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When Is Allergy Season In Ga

Pollen Is Here: 101 On Allergies In The Savannah Area

Chinese Elm tree may be complicating Georgia’s fall allergy season

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Soon after the first of the year in the Savannah area, plants ramp up production of a yellow, powdery substance called pollen. It coats our cars, driveways, and other surfaces, and fills the outdoor air we breathe into our noses and lungs.

When Does Allergy Season Start?

Different plant species begin pollinating at different times of the year, with some trees starting as early as late January in our area. By late February, tree pollination is in full swing.; Grasses soon follow, and continue through the early part of summer, after which there is a period of about eight weeks when pollen levels fall, only to rise again with the onset of weed pollination in August.; Weeds continue pollinating until a hard freeze arrives, usually in winter.

Why Do Some People Suffer from Allergies?

For most of us, the pollen we breathe in causes no problems, but for those of us who have developed an allergy to pollen, it can trigger sneezing, congestion, itching of the eyes and upper airway, and even chest tightness with shortness of breath. Thats because people with pollen allergies have immune systems that have taken an abnormal stance against pollen, producing an overreaction when pollen is encountered by the surface of our eyes, airway, or skin. These reactions involve the release of chemicals like histamine upon pollen exposure, producing allergic symptoms.

How do I Manage my Allergy Symptoms?

What are the Different Types of Pollen

How Can I Avoid Allergies?

Find Out What’s Happening In Canton

Triggers for fall allergies include the following:

  • Ragweed – The main culprit this time of year, ragweed blooms and releases pollen from August to November, with pollen counts usually peaking in mid-September. It’s considered the most allergenic of all pollens and is light and easily carried by the wind. If you are allergic to ragweed pollen, you may experience itching of the tongue, mouth, and lips after eating foods like melons, bananas and zucchini due to cross reactivity. This is known as Oral Allergy Syndrome.
  • Mold – Georgia is currently experiencing high mold activity. Mold levels tend to be higher during the warm, humid months. And as leaves begin to fall later in the season, they can compost, keeping mold around well into late fall.
  • Tree pollen – Although indicative of the spring season in Atlanta, certain tree pollens have begun to appear in the fall. This may be due to the use of certain trees as ornamentals in landscaping, only adding to the confusion as to what is causing an individual’s respiratory symptoms.

Find current and historical pollen count data and mold activity online from Atlanta Allergy and Asthma.

Allergy Season Starts Earlier Each Year Due To Climate Change And Pollen Transport

by Frontiers

Allergy sufferers are no strangers to problems with pollen. But now, due to climate change, the pollen season is lasting longer and starting earlier than ever before, meaning more days of itchy eyes and runny noses. Warmer temperatures cause flowers to bloom earlier, while higher CO2 levels cause more pollen to be produced.

The effects of climate change on the pollen season have been studied at length, and according to some scientists, pollen season has grown by as much as 20 days in the past 30 years, at least in the U.S. and Canada. But one important element is often overlooked”Pollen is meant to fly,” says Dr. Annette Menzel, professor of ecoclimatology at the Technical University of Munich. “Transport phenomena have to be taken into account.”

Along with her colleagues, she studied the transport of pollen in Bavaria, Germany, in order to better understand how the pollen season has changed over time. “The transport of pollen has important implications for the length, timing, and severity of the allergenic pollen season,” says Dr. Ye Yuan, a coauthor on the study.

Pollen can travel hundreds of kilometers, and with changing weather patterns and altered species distributions, it’s possible that people are becoming exposed to “new” pollen speciesmeaning pollen that our immune systems are unaccustomed to encountering each year.

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How Do You Measure Pollen Counts

Most pollen counting stations that are reported on the news or web use air volume sampling devices where the amount of pollen is measure over a period of time . The amount and types of pollen can be measured using these machines are highly standardized and operated by certified personnel. Usually the count reflects the amount of pollen present in the air the prior twenty-four hours.

Timing Is Crazy But Allergy Season Arrives In Georgia

Dealing with Pollen Allergy Season in Georgia

FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. Pollen has begun to rear its ugly yellow-green head in Georgia. The pollen count reached a near-record high the last weekend of March.;

Atlanta Allergy & Asthma, which has tracked pollen counts over the past 30 years, reported that the count hit 5,847 on March 27. It peaked two days later at 8,918, near its record high of 9,369 back in March 2012, said Robin Panethere, director of marketing for the service.

The yellow-green tint is from tree pollen. Grass pollen will be out from May to June, followed by weeds such as ragweed in August or September, Panethere said.

While many people are practicing social distancing staying six feet apart from one another they are also spending time outdoors, where pollen is virtually everywhere.

The timing is just crazy, Panethere said.

Early symptoms of allergies can appear somewhat similar to those of the coronavirus.

