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How Much Do Cat Allergy Shots Cost

Allergy Drops Vs Allergy Shots Quick Comparison

New vaccine for cat allergies
Allergy Shots
Allergy cure in 3-5 years Allergy ShotsX
Treats the underlying condition causing allergy Allergy ShotsX
Targets all allergens at once Allergy ShotsX
Full concentration at the start for immediate improvement Allergy Shots
Doctor visits only 1-2 times/year Allergy Shots
Safe and easy for kids as young as 4-5 years Allergy Shots
Allergy DropsX

What Common Allergies Do Dogs Have

Several different types of allergies can affect dogs. The most common are skin allergies. If your dog has a skin allergy, it is probably due to one of three factors:

1)Flea allergy dermatitis occurs when your dog has an allergic reaction to flea bites. It causes your dogs skin to become itchy, red, and inflamed. Flea allergies are managed by keeping fleas away from your dog with preventative medication.

2) Food allergiescan cause symptoms such as itching, hives, skin infections, and ear infections. Itchy ears, itchy paws, and digestive problems can also be signs of a food allergy. However, true food allergies are far less common than many people think. Less than 1% of dogs and cats combined have a true food allergy. It is more common for a dog to have a food intolerance. Food allergies can be managed by removing foods your dog is sensitive to from their diet.

3) Environmental allergies are caused by things in the environment such as dust, pollen, smoke, mold, grasses, or other substances. Your dogs immune system may respond to these allergens as if they were foreign invaders . These allergies can be treated using allergy shots. Youll still want to remove as many allergens as possible from your dogs environment.

Youll Have To Stick To A Schedule

For treatment to be most effective, youll need to create an allergy shot plan that involves multiple doses over a period of time.

Exactly how many doses youll need and for how long will depend on your individual situation. Dr. Reichmuth, one of the expert immunologists at Florida Medical Clinic, says your doctor will work with you to create a schedule best suited for your symptoms.

Schedules are split into two phases: the build-up phase and the maintenance phase.

During the buildup phase, allergy injections are given more frequently, typically 1-2 times a week for 4-8 months. During maintenance phase, the injections become less frequent according to the plan you create with your immunologist.

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Most Insurances Have You Covered

Allergy shots are typically covered by most health insurances, though this may vary depending on your specific plan. Even if your shots are covered by insurance, you still may have to pay a copay for each visit. For some, this cost may be cheaper than the total price of over-the-counter medications and other sick visits related to hay fever symptoms.

If you have questions about your insurance coverage, we encourage you to reach out to your insurer. Otherwise, you can discuss costs with your healthcare provider directly.

How Long Does Immunotherapy Take

Cat Allergy Shots Cost

Immunotherapy is a long-term commitment of up to five years of treatment. The results are slow and gradual, but some patients do notice an improvement in allergy symptoms within six months of starting this allergy treatment.

After two years of immunotherapy, your NY allergist can assess how successful the treatment has been. If you have been able to reach high doses of allergen, you should have noticed an improvement in your allergy symptoms by this point.

After four or five years, most patients can discontinue treatment and will experience reduced allergy symptoms for a significant period of time. However, it is likely that symptoms will slowly return over the next several years. If or when you start to experience significant allergy symptoms again, you may consider continuing immunotherapy treatment.

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Should You Get Allergy Shots

Too many Canadians suffer with seasonal allergies when they don’t have to, says U of A allergist.

Allergies are one of the most common health complaints Canadians may not need to have.

Not only do we have one of the highest rates of allergies in the world, many people decide not to seek out help from a doctor, or if they do, often aren’t referred to an allergist, said Harissios Vliagoftis, a University of Alberta allergist in the Department of Medicine.

Edmonton’s worst allergens

Here are the top culprits behind your dreaded allergy symptoms.


“These are the number one allergy I see in-office,” said Harissios Vliagoftis, a U of A allergist. The allergen lingers making it difficult to manage, he added. “If you move into a house where a cat used to reside, it can take up to six months for the allergen to clear out. And in classroom situations, even being around students who own cats can trigger a reaction.”

Birch tree and grass pollens

For some allergic sufferers, every spring birch tree pollen will trigger symptoms, only to be followed by grass pollens, ensuring an allergic season from April through to July. After that, the next culprit may step in.


Prairies sport quite a lot of outdoor moulds, said Vliagoftis. “We have something called snow mould, which exists under blankets of snow. When they melt, the mould is released,” he added. Unfortunately, allergen shots are not very effective for mould allergens.

Here’s what Vliagoftis says you need to know.

What Can Affect How Well They Work

The effectiveness of the treatment does vary. Often this is to do with the length of the program a person is undertaking or the dose of the allergen.

Some people will have lasting relief while others may have a relapse after treatment has stopped. If a person experiences no improvement after 12 months of allergy shots, it could be due to several factors:

  • wrong dose of the allergen in the allergy shot
  • missed allergens in the individual when they are first evaluated
  • high levels of the allergen in the environment the person is in
  • exposure to non-allergic triggers, such as tobacco smoke

If allergy shots are not working, for whatever reason, then an allergist or immunologist will be able to discuss alternative treatment options.

