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Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Help With Allergies

Pros And Cons Of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Best Himalayan Salt Lamps to Relieve Stress, Allergies & Anxiety

Before buying one, consider the pros and cons of Himalayan salt lamps for your home. Himalayan salt lamps are large crystals of reddish-hued salt that have been carved out in the middle to hold a light bulb or heat lamp. They’re mined from subterranean mines on the western slopes of the Himalayas. True Himalayan pink salt is obtained solely from the Himalayan Mountains. The hue of Himalayan salt lamps ranges from a pale pink to an orangish pink, depending on the mineral content.

These salt rock lights are ornamental items that people purchase for their homes, and the stones are carved from a pink rock salt mined from Pakistan’s underground mines. Their most significant takeaway, though, is that they’re supposed to provide a slew of health benefits to the human body.

However, little or no concrete evidence is available about their alleged health benefits. Since Halotherapy uses similar methods, Himalayan Salt lamps can be considered an excellent alternative to the former.

Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Have Health Benefits

Though the claims sound promising, so far no one has proved that Himalayan salt lamps release negative ions, let alone enough to have any impact on health. Most of the research so far has used negative ions from other sources, not lamps.

In a couple of small studies on rats and mice, contact with a salt lamp had antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects. That doesn’t mean the lamps would have the same effect on humans. Researchers would have to test the theory.

Though a small amount of pollutants in the air might stick to salt rock, these rocks don’t have anywhere near the filtering ability of, say, charcoal, a common component of air filters.

A Himalayan salt lamp might bring a nice decorative touch and a warming glow to your space, but there’s no research right now that says it will improve your health in a big way.

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Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits Explained

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Have you ever heard of a Himalayan salt lamp?

Many people havent but they have recently seen a surge in popularity. They are inexpensive and have many healthful benefits.

They purify the air and help reduce allergy symptoms.

It sounds illogical that a rock of salt with a light bulb inside it could purify the air in your home. However, it actually can. The Himalayan rock salt attracts water molecules. The water molecules carry with them dust and allergens. The pollutants remain trapped inside the salt while the heat causes the then purified water to evaporate back into the air.

They remove positive ions from the air.

Positive ions are molecules which lack an electron and therefore have a positive charge. They seek to find an electron to balance their charge. Electronic devices in the home disturb the electromagnetic properties of the matter around them. This disturbance causes electrons to fly off molecules and create more positive ions.

Positive ions are unhealthy for a number of reasons. They cause the microscopic hairs that clear debris from the respiratory system, or cilia, to become less effective. They also lead to general physical and mental fatigue. Himalayan salt lamps expel negative ions which neutralize the positive ions. This helps promote respiratory heath and vitality.

They provide protection from electromagnetic radiation.

All of these benefits come together to promote better mood and concentration during the day and better sleep at night.

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Examining The Benefits Of Salt Lamps Do Himalaya Salt Lamps Purify The Air And Slow Mold Growth

Examining the Benefits of Salt Lamps: Do Himalaya Salt Lamps Purify the Air and Slow Mold Growth?

Himalayan salt lamps are so ubiquitous in homes, but also in yoga studios, restaurants, and other commercial ventures with an alternative flavor that you will almost certainly know what they look like. To some people, these salt lamps are simply aesthetically-pleasing light sources. Others, however, claim that having Himalayan salt lamps in your space offers significant health benefits, and that often includes their manufacturers. The idea that salt lamps have the potential to act as natural air purifiers is especially prevalent.

Is there any scientific evidence to back the claims proponents make up? Given the fact that salt does inhibit the growth of certain kinds of mold, when applied in specific ways, could having a Himalayan salt lamp in your home even slow mold growth? Lets take an in-depth look.

What Is Himalayan Salt?

Himalayan salt, also called Himalayan pink salt or simply pink salt, is rock salt mined from the Punjab in Pakistan a region close to the Himalayas. The various minerals present in Himalayan pink salt, like magnesium, calcium, potassium, and of course sodium give this salt its characteristic pink or salmon color.

What Are Himalayan Salt Lamps?

What Claims Are Made About the Health Benefits of Salt Lamps?

Some people believe that Himalayan salt lamps:

What Evidence Exists to Support Claims About the Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Reduce Allergy & Asthma Symptoms

The benefits of Negative Ions from Himalayan Salt Lamp for Allergies ...

If youve read Himalayan salt lamp reviews, youll know that a lot of enthusiastic users notice a difference in their allergic responses. The same is true of people who go to salt caves during spa sessions.

So, if you have a condition like hay fever or allergic rhinitis, a Himalayan salt lamp could reduce your sneezing, coughing, and congestion symptoms.

Even more fascinating is the interplay between Himalayan salt and asthma. Salt therapy is now being used to help relieve asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease , with published papers on the treatment citing easier breathing for patients.

It is estimated that salt therapy helps over 80% of people with mild to moderate asthma. Similarly, it could help 75% of those who have severe cases of asthma, and approximately 97% of patients struggling with chronic bronchitis.

In sum, if you have any type of breathing difficulty, you have little to lose by plugging in a Himalayan salt lamp.

