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What Is Best Non Drowsy Allergy Medicine

What Causes Allergy Fatigue

Best Allergy Medications – CONSUMER REPORTS

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology , although you might not think about fatigue or sleepiness as allergy symptoms, untreated allergies often lead to these symptoms. One reason is that an allergic reaction can release chemicals in your body that directly cause fatigue.

A more obvious cause is lack of sleep. When you cant breathe well through your nose or you are coughing and sneezing all night, its hard to get a good nights sleep. Finally, if you are not careful choosing the right over-the-counter allergy medications , they may cause drowsiness or disrupt your sleep.

What Should I Look For In An Otc Allergy Medication

There are certain ingredients that you should look for when youre reading labels. If youre shopping for an OTC allergy medication in pill form, you want to look for ingredients that indicate there are antihistamines, Dr. Li says. Heres a list of active ingredients to search for:

  • cetrizine
  • diphenhydramine
  • lortadine

For nasal sprays, youll want to look for steroids. These are generally the most effective nasal sprays and do not cause rebound nasal congestion, Dr. Li says. Instead, Dr. Li recommends keeping an eye out for these ingredients:

  • fluticasone
  • mometasone
  • triamcinolone

Pro tip, per Dr. Parikh: Avoid anything with decongestants, because they can make symptoms worse and have side effects. If you feel like you really need to use a decongestant, its important not to do it for more than three days in a row. Otherwise, you run the risk of rebound congestion, Dr. Li says.

So, what should you get? Everyone and their needs are a little different, but allergists say these OTC allergy medicines tend to be best.

Claritin provides relief of symptoms that can be triggered by more than 200 different allergens, including pets, pollen, dust and mold. The antihistamine stops the cascade of symptoms that can be triggered by allergens.

Best Nasal Spray For Fast Congestion Relief: Afrin Original Nasal Spray

Type: Decongestant

Active ingredient: Oxymetazoline

Dose frequency: Every 1012 hours

Nasal sprays offer a worthwhile allergy relief option for those who frequently suffer from nasal congestion. And while corticosteroid sprays, like Rhinocort and Flonase, are generally better choices for long-term use, Afrin is particularly useful if youre looking for immediate short-term relief. Just keep in mind that you should only use Afrin for up to 3 days, or you may develop a tolerance and have a tougher time treating congestion in the future.

Shop Afrin:

  • Active ingredient: Fexofenadine
  • Dose frequency: Every 24 hours

Like Claritin, Allegra uses a second-generation antihistamine to provide fast-acting, non-drowsy relief from common allergy symptoms. And, like Zyrtec, it allegedly performs very quickly , though you only need to take one dose per day. Its another strong choice for anyone dealing with common pet-related or outdoor allergies.

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Otc Allergy Medication Prices

OTC allergy medication can cost anywhere from about $5 to $25, depending on the formula and the number of pills, sprays, or drops in each container. As a general rule, the more symptoms that an allergy medicine treats, the more expensive it is.

When purchasing allergy medicine, its more important to focus on the price per dose or the daily cost of using the medication rather than the cost of the container. If you only need the medicine occasionally, compare the different types based on the cost per dose. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you will probably want to pay attention to the price per day because you might need to use the medication once or more every day for total relief from symptoms.

When Seasonal Allergies Flare Up You Can Expect Nasal Symptoms Like Sneezing Itching Runny Nose And Congestion These Symptoms Are Called Allergic Rhinitis Or More Commonly Hay Fever Although Fatigue Is Not Part Of Allergic Rhinitis It Can Also Be A Symptom Of Seasonal Allergies

The 10 Best OTC Allergy Medicines of 2021

Antihistamines got you dragging through the day? We have options outlined here, all backed by scientific studies.

A flare up of allergy symptoms can happen any time of year. In fact, about two-thirds of people who have seasonal allergy, actually have allergy symptoms all year, although they may not be as obvious. Symptoms like cough and congestion may be caused by winter or indoor allergies like pets, mold, or dust.

