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How To Protect Yourself From Dust Allergies

Use Safe Cleaning Chemicals

How to Protect Yourself from Dust Allergies — From the makers of ZYRTEC®

You dont have to buy the big-name brand cleaning supplies off of the shelves to clean effectively. You can use independent cleaning solutions made with mild chemical or environmentally friendly cleaning supplies that are water-based. Look for cleaners that claim to be free of chemicals, parabens, irritants, and VOCs. These kinds of components can cause irritation and reactions, and you can avoid all of that by simply buying different cleaning supplies.

Do Allergy Shots Cause Weight Gain

Could the shots cause me to gain weight? No, allergy shots are not known to be associated with weight gain. On the other hand, some allergy medications are. If you are taking antihistamines on a regular basis, they may be contributing to your weight gain, as some of them are known to increase appetite.

Where Do Dust Mites Come From

Dust mites occur naturally and can appear in nearly all homes. Humidity is the most important factor in determining whether a house has high concentrations of dust mites. Dust mites do not drink water like we do they absorb moisture from the air. In areas with low humidity, like deserts, dust mites cannot survive.

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What About Acaricidal Paints

No interest. No more than those supposed to be anti-mold. 95% of anti-mite products are useless, except to empty your wallet, says Chrisbelle Speyer. Not only do these paints contain chemicals with a limited lifespan which in the meantime can be irritating to the bronchi but the idea itself seems quite absurd: anyway, any smooth material is washable to remove the stains. mites, which do not fly and nest on the walls. From now on, allergists recommend using mechanical and physical means, rather than chemicals, adds Dr. Silcret-Grieu. We also do not recommend acaricide sprays.

Tips To Help You Control Your Asthma

Protect Yourself From Dust Mites With Asthma and Allergy ...
  • Take your asthma medications as prescribed. Everyone with asthma should have a rescue medication. Always have your rescue/emergency inhaler with you. Many people will also have medications that prevent asthma symptoms and should be taken daily.
  • Identify and avoid environmental triggers as much as possible .
  • Know what to do if your asthma symptoms worsen. Have an updated asthma action plan.
  • Maintain a healthy weight and active lifestyle. Obesity has been tied to worsening of asthma symptoms and can limit the effectiveness of some medications. Speak with your doctor if you have concerns.
  • If you have asthma symptoms or need your rescue inhaler 4 or more times/week, contact your health care provider or speak to a Certified Respiratory Therapist today by calling 1-866-717-2673.
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    Are Allergy Shots Right For You

    If you are interested in finding out whether allergy shots might work for you, talk to an allergist certified by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology.

    • Shots may be right for you if you have very severe symptoms that interfere with your normal activities even though you are taking appropriate medication. For more information on medications, see Understanding Allergy and Hay Fever Medications.
    • They are a good option for people who have severe side effects from allergy medications or who cannot take allergy medications at all.
    • Allergy shots are suitable for both children older than 2 years and adults.
    • Allergy shots are generally not given to people with heart problems or severe asthma, to people who take beta-blocker drugs for heart problems, high blood pressure, or glaucoma, or to people who take drugs called monoamine oxidase inhibitors.

    Before prescribing shots, your allergist will do a full evaluation.

    Suggestions To Reduce Symptoms

    Suggestions to prevent or limit symptoms of hay fever include:

    • In your garden, choose plants that are pollinated by birds or insects, rather than plants that release their seeds into the air.
    • Splash your eyes often with cold water to flush out any allergen.
    • Reduce your exposure to dust and dust mites, animals and animal hair or fur .

    If you are allergic to grass pollen, it can be difficult to avoid but the following advice may help:

    • when possible avoid being outdoors on high pollen days and avoid thunderstorms during grass pollen season, particularly the wind gusts that precede them
    • avoid activities known to cause exposure to pollen, such as mowing grass
    • shower after outdoor activities where exposure to pollen is high
    • use re-circulated air in the car when pollen levels are high
    • wear sunglasses
    • dry bedding and clothing inside or in a tumble dryer.

