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Does Hydroxyzine Help With Allergies

How Much Hydroxyzine Can I Give My Dog


Treating dogs with antihistamines can take some trial and error as each animal reacts very differently.

So, its impossible to recommend across the board dosages that will produce good results.

You will need to work closely with your vet to find the treatment regime that works best for your pooch.

What Does Hydroxyzine Do

Hydroxyzine has many different things it can do to the human body. Chemically saying, it is a first-generation antihistamine of the diphenylmethane and piperazine class. It was first formulated in 1956 and marketed by a big brand in the United States the same year.

Hydroxyzine acts as an antihistamine which reduces the natural histamine in our bodies. What does this mean exactly? Well, it means that hydroxyzine effects the receptor system in the human brain.

In humans, it can take away the sneezing, runny nose, or even hives on the skin that occur in many allergic reactions. But most importantly, it is used to treat anxiety and tension that occurs due to disorders like psychoneurosis. It is also used to treat hyper cases of hyperalgesia and motion sickness that causes nausea.

Although hydroxyzine is sedative and hypnotic, interestingly, it does not have any limitation or potential to be abusive or addicting as per the law. However, like many other medical sedatives, preparing and consuming hydroxyzine also requires a doctors prescription.

There are two different formula available for the preparation of the drug the pamoate and the hydrochloride salts and both of them are used in the medical field for the preparation of different medicines.

Can Hydroxyzine Cause Problems

Along with their useful effects, most medicines can cause unwanted side-effects although not everyone experiences them. The table below contains the most common ones associated with hydroxyzine. You will find a full list in the manufacturer’s information leaflet supplied with your medicine. The unwanted effects often improve as your body adjusts to the new medicine, but speak with your doctor or pharmacist if any continue or become troublesome.

Hydroxyzine side-effects
Speak with your doctor if this becomes troublesome
Stomach upset Stick to simple meals – avoid rich or spicy foods

If you experience any other symptoms which you think may be due to this medicine, speak with your doctor or pharmacist for further advice.

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How Does Hydroxyzine Work

Hydroxyzine is a drug for allergies that fall under the drug category of antihistamines. When your dog suffers from an allergic reaction, his body will produce a chemical that is known as histamine.

This chemical is what causes inflammation and itchiness as part of the bodys reaction to the allergen. Hydroxyzine works to counteract histamine, thereby eliminating the allergy.

How Long Do Hydroxyzines Effects Last And How Long Does It Stay In Your System

Does hydroxyzine help with anxiety . hydroxyzine pam 50mg ...

Hydroxyzine is a type of drug called an antihistamine.

It works by attaching to histamine receptors in your body. This produces a calming effect that helps relieve anxiety and itching.

You may continue to have these effects from hydroxyzine for several hours after you take the drug.

Hydroxyzines half-life can be used to figure out how long the drug stays in your system. The half-life of a drug is the time it takes for half of a drugs dose to leave your body. Hydroxyzines half-life is about 14 hours. So it takes about 14 hours for your body to get rid of half of a dose of hydroxyzine.

Typically, it takes about five half-lives for a drug to completely leave your system. For hydroxyzine, this means the drug will stay in your system for about 70 hours after your last dose.

To learn more about how hydroxyzine works and how long its effects last, talk with your doctor or pharmacist.

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How Does Hydroxyzine Work For Anxiety

Researchers dont know the whole process of how hydroxyzine works in our body, but they do agree on this that it basically changes the effects of 2 chemicals in our bodies: histamine and serotonin.

When hydroxyzine blocks the effects of histamine in our body, then we start feeling sleepy. A similar thing might happen with you after taking Benadryl or Nyquil. Whereas Serotonin is a chemical that affects our mood and Hydroxyzine has a unique effect on serotonin, thats why its the only antihistamine used in the treatment of anxiety.

Is Hydroxyzine Used To Help With Sleep If It Is Whats The Dosage

Hydroxyzine is not approved to help with sleep. But it may be used off-label for this purpose.