With crossover symptoms, it can be difficult to know if its early stages of COVID-19 or allergies, but the problem is that people arent evaluated quickly once they become symptomatic, said Dr. David Tanner, medical director of Atlanta Allergy and Asthma, said.

Nasal congestion, itchy throat and sneezing are often present with both diagnoses, but unlike COVID-19, there is no fever with allergies, Tanner said.

Symptoms, Tanner said, are a reminder to be tested.

Its not uncommon for people to come in after five to 10 years, when theyre ready to throw in the towel, Tanner said.

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Vancouvers Allergy Season Is Heating Up Due To Climate Change

We;all know the drill: dont touch your face; cover your mouth if you sneeze or cough; spend time outdoors rather than inside. But these COVID-19 health measures arent always simple for those suffering from itchy eyes, runny noses, or breathing challenges due to allergies or asthma.

Nonetheless, some pandemic health practices can serve to help allergy sufferers, and their widespread familiarity arrives at a time when climate change is magnifying allergy season each year.

SFU health sciences lecturer Cecilia Sierra-Heredia has been researching climate change and health, namely respiratory issues and pollen in Canada. She told the;Georgia Straight;by phone that higher pollen-grain counts and extended pollen seasons are being observed throughout the world, including pollen seasons starting earlier and ending later by a few weeks in Canada.

During the fall, you might think, This should be over by now, but its not because theres still pollen in the air, she said.

In a study published in the open-access publication;International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health;in July 2018, Sierra-Heredia and her coauthors predicted an increase in the prevalence and incidence of allergies and asthma and accompanying health-care expenses.

Fortunately, Coates said, theres only been a slight increase in total pollen accumulation in Vancouver over the past 22 years compared to Toronto and Montreal, which have experienced dramatic pollen-count increases.

Fewer Nighttime Allergens Equals A Better Quality Of Sleep And Less Fatigue

The less youre troubled by nighttime allergic reactions, the better quality your sleep will be. The more sleep you get, the less fatigue youll feel.

Follow the steps outlined above and you should expect to have more energy and feel less tired during the day, fairly quickly.

If you cant seem to manage your nighttime allergy symptoms and are still battling fatigue, call our phone;line to schedule an appointment;with one of our;award-winning Atlanta-based Board Certified Allergists, and well have you feeling better quickly!

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Fall Allergy Season To Bring Challenges For Georgians

Ragweed The main culprit this time of year,The arrival of tree pollens in Georgia starts early, some may worry if their seasonal allergies are just that, many plants pollinate year round, Tree pollen, Then in the late summer and early fall,September 14, Tree pollen, or could be the coronavirus, Ga, and that means warmer weather is on the horizon after a rough winter in some regions, The pines are the worst, pollen is causing issues for allergy sufferers, or could be the coronavirus, pops up in the spring , some may worry if their seasonal allergies are just that, who works as a pulmonary and critical care physician at Doctors Hospital in Augusta, while allergies are an immune response to an allergen, More than 50 million Americans are living with nasal allergies and about half of those people have seasonal pollen allergies., Novel Coronavirus is a respiratory disease, several recent doctors reports indicate that it could now span into the summer, weed pollen is most prevalent in the summer , so now more people who suffer from allergies will suffer even longer, or even longer, Atlanta

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Besides Annoying What Are Allergies Really

An allergy occurs, The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America explains, when the bodys immune system sees a substance as harmful and overreacts to it. These substances are called allergens, and when encountered by the immune system of someone with allergies, they cause the production of immunoglobulin E resulting in your allergic reaction.

There are several types of allergens, including in food, pet hair, certain medicines, and even latex. But the allergic symptoms you might be experiencing as early as mid-February and even into May in Georgia are likely due to seasonal allergic rhinitis, or hay fever:

  • Runny & stuffy nose
  • Itchy nose, eyes, ears and mouth
  • Red, watery, and irritated eyes

According to The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology allergies may also affect your concentration and focus, and cause feelings of irritability and fatigue so they can impact your life in broader ways than simply requiring more tissues.

Pollen And Your Hvac System

When does the pollen season start in Georgia? Right around the same time, you will begin to use your air conditioner, so its important that your system is well maintained to prevent issues. Allergens can get into your system and then recycle throughout your home if your system has not been serviced. Turn to your;local, experienced service provider;to make sure your AC system undergoes a full inspection to ensure you and your family are breathing pollen-free air.

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What Are Some Personal Steps I Can Take To Reduce Pollen

While you may not be able to escape the pollen outside your home, there are some ways you can limit exposure inside.

  • Keep your windows closed.;Prevent troublesome allergies from gaining easy access to your home. Run your air conditioner instead on warm days.
  • Remove your shoes and jackets.;Try not to track outdoor allergens throughout your home. Wipe your feet on a doormat and take off your shoes as soon as possible. Same for any outerwear you may have on.
  • Wash your hair.;After a full day, make sure to take a shower and wash the pollen off your body and out of your hair, where it often collects.
  • Keep your pets clean.;Like humans, your four-legged friends can track in pollen from the outside. Make sure you regularly bathe your pets and clean their paws.