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So How Does A Salt Lamp Supposedly Clean The Air

Among the alleged benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps is that it improves air cleanliness and makes it healthier to inhale. But how can a lighting fixture do this?

Well manufacturers insist that salt lamps give off negative ions. If you watch horror movies, youd find how shamans allegedly use salt water to trap evil spirits.

Salt absorbs water/moisture in the air and as it does, it also evaporates from its surface, giving off negative ions.

This is how ionizer air purifiers work releasing negative ions to attract dust, pollens, pet danders and particles from the air and keeping them away from humans.

Theres no scientific evidence that backs up the claim that Himalayan salt lamps can purify the air by releasing negative ions from salt.

In fact, according to, there is no evidence and proof that Himalayan Salt Lamps do emit negative ions at all.

Salt has a face-centered cubic structure, which scientifically is not expected to generate ions. In order for it to give off negative ions, it must be subjected to a very high temperature of over 2000F. We dont see how a 15 to 45 watt light bulb can produce that amount of heat in order for the salt to generate ions.

Given that there are no mechanisms in Himalayan Salt Lamps that make it eligible in cleaning the air, they definitely cannot help people breathe better.

But if by some chance people find a way to alter the molecule structure to make salt produce negative ions, there will be drawbacks.

Reduce Positive Ions Indoors

Allergy symptoms are often intensified by the fact that many modern homes are flooded with positive ions emitted by electronic devices. According to Ion Loop, your cell phone, computer and TV can generate these positively charged molecules, which in turn can compromise your immune system, irritate your lungs and worsen your allergies.

Himalayan salt lamps can help mitigate these effects by minimizing the amount of positive ions in your home. The real Himalayan salt lamps emit natural negative ions that neutralize the positive irritating ions, leaving you with a feeling of energy and refreshment. This can help reduce your allergy symptoms and allow you to breathe more easily.

The more electronic devices you have, the more positive ions you will need to neutralize. If you have multiple electronic devices in your bedroom or living room, you may want to invest in several Himalayan salt products to more efficiently combat the annoying negative ions.

While it may not cure all of your allergy symptoms, Himalayan salt lamps have several benefits that can help reduce your worst colds and sneezes, especially when used in conjunction with other common treatment methods. Check out our complete collection of Himalayan salt lamps today!

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Himalayan Salt Lamps Host An Array Of Health And Environmental Benefits Which Make Them Very Beneficial For The Home See How You Can Benefit Today With These Positive Facts

Himalayan Salt Lamps are made from pieces of Himalayan salt crystals. They serve as beautiful interior decorations and act as natural sources of light. However, the many diverse functions of Himalayan salt extend far beyond aesthetics. Combined with a light source inside the lamps, the chunks of salt produce negative ions, which yield positive effects on indoor air. Placing a Himalayan salt lamp in every room of the home can reap several health and environmental benefits. Among other things, they can:

How To Choose A High Quality Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp Testimonial for Allergies Asthma and Decoration

It is possible to buy machines that create negative ions, but Ive found that spending time outdoors and having salt lamps around the home indoors are less expensive alternatives that offer other benefits as well.

We have salt lamps in most rooms in our home and enjoy them in winter months when it isnt possible to have the windows open or to spend as much time outside. We now have a solid salt lamp and a basket lamp in several rooms of our home and I love them for their ambient glow and orange color.

Salt lamps cost less than many other types of lamps, and a high quality one can last for decades.

If you are interested in adding a salt lamp to your home, choose ones with these features for best quality:

  • Orange Color Darker colored lamps are typically considered higher quality. Lamps should specify that they are 100% Himalayan salt, as cheap imitations may use lower quality salt.
  • Size The bigger the salt lamp, the bigger the affect. Smaller lamps weight 5-6 lbs while larger ones can weigh up to 50 lbs. Smaller lamps are typically much less expensive, so we keep 1 or 2 in smaller rooms and 2 or 3 in larger rooms of our home.
  • Rough Surface The surface area of a salt lamp determines its hygroscopic potential. Rougher lamps have a higher surface area than smooth and polished lamps and are more effective at improving air quality. In my opinion, they also look better and are a great decoration for most rooms.
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    Are Himalayan Salt Lamps Good For You

    Unfortunately, this magic lamp wont grant you better health and wellness. This is true whether you spring for an authentic version or settle for a fake one.

    Theres not a lot of evidence to support the idea that Himalayan salt lamps provide some if any of the supposed health benefits, says Dr. Vyas.

    One study did suggest that negative ions might decrease depression in some people. However, these lamps dont produce enough negative ions to make a difference.

    Negative ions, in large enough quantities, have also been shown to kill dust mites in the air. But again, these lamps do not produce enough to have any real benefit. There is also no evidence to support the idea that the lamps can absorb toxins from the air around you.

    Other people argue that the warm, glowing light provides a relaxing and calming atmosphere, which in turn promotes tranquility and improves mental health. However, this theory is purely anecdotal.

    If youre serious about trying to improve the air quality in your home, you can try an air purification machine, which have been shown to remove particles from indoor spaces, like allergens, smoke and mold.

