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Does Quercetin Help With Allergies

Quercetin Is An Excellent Natural Remedy For Seasonal And Environmental Allergies In Dogs But How Much Should You Give And How Often

5 Ways Quercetin Can Help With BETTER BRAIN FUNCTION!

When it comes to canine allergies, seeking healthier treatment options is great. I would encourage you, however, to go to the next step to look for permanent cures, not just symptom relief. When the vibrational energy field is balanced, allergies completely go away and need no treatments. Until then, it is safe to take the quercetin and give some to your pet. It works best if given with a great probiotic, bromelain and/or papain, which directly help allergies and help the absorption of the quercetin.

Usually human dosages are based on 125 lb person. Many people are taking 500 mg twice a day, so by that measure you should be giving a 20 lb dog about 150 mg per day. Quercetin is safe to give your dog for the few months of allergy season, so you could have 1/2 capsule twice a day for that time period. If it is working well, you can give less, and if hes still too itchy, give a bit more.

Sometimes merely switching to a fresh food diet with raw, meaty bones, or adding coconut oil or a probiotic, is enough to combat allergies all year long. In the meantime, quercetin should help cut his symptoms!

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It May Boost Cognitive Function And Ward Off Dementia

Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other neurodegenerative diseases can be exacerbated by oxidative stress, caused by an overabundance of free radicals in the body. Not only does quercetin have antioxidant properties that counter these effects, but it supports mitochondrial biogenesis in the brain for enhanced cognition, says Roundtree.

More studies are needed on humans, but research on mice has found that quercetin injections reduced several markers of Alzheimer’s disease and improved performance on memory tasks.

It Can Probably Help With Seasonal Allergies

“Quercetin’s most obvious and immediately noticeable benefit is prevention of histamine-mediated allergic symptoms,” says Rountree. “Over the years I have treated numerous individuals with chronic allergies who were either able to stop or greatly reduce their use of pharmaceutical agents.”

More research is needed in humans, but lab studiesincluding one published in the journal Moleculesshow that quercetin can help combat conditional allergic rhinitis. How exactly? It seems to help prevent the overactivation of mast cells, which secrete histaminean inflammatory chemical that’s involved in allergy symptoms like itching and sneezing. Vitamin C may enhance quercetin’s allergy-fighting potential.

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When To Take Quercetin And Bromelain

When taking quercetin and bromelain for inflammation take between meals on an empty stomach. Taken with meals bromelain may aid digestion. But works best when taken between meals for inflammation. If you find it upsets your stomach take it with a meal or snack. It will still help your allergies and inflammation.

Can Quercetin Help Eczema

Pure Naturals Quercetin Bromelain Full Review  Does It ...

Quercetin specifically has shown to decrease mast cell activity. Mast cells release histamine, an inflammatory chemical. Minimizing the activity of these cells can, in turn, minimize histamine release.

To maximize the benefits of quercetin on controlling allergies and allergic symptoms, physicians typically recommend using it along with Vitamin C and the enzyme Bromelain.

Whole Health MD agrees that quercetin and omega 3 fats can be beneficial, as well as flaxseed oil.

Quercentins antioxidant power enables it to reduce the allergic reaction because it prevents as many compounds from forming.

This strategy of treating the cause of the illness rather than the symptom is what is getting researchers attention.

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How Bromelain Helps To Provide Allergy Relief

Bromelain by itself, even without quercetin can provide relief from the symptoms associated with allergies because it has powerful effects in helping block inflammation and improving healing time.

People who have allergies can also be at greater risk of developing secondary problems such as bacterial sinusitis.

This occurs due to blockages in the sinuses in the nose, cheeks, and forehead.

In a study involving 12 patients who suffered from chronic rhinosinusitis, researchers gave bromelain tablets and measured improvements in their quality of life. By the end of three months, all symptoms improved and there was a noticeable improvement as seen by doctors who performed a rhinoscopy on the patients.

In another study published in 2012, researchers looked at the effects of bromelain on airway inflammation in a murine model of asthma and found that bromelain treated animals had significantly reduced levels of interleukins IL-4, IL-12, IL-17, and IFN-a. This suggests that bromelain could be an effective therapy for people with allergic asthma.