Hydroxyzine can affect everyone differently. Both sleepiness and insomnia are possible side effects of the drug.

So its possible that hydroxyzine may help you sleep. But the drug may also keep you awake.

Youll know more about how hydroxyzine affects you after youve taken the drug for several days.

To learn more about using hydroxyzine to help with sleep, talk with your doctor.

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Precautions For Pregnant And Nursing Women

While hydroxyzine pamoate is generally safe and well-tolerated for most people, women who are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant, should talk to their doctors before taking the medication. Studies performed on mice and rats have shown that use of hydroxyzine pamoate during pregnancy corresponded to an increased risk of birth defects. Because of uncertainty surrounding the impacts of hydroxyzine pamoate on fetuses in the first trimester, the medication is not recommended for use during this period of pregnancy. Despite the dangers of using hydroxyzine pamoate in the first trimester of pregnancy, the medication is considered to be safe for use in the second and third trimester at the current time. However, use of the medication should be stopped prior to labor, as use of hydroxyzine pamoate during or immediately preceding labor may cause a drop in fetal heart rate, increase the risk of seizures in infants, and increase short-term and long-term side effects when used in conjunction with narcotics.Hydroxyzine pamoate can be transmitted through breast milk to infants, so use of the medication while breastfeeding is not recommended. Infants who are exposed to antihistamines can experience drowsiness, irritability, or unexpectedly high levels of excitement additionally, hydroxyzine pamoate can lower milk production in breastfeeding mothers.

Hydroxyzine Abuse Dependence And Addiction

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Hydroxyzine has effective anxiolytic, hypnotic and sedative properties. It can induce feelings of relaxation and euphoria. On top of being versatile, this medication does not share any of the abuse, addiction or dependence potentials that come with other similar drugs. This is one of the primary reasons why this medication is extremely appealing to patients since a hydroxyzine high is not going to be too addictive.

Many patients whether hydroxyzine high will lead to abuse and dependence. It is possible, although the demographics that tend to fall victim to hydroxyzine abuse are teenagers.

To get a better idea of how others have reacted to hydroxyzine, check out Erowid for hydroxyzine, Atarax, hydroxyzine pam and Vistaril. This website provides a collection of reports on various experiences others have had with hydroxyzine. It tells you whether theyve gotten an Atarax high, or whether they felt nothing at all. Check out the hydroxyzine erowid experiences to find out more about the drug.

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What Are The Ingredients Of Hydroxyzine

I am about to give you a bunch of language that only if you are a scientist will you understand. But I feel as though in order to give your pet, whom you love so much, a medication, you should first and foremost know what is in the medication because you, yourself, would not take or give your child a medication without first knowing what was in it. So, why would you do anything less for your pets?

Talking about ingredients in hydroxyzine that exists in the form of pamoate is light yellow color and it is truly odorless. It is also soluble in water meaning that it dissolves, or at least, mostly dissolves in water.

This odorless, light yellow colored powder is made up by 1- 4- diethylenediamine salt of 1,1-methylene bis . Again, the average person will not understand what that means but what you should know is that hydroxyzine pamoate is only some of what is in the antihistamine portion of hydroxyzine.

With that said, when you take a form of hydroxyzine because of an allergic reaction or because of anxiety you are really taking hydroxyzine hydrochloride. Hydroxyzine hydrochloride contains inactive ingredients which include colloidal silicon dioxide, D& C yellow #10, FD& C blue #1, gelatin, magnesium stearate, pregelatinized starch, sodium lauryl sulfate, and titanium dioxide.

Hydroxyzine Oral Tablet Basics

Hydroxyzine is classified as an antihistamine.

Youll take hydroxyzine oral tablets by mouth.