    So while these lamps continue to grow in popularity for their artful and soothing vibe, its best to take all of the claimed health benefits with, well, a grain of salt.

    May Help Purify Room Air

    The Himalayan salt lamp is known to purify indoor air by removing harmful pathogens. It may be beneficial for people with respiratory issues such as asthma, allergies, etc. However, more research is warranted in this regard. For example, while studies suggest that negative ions in considerable quantities may kill dust mites, the lamp does not produce enough ions to cause any pest extermination .

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    Can Using A Himalayan Salt Lamp For Migraine Help Or Just A Gimmick

    Is there a relationship between a Himalayan salt lamp and migraine? I know it sounds crazy, but Im interested in trying anything natural, so I thought Id try. I know its ridiculous to rid the symptoms of my neurological disease, but its pretty so why not?

    *Links in this post may be Amazon affiliate links which means I will be rewarded for my recommendations. My opinions are my own.

    What Are The Cons Of Himalayan Salt Lamps

    Himalayan Salt Lamps: What Are They (and Do They Really Work)?

    Although the cons of Himalayan Salt Lamps are not severe, many people may feel uncomfortable due to their light in different colors. If you are light-sensitive or have sleep disorders such as insomnia, you should consult your healthcare provider first. Some other rare risks of Himalayan Salt Lamps are as follows.

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    How To Confirm Whether The Salt Lamp Is Original

    To rejoicing all the benefits of salt lamps, its crucial to check whether the salt lamp is original or not? Since Himalayan salt lamps are in high demand, there is always a chance you might get a fake one. Many companies are creatively keeping costs low and may not sell you the most authentic product.

    The best way to check if your lamp is genuine is by observing its price and color. If the lamp appears too white and costs very little, it is not real. This is because the Himalayan Mountains have very little salt that has a pure white or deep red color. As mentioned earlier, the color depends on the composition of minerals? A genuine red or white lamp would cost a lot more money than the pink ones. Governments have raised taxes on mining companies because of their limited resources. If you purchase your lamp for a meagre price, chances are high that a seller has duped you.

    Authentic Himalayan salt lamps are very fragile. When your shipping box is damaged or if you accidentally drop the lamp, it will break. If the lamp is still in mint condition, then it is not a real product.

    Do Salt Lamps Purify Air

    Some people swear that a salt lamp can improve the air quality of your home, but thats not the case.

    If you have allergies or asthma, the purifying effect of a salt lamp is likely to make your symptoms worse.

    Salt lamps do not purify the air, but they do emit negative ions.

    Negative ions result from salt being heated, and they give the air a pleasant, salty smell.

    Salt lamps have been used for centuries to purify the air, and they have certainly been a popular item in the home d├ęcor market lately.

    But do salt lamps work, or is this a case of pretty packaging and clever marketing?

    Scientific research has shown that certain salt lamps do have a positive effect on the air around them.

    Salt lamps work by emitting negative ions, which have been known to reduce asthma symptoms and allergies.

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    Is Sleeping With A Himalayan Salt Lamp Beneficial

    The light that a salt lamp emits is the major method it leads to a better nights sleep. The salts pink-red color diffuses light into a mellow glow that resembles a sunset and helps you relax. Warm-colored light, as opposed to blue light emitted by electronic devices, promotes relaxation and sleep.

    At night, blue wavelengths, which are good during the day because they improve concentration, reaction times, and mood, appear to be the most disruptive.

    If youre having trouble sleeping, try placing a salt lamp in your bedroom and turning off all electronic devices at least an hour before bedtime.

    What Are The Benefits Of Sleeping With A Himalayan Salt Lamp On

    Himalayan Salt Lamps: Benefits and Myths

    It is said that negative ions given off by himalayan salt lamps can help promote sleep because theyre calming and reduce stress. The light from a himalayan salt lamp is said to have healing properties. The claims made about the light are that it can help relieve stress and depression, improve moods during the day, or even protect against electromagnetic radiation. Although these claims are anecdotal at best and not well substantiated by scientific research, theres no harm in adding this home decor item to your bedroom if it makes you feel good.

    Some people say that salt lamps emit negative ions into the air and increase the flow of oxygen to the brain. These things can be helpful for conditions like asthma and allergies as well as depression. So, if youre looking for a way to improve your sleep and health, sleeping with a himalayan salt lamp on may be worth trying. Just make sure to keep an eye on it so that it doesnt start a fire!

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    They Can Boost Your Mood

    Another frequently made claim is that Himalayan salt lamps can boost your mood.

    Some animal studies have shown that exposure to high levels of negative ions in the air may improve levels of serotonin, a chemical involved in mood regulation .

    Yet, human studies investigating claims regarding the psychological effects of air ionization found no consistent effects on mood or feelings of well-being .

    However, researchers did find that people with depressive symptoms who were exposed to very high levels of negative ions reported improvements in their mood.

    Nevertheless, the link they found wasnt dose-related, meaning that peoples mood improvements couldnt be explained by the dose they received. Thus, researchers questioned whether the link was causal.

    Additionally, its very unlikely that salt lamps could expose you to the high number of negative ions used in these studies.


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