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What To Take For Allergies When Pregnant

Lifestyle Steps That Make A Difference

Treating Allergies During Pregnancy and Beyond

Since avoiding exposure to allergens is always better than trying to treat the symptoms they cause, follow these tips as much as possible:

Reduce exposure to allergens outdoors

When the pollen count is high, limit your time outdoors, especially on windy days. If youre used to exercising outdoors, try classes at a gym or follow one on your computer. Being outdoors in the afternoon is often less of a problem than in the morning, when pollen counts are higher. Wearing sunglasses can protect your eyes and a pollen mask can shield your nose and mouth.

Reduce exposure to allergens indoors

Keep pollen out by keeping windows closed. Use air conditioning, not a window fan that draws pollen inside.

Clean in a way that traps and removes allergens. A vacuum with a HEPA filter will capture very tiny particles. Damp dusting and damp mopping traps dust rather than spreading it around.

Encase pillows and mattresses in zippered cases to protect them from dust mites and other allergens. Wash the coverings in hot water 130 degrees or higher every week, along with sheets and pillowcases. Never hang linens and clothes outside to dry, where they could be a magnet for pollen traveling in a breeze.

If pet dander is a problem, be sure to keep your pets out of the bedroom. Close the air vents in your bedroom if you have forced-air or central heating or cooling so that particles cant travel through your house into your bedroom.

Can I Prevent Allergies

While people with allergies cannot prevent the condition, they can try to avoid or reduce exposure to allergens or triggers. Pollen is a common allergen in Australia, and can be hard to avoid, but to minimise your exposure you could try to:

  • stay indoors where possible during pollen season, on windy days, or after thunderstorms
  • avoid activities that expose you to pollen, such as mowing grass
  • shower as soon as you can after youve been exposed to pollen
  • switch your car air-conditioning setting to use re-circulated air when pollen levels are high

What Allergy Medicines Can You Take While Pregnant

Health related question in topics Womens Health .We found some answers as below for this question What allergy medicines can you take while pregnant,you can compare them.

What allergy medicines can you take while pregnant

Are allergy medicines safe to take while Im pregnant or breastfe?
Pregnant women should always consult their doctor before using any type of allergy medication. While some allergy drugs are considered safe, others may pose a risk to the fetus. If you are trying to have a baby, you should talk to your doct
What are acceptable allergy/cold medicines to take while pregnant?
You should really ask your doctor this question for the most accurate information. Dont rely on web sites when it comes to taking medication while pregnant. You will find contradicting advice and some web sites that have wrong information
Can I take any type of allergy medicine while pregnant??
For the time being, you can safely take Benadryl, which will help somewhat with the itching and things. But for a more long term solution your doctor will have to decide if they want to put you on Claritin or Zyrtec or something similar. Th

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Treating For Two: Safer Medication Use In Pregnancy

In collaboration with federal and external partners, CDCs Treating for Two initiative is a national strategy to improve the health of mothers and babies through better research, reliable guidance, and informed decisions related to medication treatment in pregnancy.

  • Research: CDC funds the Centers for Birth Defects Research and Prevention, which collaborate on large studies such as the National Birth Defects Prevention Study and the Birth Defects Study To Evaluate Pregnancy exposures . Researchers engaging in these studies work to identify factors that increase the risk for birth defects and to answer questions about the effects of some medications taken during pregnancy.
  • Technical expertise: CDC works with staff from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and other professionals to help conduct studies on the effects of medication use during pregnancy and ways to prevent harmful effects.
  • Collaboration: As part of the Treating for Two: Safer Medication Use in Pregnancy Initiative pdf icon, CDC is committed to working with its partners, other federal agencies, and the public to build a comprehensive approach to improve the quality of data on medication use during pregnancy, translate this information into safe and effective health care for pregnant women, and make this information easily accessible to women and their healthcare providers.

Why Might Your Doctor Not Recommend Allergy Shots

Can I Take Allergy Medications While Pregnant?  Maryland ...
  • You have another health problem, such as coronary artery disease , that puts you at increased risk for a severe reaction to the shots.
  • Your child with allergies is younger than 5.
  • You are pregnant. Pregnant women who are already getting allergy shots may keep getting them. But doctors don’t recommend starting allergy shots during pregnancy.

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Can Allergy Medications Safely Be Used During Pregnancy

Antihistamines may be useful during pregnancy to treat the nasal and eye symptoms of seasonal or perennial allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, the itching of urticaria or eczema, and as an adjunct to the treatment of serious allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis . With the exception of life-threatening anaphylaxis, the benefits from their use must be weighed against any risk to the fetus. Because symptoms may be of such severity to affect maternal eating, sleeping or emotional well-being, and because uncontrolled rhinitis may pre-dispose to sinusitis or may worsen asthma, antihistamines may provide definite benefit during pregnancy.

Chlorpheniramine , and diphenhydramine have been used for many years during pregnancy with reassuring animal studies. Generally, chlorpheniramine would be the preferred choice, but a major drawback of these medications is drowsiness and performance impairment in some patients.. Two of the newer less sedating antihistamines loratadine , and cetirizine have reassuring animal and human study data and are currently recommended when indicated for use during pregnancy.