Note: Hydroxyzine also comes as capsules, syrup, and a solution thats given by injection. Hydroxyzine hydrochloride is found in oral tablets. Other types of hydroxyzine are found in other forms of the drug. Only the oral tablet form is described in this article. If youd like to learn about hydroxyzines other forms, talk with your doctor or pharmacist.

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Things To Know Before Taking

There are several things you should know before using hydroxyzine, including:

  • Do not use while pregnant. You should not use hydroxyzine while pregnant, especially during the first or second trimester.
  • Do not use if you have heart problems. Because hydroxyzine can cause a serious heart problem, it is important that you do not have any heart issues. If you use certain medications while taking hydroxyzine, the risk for heart problems can increase. Talk to your doctor about your medications.
  • Do not drink alcohol while using this medicine. Consuming alcohol can increase the risk for side effects.
  • Be careful if you need to stay alert. Side effects can include impaired thinking or reactions. So, take caution if you have to drive or need to be alert.

Hydroxyzine Is An Antihistamine Similar To Benadryl Its Often Prescribed By Doctors To Treat Sleeplessness Especially Insomnia Resulting From Anxiety

Pharmaceutical Tablets

Its 2 A.M. and youre lying in bed wide awake. You havent been able to get a truly restful night of sleep all week and you can feel your daytime hours suffering because of it.

Tomorrow is a busy day and youre really becoming concerned with how youre going to make it through without nodding off at your desk. Youre desperate for some sleep.

So what do you do?

For many people, situations like this mean turning to an antihistamine to get some shuteye. In fact, 1 in 5 adults regularly rely on over-the-counter sleep medication. And antihistamines are among the most commonly used.

Aleve PM, Unisom Sleep Tablets, and Nyquil all have antihistamine ingredients. And Benadryl, another antihistamine, is one of the most often used sleep aids- even by those who dont suffer from any allergies at all.

But working your way through the drug store sleep isle isnt always reliable or effective. In fact, despite your best efforts and countless purchases, you might still be awake.

When youve tried everything you can think of- from white noise to melatonin- it may be time to work with a doctor and see if a prescription sleep aid might be helpful to you.

Hydroxyzine, a prescription antihistamine, is one prescription your doctor may consider. Here, well go over what you need to know about this medication and how it can help when insomnia wont let you sleep.

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Which Type Is Best

There’s not much evidence to suggest any particular antihistamine is better than any other at relieving allergy symptoms.

Some people find certain types work well for them and others do not. You may need to try several types to find one that works for you.

Non-drowsy antihistamines are generally the best option, as they’re less likely to make you feel sleepy. But types that make you feel sleepy may be better if your symptoms stop you sleeping.

Ask a pharmacist for advice if you’re unsure which medicine to try as not all antihistamines are suitable for everyone.

What Is The Protocol For Using Hydroxyzine For Dogs

Your vet will work to determine the appropriate dosage according to a few factors.

These include the severity of the symptoms, the size of your dog, and any existing treatments or illnesses your dog has.

Generally, a 7 to 10-day therapeutic trial will reveal if the treatment is going to work.

After this, your vet will assess the situation and decide whether to prescribe antihistamines that are to be taken on a more regular basis.

They may even prescribe another type of antihistamine for your dog.

Or decide that treating your dogs itchiness another way will yield the best results.

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Hydroxyzine For Dogs Side Effects

If your dog is taking hydroxyzine, you should keep the possible side effects in mind. Monitor your dog for any symptoms.

They vary from mild to severe. The most common side effect is drowsiness. But, sometimes this is the desired outcome.

Other, rarer side effects include:

  • excitement,
  • an increase of pruritus
  • cardiovascular problems
  • urinary retention
  • intestinal atony

There is also not much evidence regarding the effects that antihistamines have on a pregnant or breastfeeding animal.

So, if your dog is pregnant it would be wise to discuss this with your vet.

Hydroxyzine Is An H1 Antihistamine

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This results in a feeling of drowsiness.

These days, another type known as H2 antihistamines are commonly used. They have been developed so as not to cause drowsiness.

