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Can Allergy Medicine Cause Acid Reflux

Can Acid Reflux Cause Asthma

Study Reveals Surprising Connection Between Acid Reflux, Allergies

Patients with asthma are known to experience GERD and are likelier to develop acid reflux than people without asthma. This is because acid reflux can cause damage to the esophagus, leading to chronic coughing.

Overproduction of acid and constant exposure to stomach contents could also compromise the lungs, making it more susceptible to irritants like dust.

Developing Asthma Due to GERD

Its not just asthmatic patients who can be affected by GERD. Turns out that patients who are non-asthmatic can have respiratory problems due to reflux symptoms.

Wheezing, shortness of breath, difficulty are tell-tale signs of asthma. Commonly diagnosed in childhood, adults can also develop asthma late in their lives due to a variety of reasons. Some patients can develop asthmatic symptoms while others go on to experience chronic asthma symptoms and eventually develop adult asthma.

Asthma can be caused by a variety of stimuli including exposure to allergens and persistent flu. Doctors tend to identify acid reflux, or GERD in particular, as the cause for asthma when:

  • Asthma symptoms worsen after a meal
  • Asthma begins during adulthood, after the patient experiences reflux symptoms
  • Asthma doesnt get better with traditional asthma treatments

Is It Always Serious?

Acid Reflux Medication Doesnt Help Ease Symptoms

If youâve been faithfully taking an antacid or proton pump inhibitor for some time and havenât noticed any difference in your symptoms, that could be a hint that youâre not actually dealing with GERD. Bonus points if you find yourself wishing you could take your medication more often, or at times of the day when you wouldnât normally expect acid reflux symptoms .

What Is Causing My Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain is pain that you feel anywhere between your chest and pelvic region and can range from a minor problem to one needing urgent attention. Dr. Indran Indrakrishnan at Gwinnett Digestive Clinic in Lawrenceville, GA, offers the latest treatments for gastrointestinal conditions.

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Does Asthma Trigger Gerd

Weve seen how GERD can trigger asthma, but can asthma trigger GERD? The short answer is yes. When someone is having an asthma attack, there are pressure changes that happen inside the chest and abdomen. It is thought that these changes in pressure may exacerbate GERD.

The increased pressure on the stomach that occurs when the lungs swell can cause the muscles, which typically prevent acid reflux, to become lax, allowing stomach acid to move back up into the esophagus.

How Gut Health Affects Silent Reflux

The 25+ best Acid reflux pillow ideas on Pinterest

Research shows that your gut health, specifically your microbiome health, may relate to reflux symptoms. One systematic review showed that probiotics seemed to improve the symptoms of GERD, including heartburn, regurgitation, abdominal pain, and gas .

A meta-analysis also found that H. pylori, a bacterium that can infect the stomach and cause ulcers, is present in about half of LPR patients . However, some research shows that H. pylori can actually protect against developing acid reflux or esophageal cancer .

We can tentatively suggest that working to reduce H. pylori and any other gut pathogens as well as supporting the beneficial bacteria in the microbiome with probiotic therapy may help improve LPR or silent reflux symptoms.

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How Are Antihistamines Classified

Antihistamines are divided into two major subtypes. The first subtype is called H-1 receptor antagonists or H-1 blockers. This subtype of antihistamines is used to treat allergy symptoms. The second subtype is called H-2 receptor antagonists or H-2 blockers. They are used to treat gastrointestinal conditions, including gastroesophageal reflux disease , peptic ulcers, gastritis, motion sickness, nausea and vomiting. The naming structure tells doctors and scientists the cell type the location of the histamine receptor that the antihistamine medication blocks.

The H-1 blocker subtype is further broken down into two groups first-generation antihistamines and second-generation antihistamines.

Zyrtec Causes Acid Reflux

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KatieW wrote:I have been having night time acid reflux for a few weeks , and have been careful about diet, smaller meals, not eating in the evening, tried a few antacids, etc. In doing a web search, Dr. Andrew Weil mentions that antihistamines can contribute to acid reflux. So then I did a google search for Zyrtec + acid reflux, and found several hits on forums, where people said this was true for them, and that the acid reflux went away when they stopped Zyrtec. Looking back on my notes, they both started about the same time. Has anyone had this experience? I did a search, but found no previous threads on this. Thanks.Edited to add: I take 1/2 Zyrtec just before bed. Maybe taking it with food at dinner would be better. But I will stop totally for a few days, and see what happens.

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How To Relieve Stress Triggered By Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is usually managed by antacids and proton-pump inhibitors . These medications neutralize stomach acid so that it wont irritate the esophagus. Problem solved. Or not?

The main issue with these medications is that they only treat the symptom, not the cause. Besides that, they have all kinds of unpleasant sideeffects, especially in the long term.