When women with asthma and allergies get pregnant, one-third find their asthma and allergies improved, one-third find they worsen and one-third remain unchanged.

Allergist James Sublett, MD

Safe Otc Allergy Meds To Take During Pregnancy

These over-the-counter allergy meds have no known harmful effects during pregnancy when you take them according to the package directions.

Note: Do not take the ‘D’ forms of these medications in your first trimester.

Check with your doctor before taking any medicines during your pregnancy. Be especially cautious in the first trimester, a crucial time for your baby’s development.

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Main Findings From This Study

  • Scientific research suggests that using most types of antihistamines during pregnancy is not linked to birth defects.
  • Out of 54 studies examined, 9 studies showed potential links between certain antihistamines and certain birth defects. Researchers need to study these potential links further.
  • Researchers found many studies on antihistamine medications typically used to treat allergies, asthma, or nausea and vomiting .
  • Examples of H1-receptor antagonists include diphenhydramine , dimenhydrinate , loratadine , and cetirizine .
  • In contrast, researchers found relatively few studies on antihistamines typically used to treat indigestion .
  • Examples of H2-receptor antagonists include ranitidine , famotidine , and cimetidine .
    • Talk with your doctor if you are pregnant and you have taken any medicine or are thinking of taking any medicine. This includes prescription and over-the-counter medications, as well as dietary or herbal products.
    • Pregnant women should not stop or start taking any type of medication that they need without first talking with a doctor.
    • If you are planning a pregnancy and are using any medications, please talk to your doctor about which medications are necessary and should be continued.

    Are Asthma Medicines Safe To Use During Pregnancy

    Allergy medications and pregnancy

    Is It Safe to Use Asthma Inhalers or Corticosteroids While Pregnant?

    During pregnancy, doctors may consider some asthma medicines to be safer than others, so your medicines may change. Work with your doctors to find the besttreatment for you. These include:

    • Short-acting inhaled bronchodilators
    • Anti-leukotriene agents like montelukast
    • Some inhaled corticosteroids, like budesonide

    Long-acting beta agonists are not considered first-line treatments for pregnant women with asthma. But doctors may consider them if your asthma is not well-controlled by the above medicines.

    If your asthma is very severe, oral steroids, such as prednisone, may be necessary for the health of you and baby.

    Asthma symptoms may get worse, stay the same, or get better during pregnancy. Talk to your health care provider to make sure the medicines you are taking are still the right choice. Update your Asthma Action Plan as needed.

    Remember: It is better for you and your baby if you maintain asthma control .

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    Can You Take Allergy Medicine While Pregnant

    Brian Levine, MD, MS, is board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology as well as in reproductive endocrinology and infertility.

    Seasonal allergies can be tricky to manage in the best of times, but when youre pregnant , staying on top of your allergy symptoms feels like a major effort.

    You dont want to take anything that could harm your baby, but you also cant spend any more days walking around in an allergy-induced fog. What is safe to take for your allergies while pregnant and what isnt? Heres a breakdown of your options.

    What Allergy Relief Is Safe In Pregnancy

    Suffering from allergies during pregnancy is never a fun experience. Not only do you have all the pregnancy related aches and pains, but your nose feels like someone stuffed it with cotton and youre constantly sneezing. Some allergy medications are considered safe for use during pregnancy, but its always the best idea to talk with your obstetrician before taking any medication either over the counter or prescription. Medications are categorized based upon safety during pregnancy and your obstetrician will be able to talk with you about the categories and which medications are best for your symptoms.

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    Is It Safe To Take Benadryl During Pregnancy

    When youre suffering from an allergic reaction, you want to take something to help relieve the symptoms. Pregnant people have used Benadryl routinely and safely as an antihistamine to block the effects of allergic reactions.

    Benadryl is generally safe to take during pregnancy. It is classified as a Category B medication by the Food and Drug Administration . This classification means the drug is believed to pose no risk to people taking the medication during pregnancy, and no risk to the baby as well.

    However, it doesnt mean that its completely risk-free. There are no controlled studies to show its definitely safe in pregnancy, says Dr. Taraneh Shirazian, an OB-GYN at NYU Langone Health and founder of Saving Mothers.

    Pregnant people still need to be cautious when taking the drug. Healthcare professionals advise to take Benadryl only when you need it for allergies since no medication is 100% safe to use during pregnancy, says Clinical Pharmacist Jerry Wong, PharmD, who has worked at Texas Children’s Hospital and Houston Methodist Hospital. Benadryl should be used in the lowest effective dose for the shortest time possible, he cautions.

    If your allergies are ongoing and you need relief beyond the occasional dose, speak to your physician. Don’t use any medication regularly in pregnancy unless prescribed by a physician, advises Dr. Shirazian.

    Herbals And Dietary Supplements

    Single Working Mom: What Can I Take For Allergies While ...