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    Housecleaning Tips To Ease Allergies

    Regular housecleaning can get rid of many allergy triggers and help relieve your symptoms.

    It helps to know some cleaning tips. Common mistakes — shampooing carpets or using heavily scented cleaners — could make your allergies worse, not better.

    Here are some ways to keep your house clean and your allergies under control.

    Use Dust Mite Sprays With Natural Essential Oils

    Want to know how to protect yourself from dust allergy? Watch this.

    Our last way to protect from dust mites is to use sprays. Here at Dust Mite Solutions, I only recommend organic sprays. For me, chemicals inside the house are a big no-no as they will likely cause additional allergy symptoms or sensitivities.

    If you have allergies, consider storing cleaning chemicals outside or in the garage. Many people keep them inside the home, but no one really knows the long-term effects those chemicals have on our indoor air and our bodies.

    In another article, I recommend a few dust mite sprays, but your best bet is to make an affordable, 100% organic DIY dust mite spray. The ingredients are minimal and will make multiple batches of household spray that is safe for you and your family.

    The essential oils will kill the dust mites that are on the outer layers of couches, carpets, and beds. Check out the blog article with the instructions below!

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    Get Medical Advice About Allergies

    Keep your doctor well informed about your allergy symptoms and ask about medications that may help reduce them.

    Research on allergies has been a priority in recent years and there are several newer medications that do not cause drowsiness and work effectively.

    Ask your doctor to explain how the newer medications work to help your body resist allergy attacks. Also ask about interactions with other medications and alcohol or possible side effects.

    Managing Your Hay Fever

    Identifying the allergen/s causing the symptoms is an important part of managing hay fever. In some cases the cause may be obvious but in others your doctor will need to consider your medical history together with the results of allergy tests , which may require referral to a specialist.

    Some medications may help relieve the symptoms of hay fever. Ask your GP or pharmacist for advice. You may be advised to try:

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    There Are No Allergy Drops For Food Allergies Yet

    Sublingual immunotherapy is when tiny doses of the allergen are placed under your tongue via drops and absorbed through your mouth.

    One study in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology found that two-thirds of 37 children who did 3-5 years of sublingual immunotherapy could tolerate at least 750 mg of peanut protein. Ten patients still had protection even after the immunotherapy stopped. Side effects were minor.

    This method is still in development, says. Dr. Lin. There are no approved therapies right now.

    There are only limited studies evaluating the safety and efficacy of sublingual immunotherapy for food allergies and no specific product that has been developed or submitted for FDA approval, adds Dr. Stukus.

    That said, clinicians do use sublingual treatments off-label, he adds.

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    What Are The 10 Most Common Food Allergies

    Want to know how to protect yourself from dust allergy ...

    The 10 Most Common Food AllergiesPeanuts. ⦠Soy. ⦠Wheat. ⦠Tree Nuts. ⦠Shellfish. ⦠Fish. ⦠Raw Fruits and Vegetables. ⦠Sesame Seeds. Put down the everything bagel â one seed on your favorite breakfast treat could cause a boatload of allergenic symptoms.Meer itemsâ¦Ã¢Â¢8 feb. 2012

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    Can I All Of A Sudden Become Allergic To My Dog

    Its not the dogs hair or fur thats the real problem. Instead, people are usually allergic to the dander flakes of dead skin as well as the saliva and urine. So, no matter how long or short the hair, any dog can potentially cause an allergic reaction. You might wonder why dog dander has such an effect on you.

    Protect Yourself From Dust Mites With Asthma And Allergy Friendly Pillows And Pillow Covers

    When you lay your head on your pillow at night, all you want to think about is comfort not millions of dust mites. And if you have a dust mite allergy, having all those microscopic insects near your head can make you uncomfortable by triggering allergy and asthma symptoms.

