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How To Get Rid Of Vertigo From Allergies

Treatment Of Dizziness And Vertigo

ENT Manifestations of Migraine 1: dizziness, tinnitus, sinus pressure but no headache

Treatment depends on what your doctor thinks is causing your dizziness. Potential treatment options may include:

  • canalith positioning procedures a special set of exercises designed to remove inner ear crystals in benign paroxysmal positional vertigo
  • migraine prevention medication
  • medication to dampen the sensations of dizziness
  • anti-nausea medication

Natural Home Remedies For Vertigo

Stay Hydrated

A great natural remedy for vertigo includes regular intake of water. It is best to keep well hydrated with 10 8-oz glasses of filtered water.

Add a pinch of salt, black pepper, and juice from half an organic lemon to a glass of lukewarm water to make lemon water, which is known to reduce feelings of dizziness.

Get Enough Sleep

People who dont get enough sleep may also experience vertigo. That is why it is necessary to make it a priority to get seven to eight hours of sleep each night. This will give you energy for the day ahead.

It is also wise to be consistent with your sleep habits and avoid napping during the day so you sleep well at night. For reducing dizziness when you wake up, get up slowly when getting out of bed and do not walk too far in the dark.

You may also want to sit on your bed for a minute so your ears and head get accustomed to a new position.

Change Your Pillow

An uncomfortable and flattened pillow may be pinching a nerve, and causing you to lose sleep. As a result, you feel dizzy after you wake up. In general, it is a good idea to change your pillow every six months to help improve neck posture while sleeping.

Also, for reducing dizziness when you wake up, sleep with your head slightly raised on two pillows or more.

Head Massage and Head Rotations

A simple massage can help calm vertigo and improve blood circulation. Use relaxing essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, peppermint, lemon, and ylang ylang.

Manage Stress


How To Treat Sinus

To treat lightheadedness, get as much rest as you can because the light feeling in your head should pass when you lie down. For dizziness, you will need to treat your sinus problems.

When treating sinus or ear problems that cause dizziness at home, never use ear candling to remove wax from the ears. These products are so dangerous that the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning in 2010 against their use. The organization noted that this method poses a risk for burns and does not have any scientific evidence to support its use to remove ear wax or help ear infections.

If you have allergies that contribute to your sinus problems, take antihistamines to reduce the allergic reaction and mucus buildup in your sinuses. Next, try decongestants to reduce inflammation and congestion in your sinus passages. While decongestants can ease sinus pressure and subsequent dizziness, do not take them for an extended time without consulting with your doctor. Nasal decongestant sprays can have a rebound effect and cause worse congestion if used for several days in a row.

If you continue to feel dizziness or lightheadedness after treating your problem at home, call a doctor to see if you need a prescription or an alternative treatment to help your sinus or ear problems.

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How To Avoid Allergens


Allergic rhinitis symptoms can ease if you take steps to avoid your trigger however, this can be difficult so, to help you out, here are a few tips.

Animal dander if you have pets then create animal-free zones within your home.

Dust mites use allergy proof bedding and wash your sheets at least once a week as well.

Mould spores address any sources of damp.

Pollen keep track of your local pollen count and avoid going out when counts are high.

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Heres Why Allergies Make You Miserable

So, what causes your seasonal allergies to move from typical symptoms like nasal congestion, puffy eyes, and throat irritation to that whirling sensation that can knock you off your feet?

When you breathe in certain allergens, like pollen, your body releases inflammatory markers called histamines that cause swelling and mucus production in your nose, throat, and inner ear tubes. The response is what makes you feel like your head is filled with pressure.

Your sinuses are supposed to be air-filled cavities, not filled with fluids. But when you get so stopped up and inflamed, fluid gets trapped and causes an imbalance in your inner ear fluids. That can contribute to headaches and feelings of dizziness a lot of people will say that they feel like theyre stuck under water, said Elliott.

Generally speaking, you dont have to worry about vertigo just because of a high pollen count. The onset of dizziness tends to happen when people delay treatment for their allergies, and try to wait them out, Elliott added.

Vertigo is directly correlated with how long patients wait to see the doctor. Once an allergic response is triggered, that begets the release of more and more chemicals in the body, creating a compounding effect. You end up with vertigo as a complication of an untreated allergic response in the nose, said Elliott.

What Causes Seasonal Allergies

Typically, seasonal allergies are triggered by specific types of pollen and molds that increase spore production during certain seasons. While pollen itself is harmless, many people develop an immune response to pollen, which triggers the body to treat pollen as an allergen trying to invade the body producing histamine and other chemicals, which result in seasonal allergy symptoms.

Trees are a common cause of spring allergies. More specifically, birch, cedar, alder, maple, willow, poplar, and oak trees can trigger seasonal allergy symptoms during the spring and early summer months.

Grass and weeds are also common causes of seasonal allergies. Ragweed, which grows virtually everywhere, releases pollen in the late summer and early fall months and peaks mid-September causing mild to severe allergy symptoms.

Burning bush, sagebrush, mugwort, lambs quarters, tumbleweed, pigweed, and Russian thistle can trigger allergy symptoms as well, particularly during the fall months.

Plants, grass, and weeds are not the only seasonal allergy triggers: smoke from campfires in the summer and fireplaces during the winter, insect bites, swimming pool chlorine, pine trees and wreaths during the holidays, and much more can produce allergy symptoms.