Normally, the only side effect that people experience after having an allergy shot is redness or swelling at the site of the injection. This can happen immediately after the injection or a few hours afterward.

In some cases, people can experience increased allergy symptoms, such as:

Anaphylactic shock needs to be treated immediately with an injection of epinephrine, which is also called adrenaline.

A second anaphylactic reaction called a biphasic reaction can occur up to 12 hours after the initial shock.

Allergy shots have traditionally been the most common form of immunotherapy and are known as subcutaneous immunotherapy or SCIT.

This treatment is when an allergen is injected under the skin.

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What If I Have More Questions

If youre still wondering, Are allergy shots worth it?, the immunologists at Florida Medical Clinic are here to help. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Daniel Reichmuth in Land OLakes, Wesley Chapel or Zephyrhills, FL, please .

Disclaimer: This blog is not intended to substitute professional medical advice. Always talk with your doctor before starting or stopping medications.

How To Make An Appointment With Our Allergy Specialists

All About Allergy Shots

To schedule an appointment call 801-581-2955 or submit an appointment request. A referral is not required to meet with our allergy specialists. However, you may want to verify your coverage with your insurance carrier first as some carriers do require a referral from a primary care provider to be seen by a specialist.

If you are transferring from another practice to U of U Health for allergy care, you will need to be evaluated by one of our providers before starting your allergy shot regimen at our clinic.

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The Costs Of Allergy Shots

Allergy shots are usually used for building tolerance to pollen, dust, pet dander, and molds. For uninsured patients, an allergy shot will have two major costs: the allergy serum and the administration of the shot. The allergy serum will typically cost around $100, and the preparation/administration costs can range from $20-100 per visit. Since these shots are dosed weekly, the annual cost can range from $1,000 to $4,000 per year. As more time passes, the frequency of your allergy shots will decrease, and your costs will also decrease as a result.

Are There More Affordable Alternatives To Allergy Shots

Allergy shots are not the only form of immunotherapy. Sublingual immunotherapy is based on the same principle as allergy shots. But instead of being injected into the body, this medication is absorbed through the mouth. Commonly referred to as allergy drops and allergy tablets, SLIT offers comparable effectiveness at a significantly lower cost.

One of the primary reasons for the price difference is that allergy drops are not given as an injection and do not have the same risk of anaphylaxis. Therefore, this form of immunotherapy can be taken from the comfort of home and does not require a recurring office visit fee or long waits.

Research shows that the cost-effectiveness of allergy drops outweighs that of allergy injections. Even when patients dont adhere to the drop or tablet regimen, which causes a decrease in efficacy, sublingual immunotherapy is still more cost-effective. Interestingly, this research did not include the financial and time aspects of weekly trips to the physicians office and time lost in waiting rooms, which could provide additional evidence that sublingual immunotherapy is even more cost-effective.

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How Much Do Cat Vaccinations Cost Here’s What To Know

SbytovaMN / Getty

  • The Vaccinations Your Cat Needs

  • Core Vaccination Costs

  • Low-Cost Vaccination Clinics

  • When you initially hold that precious fuzzy feline face between your hands, you make a vow to ensure their well-being for lifeand that means covering cat vaccination costs.

    You’ll always pay a little more in the first year of vaccinationsabout $100 to more than $200 depending on your kitty’s situation and the prices in your regionbut it’s worth it to make sure they are protected from diseases.

    Together with your veterinarian, you’ll create a preventative care plan for your cat depending on their current health and how much time they spend outside. You’ll find out how much cat shots cost as well as which boosters are required and when. Annual exams should always be part of the healthcare budget, too, but they’re separate from the fees for cat vaccinations. A veterinarian wants to make sure your cat is as healthy as possible before they receive their shots.

    Benefits Of Allergy Immunotherapy

    Cat Allergy Shots Cost

    When oral medication and/or avoidance of allergens fail to control a patients allergic reaction, allergy, shots also known as immunotherapy or allergy desensitization therapy, may be the solution. There are several benefits for patients who get allergy shots and they include:

    • Some people dont tolerate oral medications well. These patients might do better with allergy shots so long as needles and injections do not bother the individual. Though shots are taken on a weekly schedule that becomes monthly, after three to five years the shots may be ended when the response is permanent.
    • While the cost of allergy shots is more expensive than oral over-the-counter medication, in the long run, allergy shots are less expensive than oral medications as patients do not need shots forever.
    • Allergy medications taken by mouth treat the symptoms of allergies, but, allergy shots treat the causes of allergic responses. When immunotherapy is successful, patients enjoy a complete cure as the shots treat the underlying causes of allergies rather than the symptoms.

