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How Can An Operation Assist Customers With Food Allergies Servsafe

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    How Can An Operation Assist Customers With Food Allergies

    In the last decade, a lot of people have started to experience food allergies and have had to find alternative means to feed their family. Although its easy to avoid food with no restrictions, its still a challenge to eat with your family. If youre one of those people who is allergic to gluten, for example, dont worry, we have you covered. You can easily eat the food you like while still being safe or even better.

    To make your life easier, you have to get yourself healthy again. But what if we could have an operation that could do just that for you? Food allergy is one of the most difficult things for someone suffering from it to take care of him or herself. One solution that many people are looking for is the use of an operation to assist them with their food allergy. In this article I will be talking about how an operation can help you by providing you with information about food allergies.

    The only way a supermarket can serve one type of food at one time is if the food is labelled with the word allergen. Unfortunately this is often not the case within the general public. Now, the supermarket has a revolutionized technology that promises to revolutionize the way of serving food as well as ensure that our customers are safe.

    Are Convenience Stores That May Only Have Hot Dogs On A Rotating Grill As A Food Item Classified As A Restaurant Or Non

    Convenience stores with gas stations would be considered non-restaurant. Those convenience stores that do not sell gas, only food items and have roller grills with food handling taking place could be considered a restaurant, but the local health department needs to decide this based on other items, such as lottery and cigarettes, that the facility might also sell along with ready to eat foods.

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    Nationally Accredited Food Allergen Certificate

    Many jurisdictions, including the states of Michigan and Illinois, require some or all managers in a food service operation to have a food allergen certificate. Everyone who works within the food industry has a legal and moral obligation to have a basic knowledge of food allergies, and this is why this course is highly recommended to everyone within the industry.

    If your state currently does not have any legal requirement, under federal law, FDA Food Code 2013, you still have a legal responsibility to serve food that is safe and do everything possible to protect the consumer. Protecting an allergy sufferer falls within this Food Code.

    The food allergen certificate is Accepted Across the whole of the USA and will be accepted by your local Health Inspector.

    We strongly recommended that anyone who works within the food industry completes course and obtain a food allergen certificate. The most basic mistake can result in a severe allergic reaction and health risks.

    Whats great about it?
    • Online, video-based format
    • Prices range depending on state with
    • No additional supporting materials to purchase
    • The course takes around 1 hour to complete
    • Course available in English and Spanish
    • Available for all 50 states

    For registration support from Midwest Food Safety & Consulting, purchase here.

    Learning Objectives

    How To Protect Your Food Allergic Customers

    Using a FIFO Food Storage System

    Researchers believe up to 32 million Americans have a food allergy, including 5.6 million childrenand theyre becoming more common.

    For people with allergies, foods that would normally be considered safe can have dangerous consequences. An allergic reaction to food can range from simply feeling itchy to anaphylaxis, which causes difficulty breathing.

    The good news is protecting your customers with allergies is easy, as long as you remember these four keys:

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    Do The Mentally Disabled Working In A Facility Restaurant Or Non

    Any food handler employed by a restaurant or non-restaurant must have training. There are several options for training that can be used and the assessment can be taken multiple times, in most cases. Food handlers that are not paid employees would be considered volunteers and are not required to have training.

    Are Teachers In Daycares Or Other Childcare Centers Required To Have Food Handler Training

    Because some daycares and childcare centers portion, serve and consume their meals in the classroom, outside of the food preparation area of the facility, it is strongly encouraged that they receive food handler training. It is not required because the classrooms do not fall under the Illinois Food Code. However, because they serve a highly susceptible population, food handler training is strongly encouraged.

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    What Is A Restaurant

    Restaurant means any business that is primarily engaged in the sale of ready-to-eat food for immediate consumption. Where primarily engaged means having sales of ready-to-eat food for immediate consumption comprising of at least 51% of the total sales, excluding the sale of liquor, as defined in Section 3 of the Food Handling Regulation Enforcement Act. For the purposes of this definition, restaurants would include concessions and other food service establishments where food is intended for immediate or on-site consumption.

    How Will My Local Health Department Know My Food Handler Training Course Is Approved By The Department

    ServSafe Allergens – 15 Million Reasons to Be Allergen Trained

    It is the responsibility of the food establishment or food worker to provide proof to the local health department/inspector that they are using an approved program by showing them a copy of the ANSI accredited food handler training certificate or proof of approval by the Department, such as the approval confirmation issued via email upon approval.

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    If A Grocery Store Has A Bakery Deli Salad Bar And Coffee Shop Inside Is The Grocery Store Considered A Non

    A grocery store is a retail food store, along with other retail stores that sell clothing and housewares and are considered a non-restaurant even though they have multiple food operations under that same roof. If the retail store is the owner/operator of the food operations, then it is considered a non-restaurant as a whole. If the retail store has a food operation in it that is run by a third party, then that specific food operation would be considered a restaurant and the retail store would be considered a non-restaurant .

