Animals

Do Air Purifiers Work for Pet Allergies?

An allergy to pet dander from cats, dogs or other domestic pets can cause all sorts of symptoms, from the odd sneeze right up to asthma attacks.

If parting with your pet is not an option, you may be looking for ways to relieve your pet allergy symptoms at home. As animal allergens are lightweight and tend to remain airborne, an air purifier is a great choice. Pet dander from pet hair and shed skin can be removed with these units. As pet allergens are small , the best air purifiers for pet allergy tend to be those with HEPA filtration or similar.

Many pet air purifiers also tackle odour. A carbon filter is particularly good for removing unpleasant smells, such as those from litter trays and animal bedding. Below are our most popular air purifiers for pet allergy and pet dander.

What causes pet allergy?

Contrary to popular belief, it isnt really the pets hair that is the cause of your symptoms. The cause is actually a protein allergen which can be found in the animals bodily fluids. When your cat or dog grooms itself, it distributes these allergens on its fur and skin. Tiny flakes of dead skin, fur or feathers are called pet dander. When your animal sheds this dander, and you inhale or come into contact with the protein allergen, your allergy symptoms make an unwelcome appearance!

How can an air purifier help with pet allergy symptoms?

How do I maintain my air purifier?

The result? A clean, fresh home and a reduction in pet allergy symptoms.

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What Causes Pet Allergies

The job of your immune system is to protect your body from infections and threats.

People who are allergic to cats or dogs have an overly sensitive immune system that sees pet dander as a danger to the body.

In response, your immune system flares up and sets off an allergic reaction.

A lot of people think that pet allergies come from exposure to pet hair. Thats simply not true.

Pet dander is so much more than pet hair. A lot of it comes from the tiny dead skin flakes that your animals lose throughout the day.

Pet dander is also a protein that you find in your cat or dogs saliva, feces, and urine.

Pet dander by itself is harmless, but your overactive immune system sees it as a threat.

The protein in cats that cause allergies are called the Fel d I protein, and the proteins you react to in dogs are called Can f I and Can f II.

Pet dander that is shed from your animals skin has ragged edges, so it makes it very easy for it to stick to fabrics and spread throughout your home.

Twice as many people report having allergies to cats over dogs, and this can lead them to the question, Do air purifiers work for cat allergies as well as dog allergies?

Well tackle that question next.

Do Air Purifiers Eliminate Pet Odours

Most odours travel throughout the air as small particles, which can be trapped by the filters on purifiers, so they can be very effective in controlling unpleasant smells, says Scott Bazley.

Pet odours are generally harmless and can be best managed with air purifiers that include a charcoal filter to minimise smells even further. Many odours come from Volatile Organic Compounds , which are airborne particles that originate in chemicals such as household cleaners or paints, as well as natural organisms such as flowers and plants.

These VOCs can be trapped through HEPA filters in air purifiers, although it is important to note that air purifiers usually only work in the room they are located in.

Weve been seeing a huge increase in peoples interest in air purifiers. They are great for families with pets and allergies, in particular. Scott Bazley, The Good Guys Buyer Seasonal

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