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Causes Of Dizziness And Vertigo

How to treat dizziness with middle ear fluid? – Dr. Honey Ashok

A wide range of conditions and diseases can cause dizziness, including:

  • inner ear problems disorders of the inner ear account for about half of all cases of persistent dizziness. Such disorders include Menieres disease, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo and vestibular neuritis
  • anxiety disorders stress or anxiety may play a role in causing dizziness or, more commonly, may be a contributing factor in dizziness from other causes, such as inner ear disease
  • brain disorders a common cause of dizziness is migraine, even without the headache that most people associate with a migraine. Very rarely, other causes of dizziness can include stroke or other brain diseases
  • other conditions some cases of dizziness are due to underlying medical conditions such as low blood pressure, infection, some heart problems and hypoglycaemia . Medications that are used to treat conditions such as epilepsy, coronary heart disease and high blood pressure can also cause dizziness in some people
  • unknown causes although a cause may not be found in some people, it does not necessarily mean that these people cannot be helped by the appropriate treatment.

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Treatment For Inner Ear Infection

Infection in the ear is likely to occur in any of the three parts of the ear outer, middle and inner parts of the ear. Also, infection in the ear is a serious matter.

Therefore, it is important to treat the infection in order to prevent complications, which includes damaging or rupturing the eardrum and much more.

Diagnosis is a prior process of treatment. An audiologist will observe your ears with an otoscope. Then it will be followed by the hearing test. Your treatment will depend on the underlying causes of infections.

Individuals who have been diagnosed with an inner ear infection are advised to go for proper treatment.

Availing treatment for infection of the inner ear is mandatory for both children and adults. This is greatly achieved by seeking a professional doctor at a healthcare institution in your area.

In addition to using antibiotics, other medications may also be given to persons having an infection in the inner ear in order to reduce swelling and inflammation.

These are useful to treat an inner ear infection, to reduce swelling and inflammation, to treat nausea and vomiting, and to help eliminate dizziness and vertigo.

Following are some methods you can use to treat your inner ear infection:

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How Do Allergies Cause Vertigo

A less common cause is allergies. These can affect the Eustachian tube, an organ that connects the middle ear to the nose and throat. The Eustachian tube is responsible for regulating pressure in the middle ear the increased mucus production associated with allergies can result in swelling and inflammation of this organ, negatively impacting not only the nose but also the ears, since all the structures are connected.

The vestibular system, located in the inner ear, controls balance inflammation and infection in the middle ear can therefore cause dizziness and vertigo.

Symptoms And Onset Of Viral Neuritis Or Labyrinthitis

How to Get Rid of Vertigo?

Symptoms of viral neuritis can be mild or severe, ranging from subtle dizziness to a violent spinning sensation . They can also include nausea, vomiting, unsteadiness and imbalance, difficulty with vision, and impaired concentration.

Sometimes the symptoms can be so severe that they affect the ability to stand up or walk. Viral labyrinthitis may produce the same symptoms, along with tinnitus and/or hearing loss.

Acute phase

Onset of symptoms is usually very sudden, with severe dizziness developing abruptly during routine daily activities. In other cases, the symptoms are present upon awakening in the morning. The sudden onset of such symptoms can be very frightening many people go to the emergency room or visit their physician on the same day.

Chronic phase

After a period of gradual recovery that may last several weeks, some people are completely free of symptoms. Others have chronic dizziness if the virus has damaged the vestibular nerve.

Many people with chronic neuritis or labyrinthitis have difficulty describing their symptoms, and often become frustrated because although they may look healthy, they dont feel well. Without necessarily understanding the reason, they may observe that everyday activities are fatiguing or uncomfortable, such as walking around in a store, using a computer, being in a crowd, standing in the shower with their eyes closed, or turning their head to converse with another person at the dinner table.

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Dizziness And Balance Disturbances

Dizziness is a general term for many different symptoms. While it generally means an abnormal sensation of motion, it can also mean imbalance, lightheadedness, blacking out, staggering, disorientation, weakness and other sensations. Symptoms can range from mild and brief to severe spinning sensations accompanied by nausea also known as vertigo. For clarity the definitions we use to talk about dizziness are used.

Dizziness A general term for all abnormal symptoms of balance and stability.

Imbalance Inability to keep ones balance especially when standing.

Lightheadedness The feeling of nearly passing out, similar to the feeling you might have if you hold your breath for a long time.

Vertigo The sensation that you or your surroundings are moving or spinning or whirling.

Balance requires the interaction between many different organs and systems in the body. The brain is the central processing center for all balance information coming from the senses and for all information going out to the muscles of balance. Input comes from three main areas: vision, the balance portion of the inner ear, and the touch . Vision is an important cue to the brain which tells us if we are moving relative to our surroundings.

Can Allergies Cause Dizziness

Have you ever felt faint, lightheaded or unsteady on your feet when you were experiencing an allergic reaction? It doesnt happen often, but there are a number of reasons why having allergies may make you feel dizzy.

Fortunately, its possible to treat dizziness caused by allergic reactions, which should help you feel steady and stable once again.

Dizziness is a rare but possible side effect of allergies, and once you identify the cause, its possible to treat it and feel like your usual self, says Mohammad Younus, M.D., an allergy and immunology specialist at Hackensack Meridian Health.

When youre having an allergic reaction, these factors may cause dizziness:

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What Can I Do About My Symptoms

How to get rid of Tinnitus naturally
  • Donât move too quickly you might lose your balance.
  • Remove tripping hazards like area rugs and electrical cords. Put non-slip mats in your bath and shower.
  • If you start to feel dizzy, lie down right away. People with vertigo often feel better if they lie down in a quiet, darkened room with their eyes closed.
  • Drink lots of fluids and eat well. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, salt, and tobacco.
  • If you think your meds are making you feel dizzy, talk to your doctor. They may change your dose, have you stop using them, or try something else.
  • Donât drive if you have dizzy spells.

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