Bromelain helps allergies in 3 ways:

  • Improves swelling and inflammation
  • Reduces immune system response to allergens
  • Improves healing time

How should you take bromelain?

To get the most benefit from taking bromelain, it is best for you to take it on an empty stomach. There are supplements available which contain both quercetin and bromelain. Or you can buy bromelainonly.

Natures medicine

It Seems To Have Properties That Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

Numerous flavonoid antioxidants, not just quercetin, have demonstrated anti-cancer properties, which is one reason eating loads of colorful fruits and veggies is so dang good for you. But quercetin, specifically, has been shown to inhibit cancer cell growth and proliferation, or multiplication.

Abundant lab and animal studies demonstrate quercetin’s ability to curb cancer cell growth and even prompt cancer cell death in multiple types of cancer , but more research is needed on humans.

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Top Dietary Sources Of Quercetin

Deep colored fruits and vegetables are a powerhouse of quercetin. The amount of flavonoid depends on where and how the food is grown and prepared.

To reap the amazing benefits of quercetin here are some foods you need to include in your diet:

  • Apples
  • Cocoa
  • Olive oil

Owing to its remarkable natural healing and health-promoting properties, incorporating quercetin-rich foods in your nutritious diet is a great way of gaining optimal health.

Are There Natural Ways To Treat Allergies

Quercetin. The Incredible Benefits! Weight Control, Allergies, Pain & More

Chronic coughing, sneezing, and sniffling can be frustrating. People dealing with allergy symptoms often want to find ways to treat the problem naturally. Patients should always speak with a healthcare provider to learn more about allergy medication and supplement options. Additionally, there are 5 natural options that may be worth looking into.

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Is Quercetin Safe For Dogs

Quercetin is a very safe flavonoid and quercetin supplements for dogs with allergies are generally well tolerated.

Pet parents do need to be careful if their dogs are on medications that are metabolized through a certain pathway in the liver called the P450 pathway. These drugs include tramadol, amitriptyline, ondansetron, omeprazole, piroxicam, and Prozac . Other drugs that can potentially cause an adverse reaction when given in combination with quercetin include blood pressure and heart medications such as amlodipine, enalapril, diltiazem, and furosemide.

If your dog is on medications, it is always best to ask your veterinarian if this supplement can be given along with their current medications.

The Potential Of Quercetin For Your Allergies:

Q. I dont typically get seasonal allergies, but long ago I read that quercetin can be helpful in easing symptoms. I have used it ever since to control the itchy eyes, runny nose and sneezing I occasionally experience. Its been very effective without any side effects.

I gave some to a nephew who suffers from allergies regularly, and he also found it to be helpful. I take two 500 mg capsules when symptoms are annoying, along with 1000 mg of vitamin C, and 100 mg citrus bioflavonoids from citrus.

A. We appreciate your testimonial. Other readers have also found quercetin helpful for allergy symptoms. This flavonoid is found in many different plants, including apples, onions, citrus fruits, black tea, berries, capers and red wine. We cant imagine eating enough capers or drinking enough wine to make a difference for allergy symptoms, though.

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How Quercetin And Nettles Lower Inflammation

Because quercetin and nettles lower inflammation and reduce oxidative stress, taking this combo can help with hormone balance. Inflammation can cause stress on the liver and make it harder to detoxify metabolized estrogen. That can contribute to Estrogen Dominance.

Another way lowering inflammation can help with hormone balance is by lowering aromatase activity. Aromatase is an enzyme that helps the body create more estrogen. If that enzyme gets overactivated from too much inflammation, estrogen levels could get out of control, and lead to a situation of Estrogen Dominance.

In fact, Estrogen Dominance related conditions like PCOS, endometriosis, and breast cancer are associated with higher or imbalanced aromatase activity Read more about Estrogen Dominance here.

The fact that this duo is anti-inflammatory means it can also help with things like joint pain, osteoporosis, psoriasis, hot flashes, and PMS. It also makes hormone receptors more sensitive, which means theres better communication within your endocrine system. That means everything is more likely to work in harmony.