Seasonal allergy can start when trees start to pollinate. Tree pollen allergies can start as early as February. Grass pollen starts next in early spring. If you live in a tropical climate, grass pollens may be around most of the year. A rainy April or May can cause mold pollens to last into the fall. Weed pollens, especially ragweed, kick in from August through November.

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Best Eye Drops: Bauch & Lomb Alaway Eye Itch Relief Drops

Eye drops with antihistamines can help reduce symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis, the trademark red, swollen, itchy and watery eyes of allergy sufferers.

Unlike oral antihistamines that usually take about an hour, eye drops can begin to provide relief in minutes. However, they won’t last as long, with a max advertised limit of 12 hours.

While all eye drops work the same way delivering a drop of the medicine directly into your eye you should be aware that the specific instructions will depend on the concentration of the medication, so follow them carefully. For example, with Alaway, the recommended use is one drop in each eye twice daily.

Two other OTC eye drops Dr. Kalra recommends are Zatidor and Pataday.

Buy it: CVS Price: $14.99 for a 60-day supply

The 7 Best Allergy Medicines And Why Theyre So Effective

Searching for the best allergy medicine on the market? Browse our top picks, and order OTC meds for allergy relief directly from Gopuff

Allergies are seldom easy to tame. Many allergens, from pollen to dust mites, are tough to avoid altogether, even if you stay indoors as much as possible during allergy season.

The good news? A massive variety of over-the-counter allergy medication is now readily available to help with everything from runny noses triggered by pet dander to sinus headaches caused by seasonal allergies.

To help you decide when you should use what, weve tallied up some of the best allergy medicines on the market.

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Which Type Of Allergy Medication Is Right For You

February 17, 2021 Written by: Michael Menachof Categories: Allergy, Allergy Treatment

Dr. Menachof, MD, has specialized in conditions around the head, throat, ear, nose, neck and face for over 20 years, and was the first to bring sublingual allergy drops to Colorado in 2005. He has been recognized as a Fellow by multiple academies, named one of Americas Top Facial Plastic Surgeons continually since 2003 and is featured in multiple national publications.

There are many different ways to treat allergies, and some treatments work better than others depending on your symptoms and lifestyle. Each person reacts differently to allergensthe irritants that trigger histamine reactions and cause symptoms like stuffy nose and itching. The same is true for allergy medications as well.

It may take some trials with different medications, or a combination of several, to find the ideal relief from all of your allergy symptoms. Allergy treatment options include antihistamines, decongestants, combination drugs, corticosteroids, and other medications. Immunotherapy is also a long-term approach to allergy treatment, which gradually increases your tolerance to allergens through allergy shots or allergy drops.

Below we explain the differences between several types of allergy medicine, how they work, and which allergy symptoms they alleviate most effectively.

What Other Drugs Will Affect This Medicine

Best antihistamine for your allergies

Tell your doctor about all medicines you use, including prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and herbal products. Some medicines can cause unwanted or dangerous effects when used together. Not all possible interactions are listed in this medication guide.

Taking this medicine with other drugs that make you sleepy or slow your breathing can worsen these effects. Ask your doctor before taking Robitussin Allergy & Cough with a sleeping pill, narcotic pain medicine, muscle relaxer, or medicine for anxiety, depression, or seizures.

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Allegra Or Zyrtec Xyzal Or Claritin Choose The Right Otc Allergy Med

Your nose is running. Your eyes are itching. Allergy season has arrived, and you need relief. But at the drugstore, the shelves are stuffed with choices. Allegra or Zyrtec? Does Claritin work better? And just what is Xyzal anyway? Youre overwhelmed.

The first thing to know is that all 4 of the brands mentioned above are known as second-generation antihistamines. They all work basically the sameway and dont tend to cause drowsiness, saysAlyssa Wozniak, PharmD, a clinical assistant professor at DYouville School of Pharmacy in Buffalo, New York.