    You can create a healthier sleeping environment by using pillows that are CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly®. Or you can cover your existing pillow in a CERTIFIED pillow cover.

    The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America also recommends that you replace your pillow every two years.

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    Second Stay Indoors When Pollen Counts Are High

    When pollen counts are high, shut the windows and use the air conditioner, suggests Leftwich.

    “The biggest problem pollen-sensitive patients have are the times when the pollen is heaviest and outside temperatures are the nicest,” he says. “People are tempted to sleep with the windows open.”

    Big mistake, he tells them. “Normally with the windows shut and the air conditioner on there is very little pollen in your house.”

    Ways To Prevent Dust Mite Allergies

    How to Protect Yourself from Allergies

    Medically reviewed by Rosanna Sutherby, PharmD on March 25, 2020. To give you technically accurate, evidence-based information, content published on the Everlywell blog is reviewed by credentialed professionals with expertise in medical and bioscience fields.

    Dust mites are tiny organisms that feed off dust and moisture in the air. Theyâre so tiny, in fact, that you can barely see them with the naked eye. But despite their size, these small organisms can be highly disruptive and uncomfortable for those of us with a dust mite allergy.

    Theyâre a common indoor allergen that can often lead to dust mite allergy symptoms like a runny nose, itchy eyes, wheezing, sneezing, and coughing. These dust mite allergens hide in mattresses, pillows, carpeting, and furnitureâand can become airborne anytime someone vacuums, walks on the carpet where the dust mites are present, or disturbs the bedding where theyâre lurking. If youâre unsure whether you have a dust mite allergy, the Everlywell at-home allergy test can help you find out.

    Thankfully, there are a handful of ways to help prevent a dust mite allergy. From bedding to cleaning, letâs take a closer look at how you can eliminate dust mites and save yourself from experiencing allergic symptoms.

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    Dry Itchy Eyes Fight Back Against Pollen Dust And Other Allergens

    After a long and cold winter, spring is always a welcome sight. Unless, of course, you are a seasonal allergy sufferer. Whats beautiful for everyone else is just itchy eyes and congestion for you.

    So, what gives? Both eye and skin allergies happen as the result of your bodys immune system detecting allergens, such as pollen, as a threat. Of course, pollen isnt actually dangerous, but your body doesnt know the difference and releases histamines that make your eyes and skin sensitive and itchy.

    Your allergies are especially awful during spring months because trees, grasses, and weeds release pollen into the air to fertilize other plants. Even after the pollen has faded from the air, allergens like pet dander, dust, dirt, and cigarette smoke can cause similar allergic reactions.

    While they may seem impossible to avoid, there are some simple steps you can take to help combat pesky allergens. Follow these six easy steps to keep your allergies under control this spring:

  • Protect your home: During high pollen seasons, keep your windows closed and your air filters in your home and car clean.
  • Protect yourself: Wear glasses, sunglasses, or goggles outside to keep allergens out of your eyes.
  • Wash up: Thoroughly wash your hands after touching any animal, plant, or tree.
  • Also, make sure to wash your bed linens to prevent dust mites.

  • Discourage humidity: If you live in a humid climate, a dehumidifier can make your home less hospitable to mold and bacteria.
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    Cat Allergen: Its Everywhere

    The major culprit in cat allergies is Fel d1, a protein excreted in the cats skin, saliva, and urine. When cats lick themselves, they deposit Fel d1 on their fur. When the cat sheds, the allergens on the hair and dander spread.

    And do they ever spread. Fel d1 proteins are small, so they remain suspended in the air. Fel d1 is also sticky, and takes a long time to decompose, Blaiss explains. The proteins cling to surfaces like draperies, carpets, furniture, bedding, clothing, even walls and ceilings.

    Because of this, cat allergens are notoriously difficult to remove from a home, even with cleaning and vacuuming. Research has shown that there are cat proteins in almost all U.S. homes, even in homes where there are no cats. In school classrooms, kids can bring in enough Fel d1 on their clothes and backpacks to trigger asthma symptoms in their allergic classmates.