    How Long Is The Certificate Valid

    The ANSI food handler training certificates are good for three years and those taking other types of trainings that work in restaurants and other non-restaurant facilities, such as nursing homes, licensed day care homes and facilities, hospitals, schools and long-term care facilities, are good for three years. Those working in non-restaurants, other than those listed above, are not required to take another food handler training unless they go to work for another employer. Food handler training for those working in non-restaurants is not transferable between employers.

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    I Want To Offer An Ansi Accredited Food Handler Training At My Business For My Employees Only What Should I Do

    You will need to choose an ANSI accredited food handler training provider that offers classroom materials. Those providers can be found here: You do not need to register an ANSI accredited food handler training program with the Department.

    Take Food Allergies Seriously

    What is an Allergen Control Plan?

    Always be respectful and sensitive when dealing with people who have food allergies. Never assume the customer simply does not like the ingredient or is being a picky eater.

    If someone you are serving mentions they have an allergy, take special care to make sure everyone involved in preparing their meal knows about the allergy.

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    Do Nursing Or Therapy Staff Working In A Hospital Nursing Home Etc Need To Have Food Handler Training

    Nursing and therapy staff are not required to have food handler training. Even though some nursing and therapy staff may deliver trays or assist patients with feeding, the intention of the food handler training requirement is for food handlers working in the food preparation and food service areas of the facility that fall under the Illinois Food Code. However, because nursing and therapy staff serve a highly susceptible population, food handler training is strongly encouraged.

    Know How To Recognize And Respond To An Allergic Reaction

    Hopefully, allergen-contaminated food will never be served to an allergic customer. However, on occasion an allergen may slip through. In that case, it is important for food workers to know the common symptoms of an allergic reaction and how they can help.

    Symptoms of an allergic reaction include: achiness, skin redness, mild swelling, stuffy or runny nose, sneezing, watery or itchy eyes, hives, abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, fainting, or anaphylactic shock. Anaphylactic shockalso known as anaphylaxis occurs when the throat, tongue, or lips swell up, making it difficult to breathe.

    Food workers who notice signs of anaphylactic shock should call 9-1-1 and alert the manager.

    Allergic reactions can be serious, but if you understand and follow these four keys, you can help keep your customers safe. Learn more about how to handle food allergies with our accredited food allergens training course.

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    How Is The Training Administered

    Training can be online, computer, classroom, live trainers, remote trainers and by certified food service sanitation managers. For those food handlers working in restaurants, the training must be ANSI approved, unless their local health department has been approved by the Department to provide food handler training to restaurants or they work for a business with a Department approved internal training program.

    Use The Map To Find Servsafe Course & Exam Near You

    Allergen Awareness – Food Hygiene

    OTHER MAPS Online Courses & Proctored Exams | Proctored Exams | Tutor Sessions | Online Courses | Regulatory Requirements

    Please note that these individuals are not authorized to sell, advertise, and/or teach National Restaurant Association Solutions courses nor administrate/proctor any National Restaurant Association Solutions exams. Please notify us immediately at 291-6462 if you become aware of anyone on this list engaging in these activities.

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    Will Everyone Receiving Food Handler Training Receive A Certificate

    Not every food handler training course will issue a certificate, but proof of training must be available in the facility upon inspector request. Proof of training can be in the form of a written or electronic list that must contain the food handlers name, training received and date of training. ANSI approved food handler training courses will issue a certificate upon passing the assessment.

    How Do I Submit A Training Program To The Department For Approval

    Applications are only accepted online via this website: Register as a new user if this is the first time using our system, then click on new applications where you see the food handler training program application noted. Then, complete the food handler training online application, upload a copy of the presentation and assessment that you will be using, and submit. There is currently no fee to have a food handler training program approved by the Department.

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    Will Places Not Permitted By Local Health Departments Such As Churches And Clubs Require Food Handler Training

    Yes, they would require food handler training for their employees. Most clubs should already be permitted by local health departments, because they have kitchens and serve the public. Volunteers are exempt from the training requirement. If a church is just doing temporary events, they would not need food handler training, as temporary food establishment employees are exempt from having food handler training.

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    What Am I Required To Cover In My Food Handler Training Program

    If you are a non-restaurant, creating your own food handler training program, it must cover the 5 required topic areas listed in the Act and you must provide an assessment. Both, the presentation/course being used in your training and the assessment shall be submitted to the Department for approval online, as described above.

    Who Is Not Required To Have Food Handler Training

    Anyone working in a facility who is not a food handler by definition, unpaid volunteers or any food handler who has a valid Certified Food Protection Manager certification are not required to have training. Temporary food establishment employees are also exempt from the food handler training requirement. What type of training is required and by what date? The first thing is to determine whether the type of food service establishment is a restaurant or non-restaurant.

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    What Type Of Training Is Offered For Restaurants

    Food handler courses with American National Standards Institute approval can be found on the ANSI website at: The course and assessment can be completed online, 24 hours/day and does not need to be monitored by an instructor. Upon passing the assessment, the certificate is immediately available to print. A local health department that has a Department approved training program may provide training for restaurants. For a list of local health departments go to: In addition, any business with a training program approved in another state prior to August 27, 2013, may provide training if registered with the Department.


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