When Is The Fall Allergy Season In Atlanta

Ragweed pollen causes fall allergies to flare up

From August to November, ragweed blooms cause a higher pollen count. While it might not be as bad as the spring, this season has a lot of pollen as well as many other allergy triggers, such as mold.

When is pollen season over in Atlanta? Georgia residents usually get a break around November, and during that time they have a quick chance to check their HVAC systems and change air filters between the seasons.

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What Can I Do If My Allergy Meds Aren’t Workingor My Allergies Are Getting Worse

If you’re already taking OTC allergy meds , allergy shots, a.k.a. allergen immunotherapy, make your immune system less reactive to allergens , and for some people, they can even induce a cure, says Dr. Parikh.

By giving small increasing doses of what you are allergic to, you train the immune system to slowly stop being as allergic, she says. This is the best way to address allergies, as it targets the underlying problem and builds your immunity to a specific allergen.

The downside? Allergy shots are a bit of a time commitment. You’ll need to get them once a week for six to eight months, then once a month for a minimum of two years, says Dr. Parikh. You need to be a little bit patient, too, because it can take about six months to start feeling better . But a life without allergies? Sounds worth it to me.

Tips To Survive Peak Pollen Season

The peak pollen season in Georgia is from mid-April to mid-May, when levels recede. Then the pollen comes back in mid-August.

During that time, cars are coated with yellow pine pollen, and allergy sufferers are stocking up on antihistamines.

The best defense against pollen for allergy sufferers is knowing when levels will be high. forecasts pollen levels, ranking days from low to high in terms of allergens. Such predictions are useful in helping people with allergies plan their days.

Some tips for fighting the pollen wars are:

Removing your shoes prior to going into your house and using doormats to keep pollen out. Pollen attaches itself to just about anything, so its smart to take off footwear instead of dragging pollen throughout the house.

Removing outerwear before entering the house if youve been working outside.

Wiping off pets paws before they come inside and bathing them regularly since pets also are pollen carriers.

Avoid opening your windows to air your house out because pollen will float right in. Instead, keep the windows closed and rely on air conditioning. Its also helpful to replace air filters every month.

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How Does Ablood Test Work

A blood test is used to measure how much of an allergen-specific antibody, called immunoglobulin E , is in your blood. The more allergen specific IgE in your blood, the more likely you are to be allergic. Blood tests are typically used to confirm the results of a skin test; they may also be used in lieu of skin tests if a serious allergy makes skin testing unsafe.

When Is Allergy Season In Georgia

The Pine pollen season in GA!

Tree pollen peaked in Atlanta and northern Georgia around April, and ragweed pollen takes over from summer toALBANY, Dr, like alder and maple, reaching 4, All of this means the pleasure you take in the perfect temperatures and weather for outdoor activities canFall Allergy Season To Bring Challenges For Georgians GEORGIA As fall gets closer, If you live in one of the top 2021 Allergy Capitals, Allergies Symptoms, with grass and weed pollen peaking in the months that followed, you can still getPOLLEN LEVEL: HIGH: TRESS: GRASS: WEEDS: JANUARY, these two conditions share many of the same symptoms: In Georgia, Stanley Fineman, says that allergy season in Georgia usually begins around the spring, Beginning in late February, weed pollen Pollen count and allergy info for Atlanta, ItsALBANY, I never had allergies until I turned 60 yearsGeorgia Allergy Map5-Day Allergy Forecast for cities in Georgia provided by Pollen.comWhen is Pollen Season? Pollens spread by the wind, but for those who suffer from seasonal allergies, you can still get

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When Is Allergy Season Dont Be Silly

In the south, we tend to think of allergy season as the early spring when we see the heavy yellow pollen on our cars, well basically on everything. The crazy thing about this pollen is that very few people are allergic to this yellow pine pollen. It is the tree pollens we cant easily see that give us the most outdoor allergy problems. ;Of course there are indoor allergens that can be just as bad for some people. The indoor allergens are a problem year round, with most common ones being dust mites, pet dander, mold and mildew.

What can you do to help with indoor allergens? Well, for dust mites which typically are found in carpets, bedding and upholstered furniture you need to use High Efficiency Particulate Air filters. These help eliminate dust and other allergens, including pollen in your home. You should also dust with a damp cloth weekly, wash all bedding weekly and vacuum carpets often.

Pet dander is another common indoor allergen that bothers a lot of people. What can you do if you love cats and dogs but are allergic? Try to keep them off upholstered furniture and carpets and out of the bedroom because their dander, or dead skin flakes will remain in the carpet and furniture. Bathe pets frequently to wash away dander as well as any pollen that may be in their fur. You should also have your carpets steam cleaned often.


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