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    Cat Allergen: Its Everywhere

    The major culprit in cat allergies is Fel d1, a protein excreted in the cats skin, saliva, and urine. When cats lick themselves, they deposit Fel d1 on their fur. When the cat sheds, the allergens on the hair and dander spread.

    And do they ever spread. Fel d1 proteins are small, so they remain suspended in the air. Fel d1 is also sticky, and takes a long time to decompose, Blaiss explains. The proteins cling to surfaces like draperies, carpets, furniture, bedding, clothing, even walls and ceilings.

    Because of this, cat allergens are notoriously difficult to remove from a home, even with cleaning and vacuuming. Research has shown that there are cat proteins in almost all U.S. homes, even in homes where there are no cats. In school classrooms, kids can bring in enough Fel d1 on their clothes and backpacks to trigger asthma symptoms in their allergic classmates.

    Bathing cats can cut down on Fel d1 in the fur, but only for a day or so. Studies have found female cats produce a lower level of allergens than males, while neutered males produce lower levels than unneutered males but they all produce plenty.

    Allergy Shots: Underused Treatment

    Many scowl at the mention of allergy shots. But experts say they can offer lasting relief — freeing people from daily allergy medications.

    When it comes to allergies, the best treatment is obvious to those who administer it — and largely avoided by those who need it.

    An estimated one in three Americans suffers from seasonal or year-round allergies caused by pollen, mold, insects, dust mites, and other common irritants. And allergy shots — medically known as allergen immunotherapy — are considered by most experts to be the most effective way to bring long-term relief of allergy symptoms.

    With each injection, patients are given increasingly higher doses of the actual allergy trigger until their body becomes resistant to it — preventing the allergic reaction. By comparison, antihistamines, inhaled steroids, and other allergy medications — which usually must be taken daily — treat the resulting symptoms caused by the allergy trigger, but not the allergens themselves.

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    Why Do Cats Need Vaccinations

    Vaccinations are important for your cat because they help prevent her from getting seriously ill by some of the most common feline diseases.

    You might be thinking that your house cat lives a sheltered life and would never come in contact with any illnesses, but the fact is that you can bring viruses and bacteria in on your shoes and clothes, and your dog or other critters that go outside can also bring them in, Dr. Bonk told The Dodo. So, even if your cat never goes outside, they arent fully protected without proper vaccinations.

    Advantages Of Allergy Drops

    Allergy Shots Overview

    There are a number of advantages of allergy drops or sublingual immunotherapy such as:

    • you can combine several different allergens in the drop format to allow for treatment of multiple allergies at a time
    • drops can be custom made to start at low doses and gradually build up to higher doses this is VERY important because many allergic patients are highly sensitive to the allergen and this technique avoids side-effects
    • there is no risk to an adverse reaction such as anaphylaxis like there is with allergy shots
    • the drops taste pretty good
    • you can take the drops from the treatment of your home
    • less doctor visits

    Dr. Mitchell has treated patients with sublingual allergy drops for over 20 years with amazing results!

    These allergy drops are not currently covered by insurance companies but we try to make them an affordable price. Currently, they cost slightly more than you would pay in copays for a weekly allergy shot.

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    Allergy Drops = Great Alternative To Allergy Shots Treatment

    Those who suffer from allergies know all to well the discomfort and general difficulties that come with allergies. From irritation and embarrassing flare-ups to constant worrying and the chance of potentially fatal exposure, living with allergies comes with a unique and frustrating set of inconveniences. Thankfully, there are several treatment options available today that can help allergy suffers find lasting relief and resistance to their allergies. The two most popular tolerance-building treatments for allergies are allergy shots and allergy drops.

    Are Allergy Shots Right For You

    If you find that you fall into one of the following categories of people, consider speaking with your primary care physician about trying allergy shots.

    • Individuals with moderate to severe allergies
    • Individuals with severe pet allergies
    • Individuals with severe stinging insect allergies
    • Individuals who can commit to a long treatment plan
    • Individuals who can afford a long treatment plan
    • Individuals who do not respond well to oral allergy medications

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    How Much Do Allergy Shots Cost

    Health insurance typically covers allergy shots. You may have to pay a copay for each visit. Copays are usually nominal fees.

    If you dont have health insurance, have a high deductible, or if allergy shots arent covered under your plan, you may end up spending thousands of dollars a year.

    One large 2019 study looked at the costs of allergy shots for people with commercial insurance or Medicare Advantage with Part D. Researchers examined data gathered between 2013 and 2015.

    • The cost of allergy shots for 131,493 people totaled $253,301,575. This averages out to around $1,926 per person.
    • People with allergies covered about 19 percent of the total costs, while insurers covered about 81 percent.
    • On average, treatment lasted 463.1 days .

    Before beginning any treatment, talk with your doctor about payment options and costs.

    Keep in mind that allergy shots are a long-term commitment. They require many injections, so youll want to plan accordingly if youre paying out of pocket.

    Also consider that, over time, allergy shots could save you money on sick visits and over-the-counter allergy medications.


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