Some of the anti-inflammatory compounds in nettles include kaempferol, quinic acid, and choline. The flavonol kaempferol has been described as a potent anti-inflammatory. Quinic acid is effective in treating atherosclerosis due to its ability to lower inflammation in the blood vessels.

May Improve Energy And Endurance

Quercetin Bromelain 180 Veggie Capsules

Quercetin is added to some athletic supplements because its believed to help increase athletic performance and endurance, likely because of its positive effects on blood flow. Researchers from the School of Applied Physiology at the Georgia Institute of Technology found that, on average, quercetin provides a statistically significant benefit in human endurance exercise capacity and endurance exercise performance.

Other studies show that quercetin helps increase immune function and prevents susceptibility to illnesses that can occur when someone trains intensely and experiences exhaustion. One study found evidence that taking a dosage of 500 mg of quercetin twice daily helped protect cyclers from exercise-induced respiratory infections.

Because it can boost energy, quercetin could affect sleep patterns. One study found evidence that it may alter the sleep-wake cycle partly through activation of GABA receptors. However, insomnia is generally not believed to be a common side effect of taking quercetin.

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Does Vitamin C Help With Allergies

Getting plenty of vitamin C isnt just important for good general health. Taking extra vitamin C either through food or as a supplement can have many additional benefits. Vitamin C is widely used to improve skin and hair, boost energy levels, and promote healing and exercise recovery. It may also be useful for people who suffer from general allergies. This is due to vitamin Cs role in regulating the immune system. But obtaining more Vitamin C is not as easy as drinking orange juice from a carton. These C-fortified foods are sources of indirect Vitamin C that creates minimal impact in our system. This is why supplementing with natural Vitamin C is not only important but also one of the easiest and most effective ways to obtain this miraculous vitamin. Check out Body Kitchens Vitamin C Shield, it is designed to give you a direct form of natural C.

As well as boosting your bodys ability to fight infections, Vitamin C can help prevent unwanted immune responses. It can impede histamine formation, the inflammatory substance responsible for those miserable allergy symptoms like sneezing and swollen eyes. To maximize its effectiveness against allergies, vitamin C benefits from plant flavonols the colorful compounds that give fruits and some vegetables their tempting hues. These include the flavonol known as quercetin.

A Few Pro Tips When Structuring Your Quercetin

  • Slightly different forms of quercetin are present in different plant foods, and research suggests that they differ in bioavailability, or absorption. For example, the quercetin present in onion and shallots is much better absorbed than the quercetin in tea, according to a study published in Nutrients.
  • What you pair with quercetin-rich foods matters, too. Since quercetin is a lipophilic compound, dietary fat can enhance its absorptionso a good glug of olive oil on those roasted Brussels sprouts is always a good idea. Fiber may enhance absorption, too, but many of the foods above already contain plenty of fiber.
  • Cooking does not decrease levels of flavonoids like quercetin. The only way you might lose some is if you boil your veggies and dump the water.

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Other Reported Benefits Include

  • Anti-allergy:Research shows that quercetin may block histamine, making it a natural allergy relief or preventive alternative to medications.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Research on animals shows that quercetin has anti-inflammatory properties. In human studies, it reduced inflammation in men but it did not seem to help reduce inflammation in women with rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Help slow the growth of cancer cells: Some studies suggest that quercetin can slow the growth of several different types of cancers.
  • Antibacterial and antiviral: Quercetin has antibacterial and antiviral properties, making it ideal for avoiding infections and warding off sickness.

Red onions are a natural source of quercetin.

Quercetin: 8 Proven Benefits Of This Antioxidant

How Quercetin & Vitamin C Are GREAT Antihistamines!

By Jillian Levy, CHHC

Have you ever wondered what makes a superfood super? Or what top superfoods like red wine, green tea, kale and blueberries all have in common? The answer is quercetin, a natural compound tied to what all of us seek: better longevity, heart health, endurance, immunity, and more.

Quercetin is considered to be the most widely distributed and extensively studied flavonoid, according to a 2018 review.

Its been shown in dozens of studies to have anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and antiviral activities. In fact, there isnt much this powerful antioxidant compound cant do, especially when combined with the health benefits of bromelain, an anti-inflammatory enzyme.

All this explains why many experts recommend consuming food sources that contain quercetin regularly.

