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Are Allergies Worse In Florida

Jack Frost Nipping At Your Nose:

Expert: This year’s allergy season in Florida ‘catastrophically bad’

Can cold weather trigger allergies? Unfortunately, yes. When the season does change in Florida, ragweed and mold begin to thrive.

Ragweed produces the pollen that, at its thickest, might cover your car in a yellow dust. Its also known for causing a winter cough that creates a tickling sensation in your throat. For those allergic to ragweed, this tickling sensation can be triggered by eating melons.

If you change your air filter regularly and keep your house well-vacuumed and dusted, you can escape ragweed when youre indoors. However, mold allergies in winter can lead to both indoor and outdoor winter allergies.

Inside, mold enjoys setting up camp in wet areas . Outside, mold can often be found in areas where wetness can stay collected .

What Should I Do Now That I Know What Causes Winter Allergies In Florida

Dealing with allergies during any season can be a miserable affair. Unfortunately, since allergies seem so ubiquitous and can disappear for months, its common to deem allergies as annoying but unavoidable.

However, visiting an ENT doctor can be transformational, especially for those with chronic allergies. Dr. Napoleon G. Bequer is one of the most experienced ENT and balloon sinuplasty doctors in the Tampa and West Palm Beach areas. He and his staff at Sinus Solutions of South Florida have helped thousands of patients get long-term relief from seasonal and/or chronic allergies in just a few short appointments.

Its never too early to get out in front of your winter allergies. For more information, call us at 561-790-7744 or request a consultation online today.

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Allergy Forecast: A Bad Year For Everyone

Like taxes, allergy season is one of those things you just cant avoid. In fact, due to climate change, it may be getting worse. Warmer temperatures lead to more pollen production, so 2021 may be the most intense allergy season yet. And due to COVID-19 quarantine, children may especially have a rough year.

When is allergy season?

It starts in the spring and continues until the fall, but different allergens, the substances that trigger allergies, appear at different times.

: As spring begins, tree pollen is the top allergen, followed by weeds and grasses. In some parts of Maryland, its not unusual to see cars covered by the itchy stuff.

May to July: In May, all the trees, grass and weeds gang up to pump out allergens, making it a bad time for allergy sufferers. This is the start of peak allergy season, which continues until July.

: Enter ragweed, a common flowering plant. Ragweed is the leading cause of seasonal allergies, with 75% of all sufferers allergic to it.

With temperatures falling and plants starting to go dormant, the air starts to clear, bringing an end to outdoor allergy season. Now its possible to breathe a sigh of relief without coughing.

See the Interactive Allergy Forecaster for allergy conditions where you live.

COVID-19 and childrens allergies

Surviving allergy season

If your or your childs allergy symptoms are severe or continue a long time, your health care provider may be able to help or refer you to an allergist.

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What Are Top 10 Worst States For Allergies

Some regions of the United States have more allergens than others. According to, more than 20 million American children and adults live with asthma, of which common allergens can trigger attacks 3. uses resources to conduct research on the top 10 cities in the country for asthma allergens to help municipalities improve air quality for their residents.

If you are experiencing serious medical symptoms, seek emergency treatment immediately.

Are Allergies Worse In Florida

Warm winter means bad allergy season
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Are Allergies Worse In Florida. These particles can enter a person’s nose, eyes, ears and mouth, triggering an allergic reaction. Allen meadows, md, president of the american.

These include house dust, pet danders, some foods and chemicals. Eight major food allergens cause 90% of allergic reactions. Around 33% of people with allergies in america are allergic to cats and dogs. The answer to that question depends on the person and where they live. What are the worst seasons for allergies in the u.s.?

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What Are Fall Allergy Symptoms

Fall allergy symptoms are not much different than what you would expect at other times of year. Most people refer to their symptoms as hay fever, while doctors refer to it as seasonal allergic rhinitis.

Whatever you call it, symptoms include:

  • Itchy, watery, and stinging eyes.
  • Coughing and wheezing, potentially leading to asthma for sufferers.
  • Scratchy throats and excessive saliva
  • Upset stomach
  • Life-threatening asthma attacks in extreme cases.

Winter Allergies Vs Cold

Now that you know what causes winter allergies in Florida, how can you be sure that your runny nose, congestion, and sneezing are caused by allergies and not a cold? At Sinus Solutions of South Florida, we look out for the following signs that your symptoms are caused by allergies:

  • An increased itchiness in the nose and eyes. Winter eye allergies are triggered more by mold than ragweed and can be accompanied by swelling of the eyelids.
  • A reduction in symptoms with the use of antihistamines. Antihistamines provide relief for sinuses irritated by allergies but not by sinuses irritated by the cold virus.
  • A reaction to allergy testing. Sometimes its difficult even for professionals to suss out whether your symptoms are created by allergies or a cold . Allergy testing can provide much-needed clarity.