But for cases of severe pruritus, many still prefer hydroxyzine.

The sedative properties are beneficial in these instances. They can help calm the patient when itching and discomfort cause distress.

This is how hydroxyzine is used on humans. But what is hydroxyzine for dogs?

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Dealing With A Psychological Addiction

While its not possible to get physically addicted or even dependent on hydroxyzine, some people may feel the need to take larger and larger doses. This is a form of psychological addiction although it has more to do with ones mental state than with the medication.

In these situations, you can still seek help from a recovery center, like Northpoint Washington. Well help you delve further into the underlying causes behind your addiction. Perhaps, youre using hydroxyzine as an escape for dealing with other situations, like with a hydroxyzine high. Or, perhaps, you simply have a personality that is prone to addiction.

If you believe that you are misusing hydroxyzine, we can help you learn how to identify triggers and build better habits. We offer therapies like mindfulness-based relapse prevention. While you might not be addicted or be susceptible to relapses, you can learn quite a lot from this type of therapy.

Therapies, like mindfulness-based relapse prevention, will teach you how to be more aware of your own mental state. It will also explore your relationship with addiction.

If youre interested, contact us for more information. Were happy to help!

What Is This Medicine

HYDROXYZINE is an antihistamine. This medicine may be used to treat allergy symptoms, such as hives or itching. It may also be used to treat anxiety and tension. It can also be used with other medicines to induce sleep before surgery.

This medicine may be used for other purposes ask your health care provider or pharmacist if you have questions.

COMMON BRAND NAME: Hyzine, Vistaril

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How Does This Medication Work What Will It Do For Me

Hydroxyzine belongs to the class of medications called antihistamines. It is used to relieve itching and other symptoms caused by allergic conditions. It can help to alleviate itching due to an adverse reaction to opioid medications. It works by blocking the actions of one of the body’s natural chemicals known as histamine. Histamine is responsible for many of the symptoms seen when an allergic reaction occurs. The calming effects of hydroxyzine result from its sedating side effect.

It is also used to manage anxiety and tension caused by situations such as dental procedures or acute emotional problems. Hydroxyzine is sometimes used as part of the treatment of alcoholism. Hydroxyzine is also used to control nausea and vomiting .

This medication may be available under multiple brand names and/or in several different forms. Any specific brand name of this medication may not be available in all of the forms or approved for all of the conditions discussed here. As well, some forms of this medication may not be used for all of the conditions discussed here.

Your doctor may have suggested this medication for conditions other than those listed in these drug information articles. If you have not discussed this with your doctor or are not sure why you are taking this medication, speak to your doctor. Do not stop taking this medication without consulting your doctor.

What Should I Know About Hydroxyzine Compared With Benadryl Xanax Lexapro Or Zoloft

Get Hydroxyzine Prescribed Online

Hydroxyzine belongs to a group of drugs called antihistamines. Its prescribed to:

  • treat itching
  • help induce sedation before or after you receive anesthesia for surgery

Diphenhydramine is also an antihistamine. Its available over the counter, so you dont need a prescription for it. Benadryl is also used to treat itching and other allergy symptoms.

Alprazolam , escitalopram , and sertraline are prescription drugs that can be used for anxiety. Xanax is a benzodiazepine, while Lexapro and Zoloft are antidepressants.

To learn more about how hydroxyzine compares with these medications, talk with your doctor or pharmacist.

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How Quickly Will You Feel The Effects Of Hydroxyzine

Another benefit of Vistaril is that it is fast-acting. You can feel its effects once the compounds are absorbed into the gastrointestinal tract. If taken orally, the effects are usually felt within 15 to 30 minutes. Thats quite quick in comparison to many other similar drugs.

You can determine when you should take the medication based on when the effects will kick in. For example, if you are taking the medication for motion sickness, take it 30 minutes before you get on the car, plane or train. This way, youll already feel the effects of the drug before the condition even has a chance of kicking in.


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