Depending on your condition, such medications might be required, let your doctor decide that. However, there is a lot you can do the help your body manage the symptoms.

If certain foods cause acid reflux, try to avoid those foods. If stress causes acid reflux, try to alleviate stress. Easier said than done, a few tips might help:

  • physical activity

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Ibuprofen And Other Nsaids

Can food allergy play a role in acid reflux?

NSAIDs, including and , also affect prostaglandins and can cause severe esophagitis and bleeding. You may also experience some indigestion and heartburn.

What can you do if you have symptoms of esophagitis while taking an NSAID?

  • Use a protective agent like a proton pump inhibitor , , at the same time.

  • Instead of your NSAID, ask your provider about using a COX-2 inhibitor like , which is safer on the esophagus and stomach.

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How Are These Conditions Ruled Out And Asthma Correctly Diagnosed

To make an asthma diagnosis and make sure your symptoms are not caused by another condition, your doctor will review your medical history, family history, and symptoms. They will be interested in any history of breathing problems you might have had, as well as a family history of asthma or other lung conditions, allergies, or a skin disease called eczema, which is related to allergies. It is important that you describe your symptoms in detail , including when and how often they occur.

You will be asked if you smoke now or have ever smoked. Smoking with asthma is a serious problem. Smoking is also a major factor in certain asthma mimics, including COPD and cancer. You will also be asked about past exposure to harmful chemicals, possibly at a job.

Your doctor will also perform a physical examination and listen to your heart and lungs.

There are many tests your doctor might perform, including lung function tests, allergy tests, blood tests, and chest and sinus X-rays. All of these tests can help your doctor determine if you have asthma and if there are other conditions affecting it.

For more information, see WebMDs article on Asthma Tests.

Design Setting And Participants

A retrospective cohort study was conducted in 792130 children who were Department of Defense TRICARE beneficiaries with a birth medical record in the Military Health System database between October 1, 2001, and September 30, 2013, with continued enrollment from within 35 days of birth until at least age 1 year. Children who had an initial birth stay of greater than 7 days or were diagnosed with any of the outcome allergic conditions within the first 6 months of life were excluded from the study. Data analysis was performed from April 15, 2015, to January 4, 2018.

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What Else Can I Do To Prevent Heartburn

While we would never advise you to simply continue to endure side effects caused by a medication you are taking without talking to your prescribing doctor about them, there are things you can do to attempt to achieve symptom relief yourself.

The steps you can take to treat your heartburn fall into roughly three categories:

  • Using over-the-counter medications to treat heartburn
  • Turning to natural heartburn remedies
  • Making lifestyle changes, including going on an acid reflux diet

Over-the-counter antacids heartburn medications can, themselves, produce side effects you really dont want if you take them for long enough. You dont necessarily want to add diarrhea, kidney stones, and osteoporosis to your list of health problems! You will also want to consult with your pharmacist before you take over-the-counter heartburn medications to make sure they will not interact with the medication you are already using.

Natural heartburn remedies, which include chewing gum for half an hour after eating making sure you dont eat anything after 7 pm , and going for walks after your meals will not harm you in any way, even if they do not cure your heartburn.

Is There A Psychological Component To Gerd

What Causes Acid Reflux?

Various psychosocial factors, including chronic stress, emotional instability, abnormal acid reflux, and obesity, are associated with GERD manifestation and symptoms. In particular, emotional instability, including depression and anxiety, is associated with increased risk of GERD.Psychological factors influence the gastroesophageal reflux disease

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Reflux And Stress Anxiety Depression

It seems quite likely that experiencing chest pain and other symptoms after eating can increase our stress level. According to a study from 2018:

This cross-sectional study revealed that anxiety and depression levels were significantly higher in subjects with GERD than in controls.

  • GERD: gastroesophageal reflux disease, the chronic form of acid reflux
  • NERD: non-erosive reflux disease, same as GERD, but the esophagus is not damaged

Looks like stress can cause reflux, which might cause more stress and so on

The Gut & Acid Reflux

Id like to start with acid reflux because this is often the start of issues further down the digestive tract.

The first stage of the digestion process happens in the braincalled the cephalic response. This is what happens when you see or smell tasty food and begin salivating. Its the bodys way of kickstarting the digestive process by telling the digestive organs to begin secreting enzymes in preparation for the food were about to eat.

Believe it or not, most people with acid reflux, experience low stomach acid secretion.

There are many potential causes for low stomach acid, including:

  • Diets high in processed foods
  • Eating on the run
  • Side-effects of medications
  • Age

Low stomach acid will often lead to gastric refluxwhich most people mistake as the opposite issuehaving too much stomach acid.

The obvious solution is to take an antacidbut this is a mistake for most, as it only lowers stomach acidity even further, making the problem worse.