    During pregnancy, herbal remedies are used for nausea, respiratory symptoms, urinary tract infections, pain, and other nonspecific issues.40 However, there are few human data on the safety of herbal remedies in pregnancy. The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 requires manufacturers to ensure the safety of supplements before marketing. However, there is no registration process with the FDA, which takes action only if a supplement is found to be unsafe after marketing.41 Herbals were not included in the NBDPS until the year 2000. According to a subanalysis of the NBDPS, 10.9% of women use herbals during pregnancy, most commonly peppermint, cranberry extract, herbal teas, ginger, chamomile, Echinacea, ginseng, raspberry leaf, and ephedra products.42

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    Can Pregnant Women Take Claritin Allergy Medicine

    Many women are asking can pregnant women take Claritin allergy medicine? The short answer is no. Everything and pregnant women ingests will pass through the placenta and into the babys body. Please read that sentence again. Anything you put in your mouth is like putting it in the growing babys mouth. Any women carrying a baby needs to think very carefully about what she eats or takes for medications.

    Ask a doctor can pregnant women take Claritin allergy medicine and he say yes. Please remember that the doctor will base that answer on existing research that he or she is aware of. There may be research proving the harm Claritin can do to the baby, but the doctor is not aware of it. Or even worse, perhaps Claritin does indeed harm a baby in the womb however scientific research has not yet found the research to support the claim.

    Also, be aware if a doctor says that pregnant women can take claritin allergy medicine because a study showed that it did no harm. That study maybe only looked at Claritins effect on X,Y and Z. We still dont know if it harms P, D and Q. So, the simple answer to can pregnant women take Claritin allergy medicine is a resounding no.

    What does a pregnant woman do for her allergies?

    Stay Away From Sugar

    In addition to staying away from sugar, eat has many fresh foods as possible. Processed foods contain chemicals which are bad for you and your baby.

    Maintain A Healthy Digestive System

    Avoid Certain Allergy Medicine While Pregnant

    There are a number of medications that are not safe to take during pregnancy. First among them are oral decongestants.

    Oral decongestants are best avoided altogether during the first trimester because of an uncertain risk of several rare birth defects, says Ciara Staunton, a family nurse practitioner and owner of Staunton Primary Care in Cincinnati. However, Sudafed , which is locked up behind the pharmacy counter, can be used in the second and third trimesters in women without hypertension.

    But Staunton warns that Sudafed-PE , the over-the-counter option, should never be taken during pregnancy. It is less effective than pseudoephedrine. But more importantly, its safety for pregnant women is questionable.

    Ms. Staunton also recommends against using any herbal therapies during pregnancy. In the United States and most other countries, herbal medicines are minimally regulated and not monitored for adverse events.

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    How Might Allergies Affect Your Pregnancy And Baby

    If you have allergies, you can definitely have a safe, healthy pregnancy. In fact, your baby likely wont notice a thing in there, even if youre feeling pretty lousy.

    Tell your doctor about your symptoms, and always check before using any medication even those you were regularly taking before conceiving .

    Also, try as best as you can to steer clear of known allergy triggers when possible .

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    Prescription Medications Youre Already Taking

    Pregnancy and Allergies

    Before pregnancy, you may already be taking prescription medications for thyroid issues, high blood pressure, or other conditions. Speak with your doctor about continuing these medications, especially if youre already pregnant or plan to become pregnant in the near future.

    In many cases, you may safely take your medication during pregnancy. Sometimes you may need to either adjust dosages or switch to another medication thats considered safer for you and baby.

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    Can You Take Allergy Medications While Pregnant

    When youre pregnant, you want to safeguard not only your health but also the health of your baby. So, if you wrestle with allergies, you may be wondering about the safety of your allergy medications. Heres what you need to know so that you and your doctor can create an effective allergy management plan for you.

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    Itchy Eyes Sore Throat: How To Manage Allergies And Asthma During Pregnancy

    May 15, 2018

    This article is authored in part by Matthew Feldman, M.D.

    April showers bring May flowers andallergies for 50 million people in the United States. Springis the peak of allergy and asthma season for many patients. The severity of seasonal allergy symptoms can range from hardly noticeable,to annoying, to intolerable without medication or other treatment.

    Tomake matters worse, symptoms can become more severe during pregnancy. When notcontrolled, allergies and asthma can lead to the need for antibiotics orsteroids, which might cause health problems for a woman and her baby. Letsdiscuss what women should know about seasonal allergies and asthma duringpregnancy and what they can do to relieve symptoms safely.

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    Should I Continue My Allergy Shots During Pregnancy

    It is appropriate to continue allergy shots during pregnancy in women who are not having reactions to the shots, because they may lessen your allergic or asthma symptoms. There is no evidence that they have any influence on preventing allergies in the newborn. It is not generally recommended that allergy shots be started during pregnancy.

    To summarize: It is extremely important to monitor closely any asthma or allergic problems during your pregnancy. In the vast majority of cases, you and your child can look forward to a good outcome, even if your asthma is severe, so long as you follow your doctors instructions carefully. At the very first signs of breathing difficulty, call your doctor.

    Remember the danger of providing an inadequate supply of oxygen to your baby is a much greater risk than taking the commonly used asthma medications.

    The best way to take control of your allergies and have a healthy pregnancy is to speak with an allergist.

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