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How To Breathe Easy Throughout Floridas Allergy Season

While Florida may avoid the winter freeze felt by the rest of the country, that doesnt mean that residents can give all seasonal problems the cold shoulder. In fact, the states warm climate results in very high levels of pollen, which can lead to severe allergy symptoms. Floridas year-round warmth means that the state suffers from a prolonged and more powerful allergy season than the rest of the United States. So along with more sun and balmy breezes, Florida residents also face more sneezing, wheezing, and congestion. But when the allergy forecast shows signs of trouble, MD Now has some helpful suggestions for surviving seasonal allergies with ease and with barely a sneeze. And if youre unsure about whether you are prone to allergy symptoms, MD Now offers quick and convenient allergy testing to prevent any seasonal sneezing surprises.

Different times of the year bring different allergy triggers. For instance, December through May is the season for pine and oak pollen, while grass pollen poses a problem from April through October. But dont think that people with allergy symptoms must be housebound all year long. Its possible to enjoy the warm weather throughout the year with the proper planning and protective measures.

Additional Tips To Manage And Control Your Fall Allergies

Doctors: Worst allergy season in years
  • When possible, stay inside and keep doors and windows closed when pollen is at its highest to get daily pollen counts in our area or visit for your own local area.
  • Before you turn on the heat in your house for the first time, make sure to clean the heating vents and change filters. Sometimes mold and other allergens get trapped in the vents over our humid summers and will fill the air in your house once the heat kicks on.
  • Invest in a HEPA filter for your homes HVAC system. These filters force air through a fine mesh and traps harmful allergens and particles such as pollen, pet dander, mites, and tobacco smoke.
  • Use a dehumidifier to keep the air inside your home below 50% humidity.
  • Wear a mask when working outside and in your yard so you dont breathe in mold sporesthis is especially important if you are raking leaves or picking up decaying grass clippings.

With proper care and clean up, and some preventative medications, you can enjoy the great fall weather we have here in Jacksonville.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for allergy screenings or to discuss an allergy management plan.

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Treatment And Defense Against Ragweed Allergies

The best defense is a good offense.

With proper weed control, you can get rid of the ragweed around your home. Remove any ragweed plants you find around your property and have your yard treated to kill weeds and control the pollen release near your home.

Also do not wait to contact your allergy specialist to plan your allergy treatments. Allergy immunotherapy treatment involves administering small doses of an allergen to get your body used to it and induce long-term tolerance of the allergen.

What Causes Allergies In Florida

The main cause of allergies in Florida is ragweed, as long summers lead to allergies due to foliage having the optimal weather to grow.

Apart from allergies to plants, mold is the second largest cause of seasonal allergies in Florida during the fall season. Mold allergies are unlike pollen allergies because when the temperature drops, mold simply becomes benign . Where there are humid and moist conditions, you can count on mold thriving as it is the perfect environment for it to grow. If you are sensitive to allergies, ensure that you never leave water standing, and try to make your home as dry as possible.

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Allergy Season Started Early And Will Only Get Worse After Weekend Respite

People with allergies already know this, but pollen levels are spiking earlier than usual.

Blame a warmer-than-usual end to 2021, Tabatabaian says. Warmer weather, including record-breaking heat in the middle of December, accelerates the release of pollen from trees. A cool December in 2020 delayed the peak of last years allergy season until March.

An early allergy season usually brings an occasional respite, though, because cold fronts sweep through and temporarily clear the air. Expect one this weekend.

Temperatures are expected to drop into the 40s Saturday and Sunday in Tampa Bay, with some areas in Pasco and Hernando counties dipping into the upper 30s. Pollen at medium levels of 5.8 then 7.2 is forecast, according to The scale runs from 0 to 12.

This break from the sneezing and sniffles will be sandwiched between days with moderately high levels of pollen. The forecast for Friday is 9.1 and Monday will return to 8.1, both levels high enough to cause significant symptoms for those who struggle with allergies.

The cold fronts in January really slow it down, Tabatabaian said. But it also creates more wind that comes and spreads this stuff around.

The warmer weather creates a pollen forecast much higher than areas to the north. Five-day forecasts for Boston, New York City and Chicago are all at .1 each day, essentially no pollen at all, and even Atlanta and Charlotte are forecast to have levels around 2.4.

The Complete Guide To Florida Fall Allergy Season 2021

Fall Allergies: Do You Know About These Overlooked Triggers?

Most people in Florida look forward to autumn with its pumpkin spice lattes, mild sun and cooler air. But if youre one of the estimated 40 million fall allergy sufferers in the U.S., this time of year can be very unpleasant.

It doesnt have to be that way, though

With the proper precautions and correct allergy treatments, you can enjoy all that autumn has to offer.

While most people often associate allergies with spring and the pollen produced by flowering plants, fall can be the worst season to deal with allergies. As the weather here in Jacksonville cools, plants tend to release more pollen and the moist, cool air leads to increased mold growth on leaves and other surfaces.

Combined, these factors can trigger severe allergic reactions.