So what are those foods, and how much should you consume? Lets explore.

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Important Note On Mast Cells & Quercetin Advantage:

Keep in mind, though, that mast cells are not bad. They do serve a very important function in the human body.

A research study on the US National Library of Medicine site states that, Mast cells are immune cells critical in the pathogenesis of allergic, but also inflammatory and autoimmune diseases through release of many pro-inflammatory cytokines such as IL-8 and TNF.

Some skin conditions do not respond to conventional treatment because they involve non-immune triggers. Therefore, prevention of mast cell cytokine release could be effective therapy for such diseases. Thats where quercetin comes in.

The results of this particular study indicated that quercetin was more effective than cromolyn at inhibiting release of pro-inflammatory cytokines from human mast cells.

The ICPA also says that this flavonoid is commonly used in treating allergic conditions because it enhances the healing response.

Quercetin provides an additional health benefit, due to the fact that it can aid in the treatment of hayfever, asthma and hives that often accompany eczema.

In fact, Fitapet makes quercetin chews that provide itch relief for dogs. Who knew you could find natural remedies for dog allergies, right?

The 4 Best Natural Antihistamines

We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Heres our process.

If you have seasonal allergies, you know they can be challenging. Sneezing, itchy eyes, nasal congestion, and sinus pressure these symptoms can become difficult to tolerate.

Youve likely used many over-the-counter solutions to attempt to lessen these seasonal symptoms and may want to try something else. Theres evidence that completely natural solutions may ease your symptoms.

Whether its called hay fever, allergic rhinitis, or seasonal allergies, numerous drugs both prescription and OTC are available to help combat these cold-like symptoms. But some of these medications have their own lengthy list of side effects.

Understanding how antihistamines work can help you better understand how natural antihistamines can be an ally during allergy season.

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How Quercetin And Nettles Lower Allergy Response

Women tend to have more histamine-related issues than men do. Thats because estrogen stimulates the release of histamine from the mast cells. When youre estrogen dominant, youre more likely to have high histamine levels. Additionally, as your histamine levels go up, your estrogen levels also rise. So, its a vicious cycle.

Thats where quercetin and nettles come in. Getting your histamine levels under control can go a long way toward balancing out estrogen levels and getting you out of Estrogen Dominance.

Quercetinmay help with allergies. In a study published in Iran Journal of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, Italian researchers found that quercetin was as effective as an herbal Chinese formula, Food Allergy Herbal Formula in blocking anaphylaxis to peanuts in animal studies. They saw it as a potential allergy drug.

Nettlesalso seem to help histamine and allergies, despite containing histamine themselves. In a cell study, several compounds in nettle extract were shown to work against seasonal allergies by fighting inflammation.

In a human study in which patients were given freeze-dried nettles for allergies, 57% said nettle was effective and 48% said the nettle worked better than their allergy medications had.

That means you dont have to worry about getting drowsy after taking this antihistamine supplement. Nettles can be taken at any time of day.

How To Get Enough Quercetin

Nutrissence Quercetin Full Review  Does It Work?  Immune ...

Quercetin is naturally found in many foods you might already eat. By adding the foods listed below to your diet, you can increase your quercetin intake.

Amounts are milligrams per 100-gram serving:

  • Red onions: 32 mg
  • Buckwheat: 23 mg
  • Black tea: 2 mg

According to Shapiro, if you’re committed to eating a lot of the fruits and veggies on this list, you will probably consume about 100 to 300 mg of quercetin daily. So if you’re aiming for 500 mg a day, that will be trickier with food alone — you’ll likely need a supplement too.

“Most people do not eat enough plants during the day, so a supplement would make sense. Supplements usually pair Quercetin with vitamin C or Bromelain which help to improve absorption and potency. Most people can take 500 mg to start and can work their way up to 1000 mg from a supplement daily to get the health protective effects,” Shapiro says.

Editor’s note, August 31, 2020: A previous version of this article included information about quercetin being studied as a potential preventative for contracting the coronavirus or as treatment for COVID-19, the disease the virus causes. Because there is not sufficient scientific research to support that quercetin can prevent or treat the coronavirus, we’ve removed that from the article.

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