When your body comes into contact withanallergy trigger such as pollen,it makes chemicals called histamines.In people with allergies, that responsecan beexaggerated.Soit causes symptoms like runny nose, itchy eyes, and maybe even congestion, says Wozniak.An antihistamineblocksthose chemicals,easing yoursymptoms.

Any of these4 medications works best for people whohavemilder symptoms, such aswatery eyes or sneezing. Theyre also ideal for people whose symptoms are intermittent or episodic afewweeks during peak pollen season, forinstance, or a month or 2 in spring and again infall.One important note: None of them isespeciallyeffective for nasal congestion.

That said, there are differences between them. To make the best choice, you shouldunderstandwhatthose differences are. Heres whatWozniak needs you to know:

What To Look For When Youre Buying Allergy Medication

Not sure where to start when it comes to allergy meds? Lets discuss a few major factors worth considering before you purchase your drug of choice.

  • Active ingredients: Different active ingredients trigger different effects. Diphenhydramine , for example, is an antihistamine. Antihistamines work differently than decongestants like pseudoephedrine . Learn more about the differences in our comprehensive allergy relief guide.
  • Effective duration: Some allergy medicines are intended to be taken every 46 hours, while others are formulated to last 24 hours, so you only have to take them once daily.
  • Side effects: Some allergy medicines cause drowsiness, which is worth noting if youre planning to take your allergy medicine in the morning, during the day or anytime you might have to drive.

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Should I Take Claritin Zyrtec Or Allegra

It’s common for people with hives or hay fever to wonder which over-the-counter antihistamine they should take: Claritin , Zyrtec , or Allegra . All of these antihistamines have been available OTC without a prescription for a number of years.

But if you’re thinking these antihistamines are the same, they’re actually not. Depending on the allergic condition being treated, the age of the person, as well as other underlying issues , the best choice of antihistamine might be different.

Verywell / Brianna Gilmartin

How Do I Know Which Otc Allergy Medicine Is Right For Me

Claritin SP284 Non Drowsy Allergy 10mg Tablet

When determining which type of OTC allergy medication is right for you, consider your worst allergy symptoms.

There is a lot of crossover among the different categories, but in the most simple terms, antihistamines are best for itchy, sneezy noses and help itchy eyes, says Dr. Passer. Nasal sprays are best for congestion and post nasal drainage, but help itch quite a bit, too, and decongestants help with congestion. OTC eye drops are best for eye symptoms.

I dont think there is any differentiation between the medication categories for pollen versus, say, indoor allergens like dust or dog dander, she adds. It really is all the same process in the bodyit just comes from different sources.

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Best Homeopathic Medicines For Allergic Cough Treatment

Overview :

An allergic cough is simply a cough that will not go away. It can be triggered by quite a few things and at different times of the year. There are also different types of allergies that are directly responsible for an allergic cough.

When the respiratory system is irritated by an allergen or a virus, fluids and mucus coat the lungs and the airways. In an attempt to remove these fluids, a person coughs. This is a natural way the body protects itself from allergens. A cough is usually always a symptom of some other illness and that problem has to be identified before you can address the coughing. There are many different reasons why a person can suffer with an allergic cough.

Having problems with excessive coughing during the spring or summer months, can be a clear sign of seasonal allergies. Pollen allergy, rhinitis and hay fever are all examples of different allergies associated with the changing seasons. People can have reactions to pollen in the air, ragweed and even to freshly mowed grass. The symptoms of seasonal allergies can be reduced by taking an antihistamine to lessen the severity of the allergic reaction. Smoking can cause an allergic cough and over time it may become worse. Most people who have smoked cigarettes consistently for a number of years have what is called a smokers cough. This too is the bodys attempt to remove fluids brought on by irritation from the smoke.