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Winter Allergens To Watch For In Florida

While winter might bring thoughts of evening bonfires and warm coffee to mind for some, many Tampa Bay residents may experience warmer weather until December or January. Identifying the cause of winter allergies is the key to avoiding them, so weve compiled a quick list of the most common winter allergens to look out for here on the Gulf coast:

What Do You Do If Youre Caught Off Guard Without Allergy Medicine

Heres a great, quick remedy treatment you can use in case you find yourself in a situation where you cant take medication or avoid your triggers.

First, check the pollen forecast. Then use nasal saline rinse or irrigation several times throughout the day during the worst of the tree pollen season. The saline irrigation removes pollen particles from the surface of your nasal passages, clears thick or crusted nasal drainage and soothes irritated nasal membranes.

There are a number of studies that found that patients with allergic rhinitis or chronic sinusitis who use regular saline rinses have less bacterial load and require fewer antibiotics. Using a rinse may also reduce your need for medication to control allergies.

You can buy saline rinse or irrigation kits at any drugstore and many grocery stores. These kits usually use a squeeze bottle or gravity to direct saline through the nasal passages. A common squeeze bottle technique is to position your head downward and rotated slightly to the left . Gently squeeze some of the solution into your right nostril the solution will come out through your left nostril. Now repeat on the other side.

Ready or not, tree pollen season is here! If you havent already prepared and expect youll need help this season, be sure to contact us today to schedule an appointment. This is a gorgeous time of year that should not be missed by staying indoors. Dont suffer, were here to help.

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Dealing With Summer Allergies

If you struggle with some of the symptoms we mention above during certain months, the first step is to come see us so that we can test you for allergies. Once we identify the likely culprits, we can take several steps to minimize your seasonal allergies, including:

  • Medications to manage your symptoms
  • A trigger avoidance plan
  • Immunotherapy

This last treatment has seen great success among seasonal allergy sufferers, as we introduce the allergen to your body in small doses in order to build immunity.

The other item on this list that we want to underscore is a trigger avoidance plan. Most weather resources are very good about including pollen or air quality numbers, and we urge you to track those and plan your time outside accordingly.

You should also take steps to prevent pollen from entering your home by closing your windows and installing a good air filter to clean the inside air. To help guide you on air filtration, the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology has these recommendations.

If youre tired of dealing with allergies that prevent you from enjoying the summer months, contact one of our three offices in Aventura, Weston, or Hialeah, Florida, to set up an appointment.

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Everything You Need To Know About Tree And Spring Pollen Allergies 2021

Dr. Soria: Surviving allergy season in South Florida

Compared to the rest of the U.S., midwinter and early spring in Jacksonville is a really beautiful time of year.

Although, our mild temperatures tend to attract folks from more frigid regions, that doesnt mean our cool seasons are completely free of any downsides. In fact, if youre allergic to tree pollen one of the most common allergens we have here on the First Coast you know this all too well.

Another downside? Jacksonville regularly ranks among the Worst Cities for Spring Allergies. In 2021 Jacksonville comes in at #30 in the US .

Across most of the country, trees dont release their pollen until early spring. But, thanks to our temperate climate here in North Florida, local trees usually start producing an abundance of pollen starting in February . Although January 2021 was a bit cooler than normal, we still saw a big uptick in pollen and air quality issues in February.

If you suffer from tree pollen sensitivity, heres a helpful guide for tree pollen allergies and our best advice for controlling a reaction this spring season.

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Patient Education Misconceptions About Asthma And Allergies

For some reason, misconceptions about allergies abound. Some of these allergy myths are almost a part of popular culture. I will try to dispel some of them below.

One misconception is that South Florida is a bad place for people who are allergic to pollens. Perhaps the misconception stems from the fact that our environment is so green all year round. The fact is, according to a recent pollen survey, South Florida has quite low pollen counts relative to other parts of the country. There really is no such thing as a pollen season grass season, for instance, consists of low pollen counts for almost the entire year. The reason for these low counts is unknown, but may have to do with coastal winds and high humidity. It turns out that dust mite is probably the biggest problem for allergy sufferers in South Florida.

Allergy patients might believe that they are allergic to perfume or smoke, but that too is another misconception. Irritants like perfume, paint fumes or smoke can be very bothersome, causing an irritant rhinitis. These substances can lead to nasal congestion, runny nose and other allergic-type symptoms, but they do not contain proteins that can be recognized by the bodys immune system. A true allergic reaction can only occur if the immune system is involved. Allergic people tend to have the most problems with such irritants, and treating the underlying allergies can make them more tolerant to the irritant.

Tips For Reducing Mold Allergies Symptoms

  • Dont hang your wet clothing indoors to dry this can make mold allergies worse.
  • Reduce the amount of mold in your home! Keep basements, bathrooms, and any other room which retains humidity well-ventilated by opening windows frequently, or purchasing a dehumidifier.
  • Heat helps mold grow, so setting up a heater alone can make the problem worse!
  • If you have a carpeted room which is prone to mildew or mold, replacing the flooring with wood or tile may be a good idea!
  • Regularly clean garbage cans, sinks, and water-based appliances with a bleach solution to keep mold from building up and spreading.

With proper precaution and care, you can minimize the discomfort that allergies bring to the Tampa area from Spring through Fall!

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