    Bathing cats can cut down on Fel d1 in the fur, but only for a day or so. Studies have found female cats produce a lower level of allergens than males, while neutered males produce lower levels than unneutered males but they all produce plenty.

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    How Do Dust Mite Allergens Affect Health

    Mites are one of the major indoor triggers for people with allergies and asthma. 2

    Chronic, ongoing exposure to dust mites at home can dramatically impact the health of people with asthma and those who are allergic or particularly sensitive to mites. These allergens cause an immune system response, known as allergic rhinitis. A dust mite allergy can range from mild to severe. A mild case may cause an occasional runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing. In severe cases, the condition is ongoing, or chronic, resulting in persistent sneezing, cough, congestion, facial pressure or severe asthma attack. People with asthma who are sensitive to mites face an increased risk of flare-ups or asthma attack.3

    Other Changes To Make At Home

    The Secret to Deep Cleaning and Protecting Yourself from ...

    These aren’t cleaning tips, but they’ll make cleaning easier and may help prevent allergy flare-ups.

    • Say goodbye to your rugs. Rugs and carpets can trap allergens. Having vinyl, tile, or hardwood floors reduces your exposure to triggers. Get smaller, washable rugs that you can toss into the laundry.
    • Get special bedding. Use dust-proof covers on your mattress and pillows to keep dust mites out.
    • Get rid of your drapes or horizontal blinds. They trap both dust and allergens. Switch to roll shades.
    • Take shoes off before you go in the house. That way pollens or other triggers wonât get tracked in.
    • Keep pets out of the bedroom. It’s a key way to protect yourself from dander. Don’t ever let pets sleep on the bed if you have pet allergies.
    • Use air-conditioning. Instead of opening windows when itâs hot, use the AC. An air conditioner will filter the air, preventing dust, dirt, pollens, molds, and other triggers from getting in.

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    Cleaning The Air Duct

    It has been stated by experts that one should get their air ducts inspected and cleaned by professionals every few years as it can help in improving the air quality of your home. It will also help in improving the HVAC performance and making your home cleaner. Thus, if you have not checked the air ducts in a while, it is time you do it immediately.

    How To Protect Yourself From Bad Allergies This Allergy Season

    • >
    • How to Protect Yourself From Bad Allergies This Allergy Season

    Allergies pose a large problem for tens of millions of Americans. They can lead to anxiety and sick days for many individuals.

    If left untreated, allergy symptoms can be troubling and you may find yourself avoiding certain things you love out of fear of having a reaction.

    Read ahead how to protect yourself from bad allergies.

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    Dust Mite Allergy Management And Treatment

    Make changes to your home and to your routine:

    • Remove wall-to-wall carpets, curtains, and drapes particularly in the bedroom.
    • Keep pets out of the bedroom, and preferably out of the house.
    • Minimize household humidity.
    • Use mite-proof cases on mattresses and pillows wash bed linens frequently in hot water.
    • Wear a mask when cleaning
    • Keep the relative humidity in your home less than 50%

    Reduce Animal Presence Indoors

    How Dust Causes Allergies and How to Prevent It

    Another way to protect yourself from dust mites is to reduce animal/pet presence inside. I know this is hard for most people, if not impossible, but animals also shed skin and lots of hair.

    In fact, many animals are also becoming allergic to dust mites .

    If you have animals inside they will no-doubt be a contributor to the dust mite population. And if your allergy symptoms are strong enough, you might want to consider keeping your pets outside.

    Many people who have dust mite allergy are also allergic to animals. If this is the case for you, youll want to reconsider having pets or get use to feeling uncomfortable.

    At a minimum, regularly clean the area your pet sleeps. Most HEPA vacuums and HEPA air purifiers work great for pet allergies as well as dust mites. Their use is even more important if you have pets!

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