What is allergy?
Understand How Body Immune system reacts to an allergy:
  • Eggs

Are Antihistamines Good For Cold Symptoms

The common cold and allergic rhinitis share similar symptoms. So its only natural that many people reach for antihistamines when they have a cold. But are they effective? A statistical analysis of multiple studies found that antihistamines in general relieve cold symptoms in adults for the first 1 or 2 days only, with no benefit later on.

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How Long Will It Take For My Allergy Medication To Work

When youre experiencing allergy symptoms, you want to feel better and fast. But because each product works differently and treats specific symptoms, its important that you select one that will help you the most.

If youre looking for fast congestion relief, oral decongestants can start working in 15 to 30 minutes and nasal sprays can start alleviating congestion right away.

Antihistamines usually start working within 1 to 2 hours, depending on the product youre taking. You can also find antihistamine nasal sprays, like Astelin , that work in as little as 15 minutes.

Nasal steroids, on the other hand, take the longest to provide a benefit sometimes a few weeks. Thats why theyre better for symptom prevention instead of treating symptoms as they happen.

Perrigo Fexofenadine Generic Allegra

Zyrtec Product Review–Allergy Suffering–Does it really work?

Despite being a lesser known brand, those who have tried Perrigo claim that it can effectively relieve hives relative to most other options. Using fexofenadine as its main active ingredient, Perrigo is also very mild and safe, causing minimal side-effects.

Although very few people have problems with Perrigo, its worth mentioning that it doesnt take effect as soon as other options. If your case of hives is particularly limiting and uncomfortable, you may want to settle for something that provides relief sooner. If you dont mind the wait, then Perrigo should work just fine for you.

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What Is The Best Allergy Medication

The best choice of allergy medication is one which relieves symptoms without interfering with everyday tasks. Many allergy sufferers are finding that the newer, non-sedating antihistamines meet both these important parameters. It’s also important to find an allergy medication that can safely be used for the long term, since for many, allergies last an entire season if not the entire year. And finally, allergy medications should minimally react with other medications.

Is Xyzal Or Zyrtec More Effective

Clinical studies of Xyzal showed that the drug was significantly more effective than placebo in treating symptoms of perennial allergic rhinitis as well as chronic idiopathic urticaria.

Zyrtec clinical studies showed that the drug was significantly more effective than placebo in treating symptoms of perennial allergic rhinitis, seasonal allergic rhinitis, and chronic idiopathic urticaria.

Studies comparing Xyzal and Zyrtec have varying results, with some studies preferring Xyzal and some preferring Zyrtec. In practice, both drugs seem to be quite effective. The question of which drug is better seems to be a matter of trial and error, and personal preference.

Although both Xyzal and Zyrtec can be very effective in treating allergy symptoms, the most effective medication should only be determined by your doctor, taking into account your medical condition and medical history.

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A Doctors Guide To Choosing Allergy Medicine Wisely

Allergies can pop up throughout the year. You may be tempted to grab the closest antihistamine medicine to fend off your itchy eyes, sneezing, or a runny nose. Before you do, make sure the medicine wont do more harm than good.

There are different types of antihistamines, and some are better than others depending on your age, health, and other medications you take.

Older formulas work, but beware of side effects and bad interactions

Doctors often refer to the first type of antihistamines that were on the market as first-generation. They are great at treating allergy symptoms. Unfortunately, in some people, they can result in side effects like anxiety, confusion, feeling sleepy, blurred vision, reduced mental alertness, urinary retention and constipation. These effects are more common for anyone taking certain antidepressant medications.

Ingredients of first-generation antihistamines include brompheniramine, chlorpheniramine, dimenhydrinate, diphenhydramine and doxylamine. Ask a pharmacist to help you compare products and read the labels if the print is too small. Some of the brand names for these products include Dimetapp Cold & Allergy, Chlor-Trimeton, Tavist, Benadryl, Vicks NyQuil and Tylenol Cold and Cough Nighttime.

The labels should also include warnings that people with certain medical conditions should not take first-generation antihistamines. Ask your doctor before use if you have:

New formulations have fewer side effects, but you still need to be cautious


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