Youre probably wondering how could low stomach acid cause reflux?

Let me explain.

Theres an opening at the top of the stomach controlled by specialized musclescalled the pyloric sphincter. It works similarly to the aperture on a camera, increasing or decreasing the size of the opening as needed.

When we eat food, the pyloric sphincter is open wide to allow the contents to enter the stomach. Once weve finished eating, the abundance of stomach acid triggers the muscle to close up, sealing the contents inside the stomach.

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Your Heartburn Drugs May Be Giving You Allergies Study Suggests

When heartburn or ulcer pain strikes, drugs can target stomach acid to calm bellies and offer relief. But a new study suggests the medications may come with a hive-inducing side effect: allergies.

After analyzing health insurance data from more than 8 million people in Austria, researchers found that prescriptions of anti-allergy medications surged in those who were prescribed stomach acid inhibitors, a class of drugs that includes proton-pump inhibitors and H2 blockers.

The findings, published Tuesday in the medical journal Nature Communications, suggest that disrupting the stomachs delicate balance of acids and enzymes may cause our immune systems to go haywire, triggering allergies that didnt previously exist.

We need to have the general awareness that the stomach has an important digestive function, and it has a kind of sterilizing function, said Dr. Erika Jensen-Jarolim, the studys lead author and a professor at the Medical University of Vienna.

What we get in terms of food and bacteria is actually denatured and degraded in normal stomach function, she told CNN. When you take anti-acids, this function is impaired, and we have a wide-open window, and many things enter the intestines that are not good.

Its not entirely understood how the medications contribute to allergies, but one explanation may be that reduced stomach acid allows undigested food to sneak out of our stomachs. Our immune systems, in turn, can see those foods as a threat.

Treating Cervical Ligaments With Prolotherapy Published Research From Caring Medical

Acid Reflux Heartburn: Gluten Intolerance Can Cause Acid Reflux

Prolotherapy is an injection technique that stimulates the repair of unstable, torn or damaged ligaments. When the cervical ligaments are unstable, they allow for excessive movement of the vertebrae, which can stress tendons, atrophy muscles, pinch on nerves, such as the vagus nerve, and cause other symptoms associated with cervical instability including problems of digestion among others.

In 2014, we published a comprehensive review of the problems related to weakened damaged cervical neck ligaments in The Open Orthopaedics Journal. We are honored that this research has been used in at least 6 other medical research papers by different authors exploring our treatments and findings and cited, according to Google Scholar, in more than 40 articles.

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Can Anti Anxiety Medication Help Gerd

Treating GERD and anxiety may require a combination of medications for both conditions, though acid-suppressing drugs commonly used to treat GERD have been found to be less effective in people whose symptoms are related to anxiety. Home remedies for GERD and anxiety may also help reduce your symptoms.Is There a Connection Between GERD and Anxiety? Healthline

What Causes Reflux And Gerd In Children

There is a muscle that acts as a valve between the esophagus and stomach. When your child swallows, this muscle relaxes to let food pass from the esophagus to the stomach. This muscle normally stays closed, so the stomach contents don’t flow back into the esophagus.

In children who have reflux and GERD, this muscle becomes weak or relaxes when it shouldn’t, and the stomach contents flow back into the esophagus. This can happen because of:

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Are There Rare Acid Reflux Symptoms

Although a common gastrointestinal condition, not all acid reflux symptoms are shared by patients. Some only experience heartburn and regurgitation, which are two distinct signs of acid reflux. Others may exhibit symptoms that stray from the usual list.

Listed below are some of the usual concerns on uncommon acid reflux symptoms. Keep in mind that the majority of these are caused by chronic acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease and may not be relevant to patients with temporary acid reflux.

If so, a separate issue not related to acid reflux may be the cause of the following symptoms:

You Need Medications For Both

What Is Chronic Acid Reflux

Along those same lines, you may already be taking allergy medications on top of your GERD treatments. Of course, it could be the case that you simply have both conditions and need to treat them separately. But if you notice that skipping your acid reflux medication doesnât make a difference in how you feel , you could be unintentionally overmedicating.

If this sounds like you, be sure to talk to your doctor before making any changes to your treatment plan. Some medications arenât safe to stop taking out of the blue.

When youâve already spent your time and money learning about and treating one condition, it can be frustrating to realize you might actually have something else. That said, it isnât hard to spot the difference between acid reflux and allergy symptoms once you know what youâre looking for.

Paying attention to what symptoms you experience and when, as well as what treatment relieves them, is the fastest way to get some insight into whether itâs acid reflux or allergies. Plus, itâs a great way to gain a better understanding of your health and treatment needs, no matter which condition youâre dealing with.

The information provided in this article is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You should not rely upon the content provided in this article for specific medical advice. If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to your doctor.

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